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Hot Air Buffoons

Hot Air Buffoons


The Hot Air Buffoons first weighed in back in 1996. They set out on a quest to sing theyll and entertain our audiences in a fashion they have never seen before. They soon surprised themselves and others by not only making people laugh but by progressing in the competition realm as well. They excelled in a competition that was made for them and took home gold medals and a pretty large trophy (which signifies 1st place) in the 2001 internationally renowned Buckeye Invitational Comedy Quartet Competition in Columbus, Ohio. Try saying that 5 times real fast. They have continued in the competition realm and are now the 2005 Johnny Appleseed District Champions. They have also competed internationally and are ranked as one of the top twenty quartets in the world (16th to be exact).

Despite their successes in the competition venue, their true love is to entertain. The Buffoons have performed on a number of chapter shows (pick any number between 1 and 1,000,000) and if you ask anyone that they have performed for, they will confirm that they are never serious (nor do they want to be). If you have seen them before, they hope that you have enjoyed their performance and have fully recovered from the injuries suffered from "sidesplitting" laughter. But, if you haven't had the chance to hear the unique style of the Hot Air Buffoon, they encourage you to lock yourself in your storm cellar now, because before long, they'll be everywhere and you'll find yourself sucked into their stupid humor and crazy antics.


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Hot Air Buffoons : Will Sing 4 Food : 1 CD : 

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Dummy Mummy

Hot Air Buffoons : Will Sing 4 Food

Review: First stepping heavily onto unsuspecting stages in 1996, the Buffoons' blend of Barbershop and humor has digested very well with audiences-and judges! They won the 2001 Buckeye Invitational Comedy Quartet Competition, and are the 2005 Johnny Appleseed District Champions. Internationally they are currently ranked 16th in the world. But, despite these successes, the group point out, "our true love is to entertain," and entertain they do! Dressed in their "fast food server" outfits, the Buffoons deliver 13 of the silliest parodies, take-offs and generally foolish songs we've heard since Moosebutter took 2nd at the Harmony Sweeps Finals! Take(out), for example, "Crash Test Dummies" and "Dummy Mummy," which portray life from the perspective of people with checkered circles stamped on their plastic skulls. "Food Jive" is an ode to food addiction, "Mistakes" is the cure for it, and two hilarious live competition cuts from the '06 Indianapolis BHS contest, "Let's Get a Plate from Them All" and "South Rampart Street Buffet" continue the food theme to great audience response. Stellar parodies of "Last Night Was the End of the World" and "Yes Sir, That's Godzilla" - well, you get the picture. Now get the Buffoons' debut CD - probably not good for you, but then, it doesn't try to be!

Songlist: Sittin' On Top Of The World, Last Night Was The End Of The World, Crash Test Dummies, Dummy Mummy, Food Jive, Mistakes, Yes Sir, That's Godzilla, From The First Hello To The Last Goodbye, Let's Get A Plate From Them All, South Rampart Street Buffet, What'll I Do?, Shine On Me, Chewing Gum

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