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Men's Barbershop Quartet Recordings

Four men singing barbershop╦ć it's the quintessential image, what for the general public is frequently the mental picture called up when they hear the word a cappella. That's what happens when tens of thousands of people practice their art for three-quarters of a century. But whether it's a chorus or a quartet, the ringing sounds, those locked-in chords, of men's barbershop have earned the right to be that quintessential image by being evocative, thrilling and exhilarating ╦ć some of these tags will send goose bumps down your arms! Whether contestable arrangements or stretching the boundaries of barbershop, these groups will not disappoint.

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12th Street Rag : Our Souls Rejoice

Review: From the first strains of the opening cut, "When I Lift Up My Head," we know that this Kansas-based all-male Gospel Barbershop quartet is something very special. 10 beautifully-crafted, inspirational songs, from "Sabbath Prayer," the touching "Joseph's Song," "Great Getting' Up Mornin'/Good News Medley," "Let There Be Peace On Earth" (sung with Sweet Adelines group "Zing"), and "Sweet Hour of Prayer" up to the final cut "May There Be Peace On Earth This Christmas." "Rejoice" is a feel-good, deeply spiritual winner for soulful 12th Street Rag.

Songlist: When I Lift Up My Head, Amazing Grace, Sabbath Prayer, Joseph's Song, Great Gettin' Up Mornin' / Good News Medley, Let There Be Peace on Earth, Sweet Hour of Prayer, The Lord's Prayer, My Life, My Love, My Song, May There Be Peace on Earth

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5631c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella |

12th Street Rag : Songs From The Street out of print

Review: The four members of "12th Street" love to sing barbershop, and it shows! Here are 13 songs from the street: "Four Brothers," "Someday Down In Carolin," "What If I Do," "In Your Eyes," "And The Angels Sing," "A Tree In The Meadow," "Let's Get Away From It All," "I Called You My Sweetheart," "I Am A Child Of God," "Celebrate The Child," "Little Altar Boy," the title tune, and "Irish Blessing." Beautiful harmonies and a lot of feeling come through this rising, talented quartet!

Songlist: Four Brothers, Someday Down in Carolin', What'll I Do?, In Your Eyes, And the Angels Sing, A Tree in the Meadow, Let's Get Away from it All, I Called You My Sweetheart, I Am A Child of God, Celebrate the Child, Little Altar Boy, 12th Street Rag, Irish Blessing

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5344c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

139th St. Quartet : Collection

Review: One of the prize Barbershop compilations of all time by the legendary 139th Street Quartet, "Collection" is a winner for lovers of the finest Barbershop Harmony in the history of SPEBSQSA. The quartet was formed in 1975, and got its name from the address of Pete Neushul's factory building in LA, deciding to let the group make the name, instead of the name making the group. Four different lead singers, Jim Meehan (1975-78), Larry Wright (1978-88), John Sherburn (1988-91) and Dan Jordan(1991-present) contribute at least 10 songs to the grand total of 64 songs on this 3-disc set (which are, oddly, numbered 1, 3 and 9). Within 2 years of its founding, the 139th won a silver medal at the SPEBSQSA Internationals in Philadelphia, and regularly did well in competition, for instance scoring bronze medals in 1989, silver in 1990, and bronze again in 1991. Appearing on TV for the first time in 1985 on the first of several episodes of "Cheers," this was quickly followed by an episode of "Night Court." They were also very fortunate to record with the legendary Neil Diamond, who sang lead with the group on a song for each of his Christmas recordings, both of which went multi-platinum, "God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen" on disc 3 is one of these tunes. The group wrote several of its own tunes, including "Best Times I Ever Had," "Now Here You Are Back Again," "My Dear Old Irish Mammy," as well as original words, intros and bridges to many other songs. Anyway, the liner notes are thick with Barbershop history and comments by the guys, and the music is all a cappella except for a couple of tunes like "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do." It's very hard to pick a favorite with so much great material, so we're going to go with the "Theme Song From Cheers." Sit back and enjoy about 3 hours of tunes by one of the great Barbershop quartets of all time!

Songlist: Bowery Medley, Wait 'Til The sun Shines, Nellie, Bach's Fugue (In D Minor), Down By The Old Mill Stream, 1927, Don't Put A Tax On The Beautiful Girls, Jean, I'm Just Wild About Harry, A Girlfriend Of A Boyfriend, Lulu's Back In Town, My Mother's Eyes, My Dear Old Irish Mammy, Good Old Zenith, Blackbird, I Get Around, It's Better To Leave Them Alone, Didn't We, I Got Rhythm, Kid's Song (Coney Island), My Alabama, French Medley, Daddy, You've Been A Mother To Me, We're Shovin' Right Off For Home, Sing An Old Barbershop Song, Jump Into My Mammy's Arms, I've Got The World On A String, Crazy Worlds, Crazy Tune, The Best Times I Ever Had, Money Makes The World Go 'Round, My Romance, and more

More details5836c | 3 CDs | $39.95 | A Cappella |

4 His Glory : Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Review: From New Jersey, 4 His Glory are a Christian quartet with roots in barbershop. Member Roger Blackburn is known for his 1973 'Barbershopping in Brass' recording, and has been principal trumpet for several professional symphonies (no trumpet on this recording though). The group's harmonic identity is vertically dominant, but they also embrace the spiritual and hymn within their stylistic convergence. Songs such as 'If We Ever Needed the Lord Before' are echoes to the rousing gospel style popularized by Thomas Dorsey, 'A Shelter In The Time of Storm' to its precursor, the evangelicals written by Ira Sankey. 'I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now, ' is arranged by Warren Haeger, and 'A Wonderful Time Up There,' is arranged by Earl Moon. 'You Better Get You Ready,' author unknown, is a mournful plea of hope for a better day, and 4 His Glory render it simply and powerfully.

Songlist: Rejoice, Ye Pure of Heart, It is Well with My Soul, If We Ever Needed the Lord Before, Were You There?, Let's Go On Together to the Promised Land, Illumine Me, Lord, Give Me Oil in My Lamp, A Shelter in the Time of Storm, The Breaking of the Bread, I Wouldn't Take Nothin' for My Journey Now, You Better Get You Ready, A Wonderful Time Up There, The Lord is Coming, Are You Ready?

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2269c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella || Gospel Group Harmony CDs

4 His Glory : Will You Love Jesus More?

Review: This is the 3rd recording of Gospel/Barbershop quartet Four His Glory, and they bring us 12 uplifting, tight-harmonied old and new hymns to Jesus. In the title track, the 4 tell us, 'But if all I've done in the time we've shared, is to turn your eyes on me, then I've failed... there's someone else I want you to see.' Their message is clear and consistent throughout, as endearing and sweet as their old-time Barbershop harmonies!

Songlist: Since Jesus came Into My Heart, Beneath The Cross of Jesus, Watch and Pray, Saved By Grace, Ivory Palaces, The Lord God Be Praised Above The Heavens, Story Of Jesus Medley, Victory in Jesus / Wonderful Grace of Jesus, Will You Love Jesus More?, Jesus, Hold My Hand, There is Power in the Blood, Jesus Is My Lord

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5333c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella |

A Mighty Wind : Something in the Air

Review: Tenor Paul, Lead Tim, Baritone Clay and Bass Drew are highly decorated BHS veterans, and it's no surprise that A Mighty Wind (great name, by the way) is the current BHS 3rd Place International Medalist quartet. "Something In The Air" is their hot-off-the-presses debut recording and it contains 12 winners, some that particularly caught our ear are Cole Porter's "I've Got You Under My Skin," Sam Cooke's "Cupid," Roger Miller's crossover hit "King of the Road," Sol Weinstein's "The Curtain Falls," Robert Wells and David Holt's "Mobile," Mosie Lister's "I'm Feeling Fine," and Irving Berlin's "Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep." These guys are funny, the arrangements (several by the talented Clay Hine, who won 1991 Gold with FRED) are top-drawer, and they can entertain and harmonize like angels. The Wind is rising!

Songlist: Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue, I've Got You Under My Skin, Cupid, You Must Come In at the Bottom, My Gal Sal, King of the Road, The Curtain Falls, Mobile, Bill Grogan's Goat, I'm Feeling Fine, Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep, Watch What Happens

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22315c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

Acoustix : All The Best

Review: Well here's a real treat! Without doubt Acoustix are one of the best barbershop quartets there ever has been and include some of the genre's most talented singers. This is a best of CD that also includes four all new studio recordings namely "Moon River", "You Are So Beautiful", "O Canada" and "The Impossible Dream." One expects to be blown away by these singers and sure enough these new songs deliver the goods. Added bonus is that Aucoustix's previous bass (who now sings with Max Q) Jeff Oxley joins Joel T Rutherford who together take you to bass heaven. If you only own one barbershop CD (and how sad would that be) this would be the one to have! Superb.

Songlist: Tonight, That's An Irish Lullaby, I'm Afraid the Masquerade is Over, Irish Blessing, The Stars & Stripes Forever, Blackbird Medley, The Star Spangled Banner, God Bless America, This Is The Moment, Day By Day, Straighten Up and Fly Right, Unforgettable, Simon & Garfunkel Montage, Cool Yule, You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch, The First Noel, O Worship the King, You'll Never Walk Alone, Fear Not My Child, Moon River, You Are So Beautiful, O Canada, The Impossible Dream

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22265c | 1 CD | $14.95 |

Acoustix : O Worship The King

Review: Songs of inspiration and faith from one of America's most favorite quartets. The versatile, Gold Medal-winning quartet is best known as a barbershop group, but "Jazz, Jazz , Jazz" proved they could do jazz with the best of them, and now we have "O Worship," a state of the art gospel CD, filled with Acoustix' trademark rich, perfectly blended harmonies. The group is joined by The Toronto Northern Lights Chorus and the arrangements are by legends Gene Puerling, Kirby Shaw, Jim Clancy, Jay Giallombardo plus Acoustix' own Joel T. Rutherford. 12 songs: the title tune, "My Lord and I," "You'll Never Walk Alone," "Fear Not, My Child," "I'll Fly Away Medley," "Hymns of the Cross Medley," " Breathe on Me, Breath of God," " Swing Low, Sweet Chariot," "My Tribute," "What Wondrous Love is This/O Sacred Head, Now Wounded," "The Lord's Prayer" and "Anthems/Ode to Joy." These cover a wide range of musical styles with the common theme of voices in praise. Another winner from Acoustix!

Songlist: O Worship the King, My Lord and I, You'll Never Walk Alone, Fear Not, My Child, I'll Fly Away Medley, Hymns of the Cross Medley, Breathe on Me, Breath of God, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, My Tribute, What Wondrous Love This Is / O Sacred Head, Now Wounded, The Lord's Prayer, Anthems / Ode to Joy

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5335c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella |

Acoustix : Stars & Stripes Forever

Review: It is only two years after the first album which was pure classical barbershop. On Stars & Stripes the same perfectly pitched close harmonies are in full bloom but the repertoire is expanded considerably. There is a rousing selection of patriotic songs, "The Stars and Stripes Forever," "The Star Spangled Banner," "God Bless The USA" and more! In the middle of the lineup we find a touch of jazz and then barberwop on "Unchained Melody." Acoustix is joined by Panache, the 1990 Queens of Harmony, for two songs on which they sing quartet duets. They do a chills up the back rendition of "This Is The Moment" just before closing with "So Many Voices Sing America's Song" on which they are joined by The American Pops Orchestra and The Vocal Majority. Stunning!

Songlist: Stars and Stripes Forever, The Star Spangled Banner, God Bless The USA, A Song Like Daddy Used To Play, Blackbird Medley, Unchained MedleyWarren "Buzz" Haeger, And So To Sleep Again, If There's Anybody Here From Out Of Town, God Bless America, This Is The Moment, So Many Voices Sing America's Song

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5051c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella |

Acoustix : The New Science of Sound

Review: Dallas, Texas is the home of the Vocal Majority. From this exalted platform lept three of the four Acoustix members Jeff, Todd and Jason. Rick joined them from the Town North Chorus, an across town rival. Collectively they performed a one-in-a-million feat by sweeping their four state preliminary competition to go to San Francisco for the SPEBSQSA International Quartet Championship where they won the gold medal in their first attempt at the competition! Let the perfect harmonies and dynamics, which won the hearts and ears of that crowd of 9,000 in 1990, move you right now. Listen to barbershop's finest whom the judges felt were the best in the world!

Songlist: When it Comes To Lovin' The Girls/They're All Sweeties, Medley So Long Mother, World War 1 Medley, River Of No Return, I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover, That's An Irish Lullaby, Tonight, Tonight, If I Loved You, After Today, Irish Blessing, I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over

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5050c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella |

After Hours : All Night Long

Review: Hear where it all began with this debut recording from the 2018 International Barbershop Quartet Champions. A fun selection of songs make for a highly enjoyable listen and a great addition to your barbershop collection.

Songlist: The Song's Gotta Come From the Heart, How Deep Is Your Love?, Take the A-Train, Moon River, Gospel Medley, Come What May, New York, New York, Fields of Gold, Jazz Came Up The River, And So To Sleep Again, Spider Man, Alleluia

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3092c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

After Hours : One Minute to Midnight

Review: The 2018 Barbershop Quartet champs deliver an outstanding recording of a delightful mix of jazz, gospel and pop songs sung, of course, in their impeccable barbershop style. It's easy to see how this talented quartet took top honors in Orlando and this well-recorded CD is a fitting tribute to their talent.

Songlist: New Year Medley, Route 66, Not While I'm Around, Gonna Build A Mountain, Paper Moon, I See The Light, You're A Heavenly Thing, Straighten Up and Fly Right, Pure Imagination, Drive My Car, It's Today, Ave Maria

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3089c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

After Hours : The Next Ten Minutes

Review: Don't let the title confuse you. For much longer than the Next Ten Minutes you will be amazed at the musicality of this talented international champion quartet as they perform some sweet, tight close harmony on this well-recorded release. You will in fact have hours of enjoyment listening to this CD!

Songlist: Bring Me Sunshine, The Coffee Song, The Next Ten Minutes, Just a Little Talk with Jesus, Take On Me, Butter Outta Cream, The Power of Love, Annie's Song, Honeysuckle Rose, If I Could Tell Her, The Sound of Music, Fun and Fancy Free

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4020c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

Artistic License : Painting Outside the Lines

Review: This highly-awaited release captures the Artistic License joy we've all seen in their live shows and lets you bring it home with you. This rising quartet has one of the most listenable sounds around and their attention to music detail is refreshing. It features lots of fresh arrangements by some of the very best young arrangers in the Society and the foursome treats each song like it's a gem. One of the neat things about this album is that each song is unique - it's not more and more of the same. Songs that stand out include: Sixteen Tons, where bass Jason Dyer lays down the law; Let's Just Stay In, a newish jazz tune that just says "comfortable love" all over it, I Can Only Imagine, where tenor Todd Kidder raises the (very high) roof; Everybody Wants to be a Cat, where the quartet combines Disney and barbershop and somehow turns it into an outrageous, swingin' party; and the closing Parting Glass, a traditional Irish tune that gets a lovely and thoughtful treatment. This is a very engaging group and this CD is a great addition to any a cappella lover's collection.

Songlist: It's a Grand Night for Singing, Sixteen Tons, Lets Just Stay In, Isn't This A Lovely Day (To Be Caught in the Rain), Looking at You, All I Need Is The Girl, Gospel Medley, The Very Thought of You, What Chance Have I With Love?, I Can Only Imagine, I'm Yours, Everybody Wants To Be A Cat, The Parting Glass

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22282c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

Auto Towners : Auto Towners

Review: This is one snazzy quartet - the Auto Towners had definitely calculated the entertainment quotient, and one look at them in their costumes on the back cover will tell you that; their win at the 1966 Chicago Convention made quite an impression! Though they only continued quartetting until '69, songs such as "My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose" (with a solo by Clint Bostick, baritone) and "Everything's Coming Up Roses" evoke all of the romance and nostalgia of this classic American form, and are impossible to resist. Truly awesome versions of "I Wish You Love," "Dancing On The Ceiling" and "Through The Years" show that the Auto Towners actual forte were tender, achingly lovely ballads - the harmonic resonance of these four voices would stop traffic!

Songlist: in my brand new automobile, white cliffs of dover, if we can't be the same old sweethearts, margie, cuddle up a little closer, sonny boy, lida rose / dream of now (Bobbie Bostick, solo), pal of my cradle days, lorabelle lee, sweet dreams will ever take you home, you can't see the sun when you're crying, mame, charleston, i walk alone (al rebkop solo), O My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose, a fellow needs a girl (carl Dablke, solo), everything's coming up roses, try to remember, can't help lovin' that gal of mine, georgie girl, for me and my gal, Once Upon a Time, i wish you love, On the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, dancing on the ceiling, through the years

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5553c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella |

Barbershop Harmony Society : Top Quartets 2005

Review: We have the 2005 collection of The Barbershop Society international competition winners, featuring Gold medalists Realtime's "Story Of The Rose" and "Cry Me A River," Silver medalists Max Q's "This Little Piggie Went To Market" and "Steppin' Out With My Baby," and Bronze medalists (and Sweeps winners) Metropolis' "I Only Have Eyes for You" and "Love/Eyes (Medley)." Riptide, O.C. Times, Vocal Spectrum, Saturday Evening Post... hot selections from the top 20 Barbershop Quartets in the world, live from the electric Finals in Salt Lake City!

Songlist: Yesterday I Heard The Rain, Birth Of The Blues, When You're Smilin', This Little Went To The Market, It's The Girl, I Only Have Eyes For You, Baby Face, Come Fly With Me, Wonderful One, I'm Always Chasing Rainbows, Somebody Knows, Jazz Comes Up The River, In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening, You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You, A Wink And A Smile, Do You Really Love Me, From The First Hello To The Last Goodbye, Beautiful Baby, You're So Pretty, Never Say Never Again, Coney Island Baby, I'm In Love Again, Them There Eyes

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5694c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella |

Barbershop Harmony Society : Top Quartets 2011

Review: Similar to fine wine each year at the Barbershop Society is like a harvest of the season's best. And 2011 was a particularly good vintage with gold going to Old School, silver to the Musical Island Boys and bronze to Masterpiece. Lots of wonderful harmony here.

Songlist: Ma! She's Makin' Eyes At Me, Once Upon a Time, Deed I Do, Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue, I'll Be With You, I Only Wanna Laugh, That's Life, Sam, You Made The Pants Too Long, My Romance, That Old Feeling, Love Me and the World Is Mine, New York State Of Mind, Mr Success, Blue Moon of Kentucky, Baby of Mine, What Don't You Fall in Love With Me?, I Must Be Coming Down With The Blues, Over The Rainbow, Skylark, Honey /Little Lize

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29001c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

Bluegrass Student Union : Legacy out of print

Review: This three-CD collection by the Bluegrass Student Union, with its stellar harmonies and faultless execution, is a must-have for any fan of barbershop and will earn many new devotees. BSU, a celebrated quartet formed in 1974 and winners of the 1978 SPEBSQSA Championship, has produced a treasure. A retrospective of their entire career, the collection includes barbershop favorites such as "Coney Island Baby" and "How Ya Gonna Keep 'em Down on the Farm." the songs from Broadway's "The Music Man" that comprised their third recording, Gershwin classics such as "Our Love is Here to Stay" and "I've Got a Crush on You," and so much more! In addition, BSU has provided extensive liner notes that explain the group history and philosophy, and reveal the musical intelligence and knowledge that is evident in their work. Another bonus is the superior quality of the recording itself, which adds to the enjoyment. Highly recommended.

Songlist: I Told Them All About You Dear (Medley), I've Found My Sweetheart Sally, When It's Darkness On The Delta, Meet Me In Rosetime Rose, Midnight Rose, Girls Medley, The Auctioneer, Eyes Medley, Just One Of Those Things, This Little Piggy, Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone, It's Not Where You Start/ Rose Colored Glasses Medley, Hi Neighbor, The Old Songs Medley, Biff The Friendly Purple Bear, Java Jive, The Chordbusters' March, I'm Confessin' That I Love You, Sixteen Tons, Here's To The Winners, My Honey's Lovin' Arms, The Bluegrass Gospel Medley, The Wells Fargo Wagon, Iowa Stubborn, Ya Got Trouble, Good Night My Someone, Marian The Librarian, Pick-A-Little-Talk-Little and Good Night Ladies, Shipoopi, The Sadder but Wiser Girl, and more

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5003c | 3 CDs | $59.98 | A Cappella

Boston Common : That Old Feeling

Review: They found barbershop treasure! A recording of this previously released classic was discovered by an old fan and was the only copy known to still be in existence. The recording has been lovingly remastered by the quartet who have rereleased on compact disc. It's easy to tell when listening as to why the Boston Common is considered one of the best barbershop quartets ever and this recordiog belongs in every barbershop fan's collection.

Songlist: That Old Feeling, Don't Be a Baby, Baby, Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams, I'm Sittin' Pretty in a Pretty Little City, You and I, Moonlight Becomes You, Lullaby in Ragtime, That's All, Seems Like Old Times, Mention My Name in Sheboygan, My Wonderful One, Forgive Me, That Old Quartet of Mine

More details43149c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

Buffalo Bills : Remembering Time recommended

Review: This is a remastered release of the 1965 LP and was their last recording on RCA. This is classic stuff and shows why the Buffalo Bills are the most revered of the original barbershop quartets. A must for collectors and fans!

Songlist: Remembering Time, Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie, Moon River, Ramona, I Wonder What's Become Of Sally?, The Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi, Medley: Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland; Dear Old Girl, Beautiful Dreamer, Hello, Dolly!, I Want A Girl (Just Like The Girl That Married Dear Old Dad), The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise, I Left My Heart In San Francisco

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43151c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

Buffalo Bills & the Chordettes : Barbershop Harmony Time out of print

Review: Here's history for you. The Buffalo Bills were International Champions in 1951 and are well remembered today for their appearance as a barbershop quartet in the 1962 movie 'The Music Man.' That appearance along with their winning harmonies leave an inspired heritage for today. The Chordettes were a Wisconsin group who shifted their focus from folk music to close harmony in the late '40s. After winning Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scout Show they became regulars on the show, which is why you'll hear them singing "Down By The Old Mill Stream" with Arthur on this recording. From 1954-1961 The Chordettes had thirteen songs on the top hundred charts including the 1954 hit "Mr. Sandman." This is a must-have for anyone interested in the history of great barbershop groups!

Songlist: Time They Say It's Wonderful - Chordettes, If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight - Buffalo Bills, Angry - Chordettes, Down By The Old Mill Stream - Chordettes, Why Do I Love You - Buffalo Bills, Down Among The Sheltering Palms - Chordettes, As Time Goes By - Buffalo Bills, Fit As A Fiddle - Buffalo Bills, I Believe - Chordettes, Your Eyes Have Told Me So - Buffalo Bills

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5030c | 1 CD | $9.98 | A Cappella

Chiefs Of Staff : Solid Gold

Review: There's a nice close-up photo of one of the gold medals won in 1988 by this quartet from Des Plaines, IL on the back of "Solid Gold," and it's a beautiful thing-an apt match for the beauty of the performance that it takes to win one of them! There's also some great pix of the guys in Irish green outfits, in WWI military uniforms and in a nice group picture. 12 songs, some favorites: "Looking at the World Through Rose Colored Glasses," "What Kind Of Fool Am I," the very funny "I Used To Call Her Baby/Baby Face/I Want A Girl Medley," "It's A Great Day for the Irish/It's A Long Way to Tipperary/MacNamara's Band Medley," "They Were All Out Of Step But Jim," "Lonesome, That's All," Ricky Nelson's "Mary Lou" and "Kiss Me One More Time." "Solid Gold" is a finely-crafted, spirited collection from a hugely talented quartet who were named 1988's International Champs!

Songlist: Looking at the World Through Rose Colored Glasses, Every Tear Is A Smile In An Irishman's Heart, What Kind of Fool Am I, I Used to Call Her Baby / Baby Face / I Want a Girl (Medley), Old Cape Cod, It's A Great Day for the Irish / It's A Long Long Way to Tipperary /, Macnamara's Band (Medley), I Never Knew / You Were Meant for Me (Medley), I May Be Gone For A Long Long Time, They Were All Out of Step But Jim, Lonesome - That's All, Mary Lou, Kiss Me One More Time

More details5627c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella |

Chiefs Of Staff : Tribute out of print

Review: Des Plaines, IL's Chiefs of Staff pay "Tribute" on this CD to coaches, wives, families and fans that helped them along in their quest for 1988 SPEBSQSA quartet Gold. But in their song selection they also tip their hats to many legendary SPEBSQSA groups who inspired them, from the Night Hawks' immortal "Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime," to the Mark IV's "Piano Roll Blues" and "Million Tomorrows." A nod to Detroit's Gentlemen's Agreement's "Ma, She's Making Eyes," Chicago's Elastic Four's "Mood Indigo," and foursomes such as the Suntones, Chicago News, Four Statesmen, and the Easternaires. 11 tunes, some other favorites are "Sam the Old Accordion Man," "They Wrote 'Em in the Good Old Days," "Wonderful One" and "Keep Your Eye On the Girlie You Love/Somebody Stole My Gal Medley." Beautifully arranged, flawlessly, expressively harmonized-"Tribute" is a gem!

Songlist: Sam the Old Accordion Man, Little Town in the Old County Down, They Wrote 'Em in the Good Old Days, Mood Indigo, When I Look in Your Eyes, Old Piano Roll Blues, Ma, Wonderful One, I'd Give A Million Tomorrows (for Just One Yesterday), Keep Your Eye on the Girlie You Love / Somebody Stole My Gal (Medley), Brother, Can You Spare A Dime

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5626c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Chordiac Arrest : Live and Well! out of print

Review: In January of l987, just for the fun of it, Dick Johnson and Lymm Hauldren decided to start a new group just to sing in the District Prelims. Instead of the one night stand they expected, they qualified for the International, made both cuts, placed ninth and even got a standing ovation! This live album is such great schtick and the gags so funny that the quality of singing is too easily taken for granted. It is also true it's great to share the laughter with a most appreciative audience. Typical of the gags are "Nothin' Could Be Finah'"(...than a little old angina in the morning...). It's amazing how many of their original jokes you will have heard in the world of medicine without ever knowing from whence they came.

Songlist: We Do Make a Barrel of Money, Ben Casey, Please Come Home, Nothin' Could Be Finah', I See Bones, (Hospital Small Talk), In My Neat Little Hospital Gown, I Didn't Mean to Make You Die, Part of My Heart, The Richer They Are..., What Takes the Place of My Heart, Huggin' and Chalkin', I Left My Heart In San Francisco, Darkness on a Delta, Five-Oh-Two, Where Are You?

More details5071c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Chordiac Arrest : Second Opinion out of print

Review: After a most successful ten years of performance and competition appearances, Chordiac Arrest decided that it was time for an anniversary album. During their first ten years they finished four times in the International Finals top ten, twice at number five. Their targets of humorous opportunity have widened to include airline travel, terrible food ("That's The Worst Jello I've Had Since Last July"), morticians, plumbers, transvestites, and music ("Lady of Spain I Abhor You") in addition the medical/doctor gags for which they are renown. Several of the tunes were recorded directly from the International Contest stage when the audience isn't merely enthusiastic, they go nuts!

Songlist: California, Here We Come, That's the Worst Jello I've Had Since Last July, Eat an Apple Every Day, They'll Be Seeing You, We Can't Find His Kidney, After He's Gone, Makin' the Old Long Green, Hug Your Plumber Today, How's Every Little Thing in Dickie?, Dickie's on a Diet, Lady of Spain I Adore You, Anna form Indiana, We'll Blow our Nose Together, Doin' the Barbershop Squat

More details5072c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Classic Collection : Masterworks Series

Review: Tenor Curt Hutchison, Lead Larry Wilson, Baritone George Davidson and booming Bass Terry Heltne won the SPEBSQSA Central States District Championship in 1975. Moving to Denver in 1977, they won that District as well. And in 1982 they won the International Quartet Championship by the largest winning margin (296 points) up to that point. These same four men have been singing together for 31 years, and Masterworks series brings us a 27-tune "best-of" recording of one of Barbershop's all time greatest groups. Classic Collection specialized in nostalgic, romantic heart-tuggers, and from "I've Seen My Baby," "When You Look In the Heart of a Rose," "In the Land Where Shamrocks Grow" and "Little Silver Lady" to "Oh, You Beautiful Doll," "Paper Doll," "Moonlight Becomes You," "My Blue Heaven," "Makin' Whoopee," and the final cut "Jezebel," every one of these cuts is sweet, harmonic and true. If you love Classic Barbershop, this wonderful, entertaining collection is for you-enjoy!

Songlist: I've Seen My Baby (and It Won't Be Long Now), When You Look in the Heart of a Rose, Lil From Daffodil Hill, It's the Same Old Shillelagh, In the Land Where the Shamrocks Grow, Little Silver lady, Put Me to Sleep with an Old Fashioned Melody, Nobody Knows What a Red Head Mama Can Do, Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, Oh, You Beautiful Doll, All the World Will Be Jealous of Me, Can't You Hear Me Callin' Caroline, Paper Doll, Seems like Old Times, Baby Won't You Please Come Home, I Don't Believe In 'If' Anymore, The Last Waltz, Portrait of my Love Medley, Moonlight Becomes You, With Plenty of Money and You, Miss You, If You Were the Only Girl in the World, If I Could Be with You, My Blue Heaven, Makin' Whoopee, Finian's Rainbow Medley, Jezebel

More details5807c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella || Sweet Adelines Music

Confederates : Confederate Encores out of print

Review: The Confederates, two born-and-bred Rebels teamed with two Yankees, placed 31st in International Competition in 1954, 2nd in Miami in 1955, and in 1956 became International Champions at Minneapolis. Featuring the pure Tenor of George Evans, the mellow Baritone of "Buzz" Busby, the Rich Bass of Wally Singleton and the sweet lead of Dave LaBonte, the Confederates were pure professionals, exulting in the joy and power of their voices. From the heart-tugging: "Chloe," "Boy of Mine," "Down Where The South Begins," "Pal of My Cradle Days," "A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square," and "Just In Case You Change Your Mind;" to the pure fun: "I'm Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover," "Twelfth Street Rag," "Creole Cutie," "Red Head," these guys' singing is anything but, ah, uniform! 12 great songs.

Songlist: Chloe, I'm Looking Over A Four-Leaf Clover, Boy Of Mine, Twelfth Street Rag, Down Where The South Begins, Creole Cutie, Red Head, Mammy O'Mine, Just In Case You Change Your Mind, Pal Of My Cradle Days, A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square, The Lord's Prayer

More details
5542c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Countdown : Time After Time

Review: This enhanced CD receives udos for excellent entertainment value. Countdown, from the Far Western District, have exercised their imaginations to the fullest, providing not only a baker's dozen of enjoyable barbershop tunes, but a veritable extravaganza of amusement. Take the Countdown quiz, watch a video, or play our personal favorite, "Whack A Barbershopper!" This is not to discount the quartet's vocal abilities, whether playing it straight ("Roses of Picardy," "There Used To Be A Ballpark," "Turn Around"), or light-hearted ("Mobile," "18 Wheels On A Big Rig"). Ingenious.

Songlist: South Rampart Street ParadeKen Potter, Roses of Picardy, There Used to Be a Ballpark, Jeepers Creepers, Turn Around, River Stay 'Way From My Door, Mobile, I'm Gonna Lock My Heart, Time After Time, So Long Sally, Sixteen Tons, Old St Louis, 18 Wheels On A Big Rig

More details5446c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella |

Crossroads : Crossroads

Review: Crossroads is the new "superquartet" on the Barbershop Block, formed of four singers who are former BHS International Gold medalists in their own right, tenor Fred Farrell, lead Mike Slamka, bass Jim Henry and baritone Brandon Guyton. Henry won Gold in 1993 as a founding member and arranger of the legendary Gas House Gang, and is currently musical and artistic director of the 160-voice Ambassadors of Harmony. Guyton pocketed Gold in 2002 with Four Voices, Slamka sang his way to Gold with 2003 champs Power Play, and Farrell wore Gold with 1989 Quartet champs Second Edition. With this much vocal and arranging talent and experience, it came as no great surprise that newly-formed Crossroads struck Gold again in Anaheim, CA in 2009! Their new CD just arrived in our hands hot off the presses: 12 tunes plus a bonus track, "Lydia." "You Don't! You Won't!," "Georgia May," Roy Orbison's "Crying," the nostalgic "Little Patch of Heaven" and "Daddy's Little Girl," the Simon & Garfunkel anthem "59th Street Bridge Song" (Feelin' Groovy), the upbeat "Back In Business," "Roll, Jordan, Roll," "Mean To Me," "Mobile," "Better Than I" and "Country Dances" all feature butter-smooth harmonies, sweet leads, ringing, effortless held chords, deep bass parts, perfect arrangements and the shear joy of singing of these four new/old champions. Listen to "Crossroads," officially, and actually, Barbershop's best!

Songlist: You Don't! You Won't!, Georgia May, Crying, Little Patch Of Heaven, Feelin' Groovy (The 59th Street Bridge Song), Back in Business, Daddy's Little Girl, Roll Jordan, Roll, Mean to Me, Mobile, Better Than I, Country Dances, ...And Lydia

More details
5860c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

Crossroads : That Lucky Old Sun

Review: International Barbershop Harmony Society Quartet Champions Crossroads brings us their second album. The quartet won Gold at the BHS's 2009 international convention in Anaheim, CA, where Bass singer Jim Henry also directed the Ambassadors of Harmony chorus to their own international championship with the highest score ever obtained. All four members had previously won Gold in other quartets; Henry with 1993 champs Gas House Gang, baritone Brandon Guyton with 2002 champs Four Voices, lead Mike Slamka with 2003 champs Power Play, and tenor Fred Farrell with 1989 champs Second Edition. There are 13 songs here, favorites are Barbershop chestnuts such as "Sweet Adeline," "Hey There," the title tune and "Bread and Gravy;" Gospel tunes like "Your First Day in Heaven," "All People That On Earth Do Dwell," "Via Dolorosa" and "Guard Me, Oh Lord;" a very funny short parody of a missing hairpiece that "Blew By You," Swing-era hits like Cab Calloway's "The Jumpin' Jive," Irving Berlin's "Let Yourself Go" and Sammy Davis Jr.'s "Too Close for Comfort;" and a sweetly harmonic take on Lennon and McCartney's "Can't Buy Me Love." Crossroads is a so-called Barbershop "Super Group," formed of gold medal winners, the BHS's highest honor. Listen to "That Lucky Old Sun" to see why!

Songlist: The Jumpin' Jive, Let Yourself Go, Sweet Adeline, Too Close For Comfort, Hey There, Bread and Gravy, Your First Day in Heaven, Blew By You, That Old Lucky Sun, Can't Buy Me Love, All People That on Earth do Dwell, Guard Me, Oh Lord, Via Dolorosa

More details
5994c | 1 CD | $14.95 |

Crossroads : The Simple Life : 1 CD : 

Listen to

Crossroads : The Simple Life

Review: After being crowned 2009 Barbershop Harmony Society Quartet Champions, Crossroads has become one of the most sought-after a cappella foursomes in the world, performing in Germany, France, Finland, the U.K., Spain and all over the United States. First coming together as a group in 2007, Tenor Fred, Lead Mike, Bass Jim and Baritone Brandon found that they shared a genuine friendship rooted in faith, family, harmony and a love of great music. And that has given them the opportunity to share their music with audiences all over the world! "The Simple life," their 3rd album, features 11 finely crafted and arranged tunes. Some of our favorites are the Ella Fitzgerald renditions of the title track, "Give Me the Simple Life" and the sultry lament "Angel Eyes;" the Deep River Boys' 1941 version of the 1876 song "My Grandfather's Clock;" Michael Buble's hit single "Hold On," Lerner & Lowe's classic "Gigi," Ron Miller and Orlando Murden's "For Once in My Life," the traditional hymn "Rock My Soul;" Cole Porter's "Blow, Gabriel, Blow" and Robert Lowry and Mrs. A. S. Hawkes' deeply moving "I Need Thee Every Hour." "The Simple life" is a powerful collection from one of Barbershop's most talented and beloved champions, Crossroads.

Songlist: Give Me The Simple Life, Angel Eyes, My Grandfather's Clock, Hold On, Children, Go Where I Send Thee, Gigi, A Word On My Ear (I'm Tone Deaf), For Once In My L1fe, Rock My Soul (In The Bosom of Abraham), Someone Like You, Blow, Gabriel, Blow, I Need Thee Every Hour

More details
22224c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

Dealer's Choice : Anthology Vol 3 out of print

Review: 1973 International Quartet Champions Dealer's Choice recorded this CD just prior to their appearance at the British Association of Barbershoppers Convention in 1978. Featuring a nice mix of traditional barbershop and pop tunes, such as a Simon & Garfunkel medley and the quintessential hankie-wringing movie theme, "The Way We Were," the group also includes the tongue-in-cheek "Ain't She Sweet," and "Chloe," which begins subtly and then gradually swells into a broad chorus, followed by its apogee, the tag-the defining moment for any manly barbershop contingent!

Songlist: Have A Little Talk With Myself, Chloe, Simon & Garfunkel Medley, Shenandoah, I Can't Give You Anything But Love, The Way We Were, Yes Indeed!, Contest Up-Tune Medley, Together, Ain't She Sweet?, This Is All I Ask

More details
5223c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Dealer's Choice : Anthology Vol 4

Review: A different line-up than that of the previous recording-Brian Beck and Greg Clancy assuming the positions of Al Kvanli and Greg Lyne-Volume Four nonetheless reflects the same fine close harmony that made Dealer's Choice consistently popular, even today. Leading off with a crowd-pleasing Beach Boys medley, the Dealers segue into "If You Could Read My Mind," the 'seventies pop hit, the arrangement of which is entirely original and a barbershop how-to manual of stylistic conversion. A recommended selection for any fan of the genre, but Dealer's Choice enthusiasts will want all four volumes.

Songlist: Beach Boys Medley, If You Could Read My Mind, Hello Mary Lou, Brian's Song, I'm Looking At The World Through Rose Colored Glasses, Where Is Love?, I Don't Know Why I Love You Like I Do, You'll Never Know, Mr. Piano Man, Like The First Tme

More details5224c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella |

Dealer's Choice : The Anthology out of print

Review: Dealer's Choice were SPEBSQSA Champions in 1973, and maintained their following and reputation through a long and prodigious career. This four-CD "Anthology" traces their evolution as barbershoppers supreme. The first CD's focus is on the traditional, with "At The Jazz Band Ball," "Who'll Take My Place When I'm Gone" and "Old Fashioned Mother of Mine" some examples. Subsequent recordings featured more vocal jazz and pop, such as "What'll I Do" and "Didn't We," along with the Beach Boys and Simon and Garfunkel medleys. The Dealer's Choice arrangement of the "Lord's Prayer," from the second CD, is especially grand. This group combined exceptional tone, state-of-the-art arrangements and performance flair - legendary!

Songlist: Songs Like Daddy Used To Play, Choice II, The Last Session, Like The First Time

More details
5192c | 1 CD | $49.98 | A Cappella

Forefront : Forefront : 1 CD : 

Listen to

Forefront : Forefront

Review: First formed in August of 2009, Forefront has quickly become one of the Barbershop Harmony Society's most sought-after quartets, placing 13th in International competitions in 2010, 6th in 2011, and 7th in 2012. Most recently they won a 5th place bronze medal at the Toronto convention this past July! Multi-talented Drew, Brian, Kevin and Aaron are all BHS veterans as singers and directors, and "Forefront" is their debut CD. Favorites among these 14 cuts are "Sweet Heaven Medley," Eubie Blake's "Sweet Memories of You," Smokey Robinson's Motown classic "My Girl," Randy Newman's "When She Loved Me," the live cut from the 2012 BHS convention "Georgia on My Mind," "Come Go With Me," Steve Young's "Seven Bridges Road" and the Citations' anthem "What a Wonderful World." This powerful quartet started in the forefront and just kept rising in the hugely competitive barbershop world-listen to this very impressive collection and see why!

Songlist: Fit As A Fiddle, Sweet Heaven, Memories of You, My Girl, The More I See You, Georgia On My Mind, When She Loved Me, Baby, It's You Come, Go With Me, Alleluia, When I Lift Up My Head, Easy Street, Seven Bridges Road, What A Wonderful World

More details22139c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

Forefront : The Loveliest Thing

Review: 2016 International Quartet Champions knocks it out of the ballpark with this selection of classic standards and barbershop gems. The blend is sweet and tight while the individual voices shine. If looking for a great barbershop recording teh be sure to add this one to your collection.

Songlist: I Got Rhythm, Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey, Georgia On My Mind, If, Hit Me With a Hot Note, If You Love Me, Really Love Me, Ring-a-Ding Ding!, I Get Around, It Only Takes a Moment, Since I Fell For You, You Are the Sunshine of My Life, Lost

More details
43124c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

Four Renegades : Four Renegades : 1 CD : 

Listen to
Mr. Bassman

Four Renegades : Four Renegades

Review: Formed in 1956, the Four Renegades slowly rose in International competitions until winning it all by 450 points in Boston, 1965. At that point they were: Bass, Tom Felger, Baritone, Jim Foley, Lead, Ben Williams and Tenor Buzz Haeger. There are 30 songs, and it's hard to tell who's having more fun, the group or the audience. Want funny? Listen to "Mr. Bassman." Poignant? "The Little Boy." Rousing? "Waiting for the Robert E. Lee." Spiritual? "The Lord's Prayer." The Renegades were funny, they sang great, they had class, and they were tremendous barbershop ambassadors. It adds up to a CD that's big fun!

Songlist: Nervous Quartet Intro, When The World Was Young, Mr Bassman, George M Cohan Medley, Lili Marlene, Save a Little Sunbeam, I Left My Heart In San Francisco, Daddy's Little Girl, Heart Hearted Hanna, Wait Till The Sun Shines Nelly, When I Leave The World Behind, Because, Send The Girls Over There, Old Folks, The Lord's Prayer, I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles, Please Don't Talk About Me, This Is All I Ask, This Could Be The Start Of Something Big, Lost In The Stars, When The Midnight Choo Choo, The Little Boy, My Gal Sal, Waiting For The Robert E Lee, There Never Was A Gang Like Mine, That's A-Plenty, Last Night Was The End Of The World, Cabaret, Yesteryear, The New Franky And Johnny

More details
5441c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella |

Four Statesmen : Four Statesmen

Review: Members of the Four Statesmen began quartet singing as early as 1945. The first International appearance was in 1964, where they placed twelfth. Following their win in 1967, they kept singing, with appearances on the Mike Douglas TV show and tours that took them as far abroad as England, France and Italy. The 27 songs on this recording include the sentimental - "Try To Remember," "Climb Every Mountain" and " I Miss You Most Of All" are just a few - as well as the lighthearted: "I've Got The Time, I've Got The Place, But It's Hard To Get The Girl" and "Crazy Bones Skeleton Ball." Our favorite: "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head," with a beautifully-harmonized refrain.

Songlist: My Gal she has some wonderful ways, rose on your cheek, try to remember, my wonderful one, crazy bones skeleton ball, bonna build a montain, climb every montain, once in love with amy, west of the great divide, i've got the time, i've got the place, but it's hard to get the girl, story of the three bells, one of those songs, when the blue of the night meets the gold of the day, i've got rhythm, by the timeI get to phoenix, there's something about a soldier, in the wee small hours of the morning, the old songs medley, a fellow needs a girl, maggie blues, you'll never wald alone, Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head, from the first hello to the last goodbye, roll on, mississipi, roll on, a song and dance man, dixieland medley, preacher and the bear, you only want me when you're lonesome, i miss you most of all

More details
5552c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella |

Four Voices : Four Voices out of print

Review: Having won the 1996 Collegiate and 1999 Dixie District Championships, the clamor for a recorded set has been strong. Seeing the Four live at National, it seemed certain they would place top ten. Well, there's always next year. Their robust and hearty delivery is matched by the fullness of their tone. "Bright Was The Night" begins delicately, before swelling into a dramatic coda; "It Is Well" follows a similar strategy. The gentle sway of "Barbershop Style," "Ain't Misbehavin'" and "After You're Gone" are good-natured remembrances of another era. The most stirring arrangement is the gospel flavored "This Little Light Of Mine."

Songlist: Brand New Day, Ain't Misbehavin', After You've Gone, This Little Light Of Mine, My Father, My Friend, Ballgame, Bright Was the Night, It Is Well, Barbershop Style, Didn't Want To Fall, I'll Fly Away, Bonus Song: All Rise

More details
5469c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Four Voices : II out of print

Review: The four Christian young men who are Cleveland, Tennessee-based Barbershop group Four Voices won the Gold at SPEBSQSA's 2002 convention in Portland, and "II" shows us all the faith, charisma, humor and rock-solid harmonies that caught the ear of the judges. 12 songs, "No No Nora," "The One I Love," "You Made Me Love You," "Charleston," "Lazybones," "After You've Gone," "My Mother's Eyes," "Muppet Show," "If I Only Had a Brain," "Yes Sir, That's My Baby" and "Lamb of God." You know the kind of barbershop chord that goes on longer than it's possible to hold your breath, and rises to a chord so high and sweet, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? Four Voices sings those kind of chords--simply the best!

Songlist: No No Nora, The One I Love, You Made Me Love You, Charleston, Lazybones, After You've Gone (Live), My Mother's Eyes, Muppet Show, If I Only Had A Brain, Yes Sir, That's My Baby, Lamb of God

More details5387c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Four Voices : III out of print

Review: Four sweet-harmonizing young Christian men - Brandon Guyton, his brother Chad, Lester Rector and Jayson VanHook, otherwise known as Four Voices, have put their hometown of Cleveland, TN on the Barbershop map. First singing together in Lee University's acclaimed Voices of Lee, the newly-formed quartet turned quite a few heads by winning SPEBSQSA's 1996 Collegiate and 1999 Dixie District Championships and singing well at the Nationals, their first step into the International top ten was winning the Gold at the 2002 convention in Portland! Since then the popular group has toured extensively, taking their distinctive, smoothly blended sound, passionate delivery and exciting arrangements to delighted audiences in concert halls, corporate venues and churches across the globe. "III" follows "Four Voices" and "Four Voices II" not just in order, but in feeling, quality and pure musicality. Favorites among these 12 tunes could easily include them all, but we'll arbitrarily pick the soulful "I Believe," poignant "Nearer My God to Thee," triumphant "How Great Thou Art," Lennon/McCartney's "Oh Darlin'," a light-hearted "Sesame Street" and, in further tribute to their 16-member Collegiate group, "For God So Loved the World," sung with Voices of Lee (lightly guitar accompanied). "III" is simply a beautiful, inspirational album - don't miss this one!

Songlist: I'll Live in Glory, Oh Darlin', Nearer My God to Thee, South, How Great Thou Art, Sesame Street, Great Day, Bless This House, All That Jazz, All The Glory, I Believe, For God So Loved the World

More details2689c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella

Fred : FreDinci Code out of print

Review: Barbershop Comedy specialists and 1999 SPEBSQSA International Quartet champs Fred have 3 excellent CDs and one DVD under their belts, and "The FreDinci Code" is another winner! Cool graphics on the liner notes include the boys as "Claytino," "Joseppi," "Regetonni" and "Stupido" Fredinci, and have them performing in togas before an amazed, heavily Photoshopped version of DaVinci's "Last Supper." The "FreDinci Code," or songlist, includes 11 straight, or altered, tunes, "Zippitty DooDah," "Me and My Shadow," "What a Wonderful World," "Little Brown Jug," the totally silly Italian lesson "Amore," and "I Gotta Be E," the manic "Can Can," "Sweet Embraceable You," the crazed impersonations of "Fred Vegas Medley" and "Where Did the Time Go." Where indeed? The FreDinci Code needs to be listened to carefully again and again to pick up the jokes, or clues as the case may be. Good, funny stuff.

Songlist: Zippitty DooDah, Me And My Shadow, What A Wonderful World, Little Brown Jug, Amazing Grace, Amore, I Gotta Be E, Can Can, Sweet Embraceable You, Fred Vegas Medley, Where Did The Time Go

More details5718c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Fred : Get Happy out of print

Review: They're Back! Get the wimmin and chillun off the streets. Gather them by the old CD player and enjoy! They alternate between simply beautiful songs and humor which frequently takes one by surprise because the singing is so good just before they go off the deep end. There are a couple of updated old Smothers Brothers gags, "Streets of Laredo" and "I Never Will Marry." There are a couple of wacky intros to otherwise wonderful songs. They spooflicate Steven Foster unmercifully in an verbal introduction and then sing a beautiful "Old Folks At Home." A melodic "I Don't Know Why" starts so beautifully and then...the vocal horns...

Songlist: I've Got Rhythm, Just the Way YouLook Tonight, The Streets of Laredo, Muskrat Ramble, Ya Gotta Know How to Dance Medley, Love's Old Sweet Song, I Never Will Marry, I Can't GiveYou Anything But Love/ LOVE Medley, I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm, Old Folks at Home, Please Kind Sir, I Don't Know Why, Jungle Book Medley, Get Happy

More details5228c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Fred : Putting The HA In HArmony out of print

Review: These four gentlemen from Georgia, known otherwise as the "Clown Princes" of barbershop, have once again captured the hearts and funny bones of entertainment lovers everywhere with their newest collection of songs. "Putting the Ha in HArmony" is a double length recording, containing over 20 of Fred's most memorable live performances. The recording chronicles the past ten years of contests and shows, climaxing with their winning the SPEBSQSA's international quartet championship. It is crammed full of brilliant parodies, impeccable timing and pure blended harmonies. These songs are not available on any other recording. It is the ultimate Fredology.

Songlist: Keep Your Eye On The Girlie You Love, Someone Stole My Gal, Ballin' The Jack, Harmony Lanes / Bowling Shoes, Four Girl Medley, I Wish That We Could Someday Make Top Ten, Love's All Sweet Song, I've Got Rhythm, Fit As A Fiddle, You Are My Sunshine, Sweet Adeline, AIC Parody, I Can't Give You Anything But Love, The Meaning of FRED, All By Myself, Top Ten Parody, Name The Champs, We'd Like To Trade Our Silver, Connelly's Back In Town, Nincompoopie, If You can't Tell The World She's a Good Little Girl, Judge's Parody, Who'll Take Fourth Place?

More details5961c | 1 CD | $29.95 | A Cappella

Fred : Simply Fred out of print

Review: Just how good do you have to be before you can be a barbershop comedy group? Really, really, good! Winning medalists at the International Finals in 1996 (fourth place), 1997 (second place) and 1998 (fourth place again) are some of their triumphs but their greatest triumph will be the pure enjoyment you will have each time you hear this cross between wonderful singers and class clowns! For pure goofiness try "Herman and Sally," Harmony Lanes/Bowling Shoes," "Big Time Gutter Ball" or the atrocious "Hindustan," a live recording. Then there is "This Little Light of Mine" with its ballistic ending or the beautiful "Someone's Rockin' My Dreamboat." Where does it all end? the last song, of course!

Songlist: Hello, Hello, Hello, Church Bells, Fit As A Fiddle, When I Fall In Love, Let's Get Away From It All, Herman And Sally, This Little Light Of Mine, The Song Has Ended, Blue Skies, Write Myself A Letter, Ballin' The Jack, Harmony Lanes/ Bowling Shoes, Big Time Gutter Ball, Hindustan, Someone's Rockin' My Dreamboat, Tiger Rag

More details5227c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Friendly Advice : For The Heart

Review: Tenor Dan, Lead Wes, Baritone Bill and Bass Forrest bring a combination of over 150 years of Barbershop Singing to their quartet, 2003 Evergreen District Champions. What is clear on these 13 tunes, however, is the group's love of singing and entertaining people. Some of our favorites are here, "Allegheny Moon," "In The Still of the Night," "It's Only a Paper Moon," "Stormy Weather," "That's An Irish Lullaby," "Easy Street," "Here's that Rainy Day," "Creole Cutie" and "Time After Time." Rich, smooth harmonies, heartfelt lyrics, ringing, effortless chords - these are what we've always loved about Barbershop!

Songlist: Allegheny Moon, Nevertheless, In The Still Of The Night, It's Only A Paper Moon, Stormy Weather, What'll I Do, Don't Blame Me, Where Is Love?, That's An Irish Lullaby, Easy Street, Here's That Rainy Day, Creole Cutie, Time After Time

More details5822c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

Gas House Gang : A Little Night Music out of print

Review: The Gang appeared on the International Medalist road to supremacy in 1991 with a third place medal. In 1992 they were second which rather prepared the world for their Calgary appearance in 1993, at which they were awarded the grand accolade. These wonderful singers also have a broad sense of humor which will send any classical music aficionado into guffaws as they parody Mozart in "Eine Kleine Not Musik." This reviewer has played that tune on a radio show several times and always received more calls for information about it than any other single piece of music! This is not, however, just a comedic group but recognized as one of the best singing groups in the world.

Songlist: Wonderful Day Medley, The Moment I Saw Your Eyes, I Still Can't Say Goodbye, O.C.Cash/The Flat Foot Four, Shine, The Music Of The Night, Sit Down, You're Rockin' The Boat, No More Sorrow, Bright Was The Night, Eine Kleine NOT Musik, Love-Eyes Medley, Sometimes

More details
5060c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Gas House Gang : Face the Music out of print

Review: It isn't just perfect vowel matching or ringing chords that set these Champions apart. They pick joyous arrangements which make for fascinating listening and always seem to have some completely unusual element added into their non competition repertoire. For example, when David Wright arranged Muskrat Ramble for The Gang he came back with the lyric score with some sections written for a Dixieland band. The Gas House Gang ran with it, imitating a trumpet, a trombone, a clarinet and an upright bass, with some percussion thrown in. You must hear the wonderful arrangement of "Above My Head, I Hear Music In The Air" for it moves the spirit just as much as the Southern Sons' version does. We haven't time to describe each of the fourteen tunes on this recording but you should hear them.

Songlist: Strike Up the Band Medley, Wedding Bells, Brother, Can You Spare a Dime, Muskrat Ramble, Where the Southern Roses Grow, Above My Head, I Hear Music In The Air, Erie Canal, All Aboard For Dixie Land, Don't Be A Baby, Baby, This Is Some Lucky Day, Old Hymns Medley, Alleluia

More details5062c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Gas House Gang : Our Rough & Tumble Best out of print

Review: Just before beginning their ascension to international acclaim the Gang released this recording of twelve songs which are of a great variety. You keep running into unexpected little embellishments on the pure barbershop songs such as the brief intimation of calliope or the bell-like chord inthe "Bowery Medley." Then there is the ringing traditional close harmony of "So Long, Mother," the sweet beauty of "When I Look In Your Eyes," the humorous "My Old Man" (of Smothers Brothers fame) and the fabulous enunciation on "The Chemical Elements." There's gospel, a popular sound on "Sixteen Tons" and the "William Tell Overture" is in the spirit of their later Mozart spoof. Great!

Songlist: Bowery Medley, Sixteen Tons, So Long, Mother, K.P., When I Look In Your Eyes, Pass The Apples Medley, Liar Medley, Old St. Louie, My Old Man, The Chemical Elements, Sweet Hour of Prayer, William Tell Overture

More details5061c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Gas House Gang : The Gas House Gang's 5th out of print

Review: In 1987 a St. Louis, MO municipal band was looking for a barbershop group to sing "Lida Rose" for the "Music Man" section of their Broadway tribute. When no local groups were available, Rob Henry found three friends to sing with him. The four loved the sound, came up with a name, and the group is still together sixteen years, thirteen countries, forty nine states, five recordings and an international championship later. Sadly, Rob contracted cancer and died this year after recording this fifth CD with the group, it is dedicated with love to him. The GHG sings with a lot of feeling, humor, and ringing harmonies that take our breath away. Beethoven 5.1, the opening cut, is a seven-minute tour-de-force with wonderful, funny, personal lyrics that go on for four pages. eleven more songs: the 70's summer anthem "Lazy Day," Lennon/McCartney's "Blackbird/I Will" and "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da," "Goodbye,World, Goodbye," "My Coloring Book," "We're Little But Were Loud," "Great Day," Carole King's "Will You Love Me Tomorrow?", "Ezekiel Saw The Wheel," Billy Joel's "Lullabye" and the inspirational "Hold On." The GHG is our best-selling barbershop group, and with good reason. Highly recommended!

Songlist: Beethoven 5.1, Lazy Day, Blackbird/I Will, Goodbye, World, Goodbye, My Coloring Book, We're Little But We're Loud, Great Day, Will You Love Me Tomorrow?, Ezekiel Saw De Wheel, Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel), Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Hold On

More details5601c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

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