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Our core business is the finding, the developing and the marketing of musical talent. We see ourselves as an allround music company that seeks to engage directly with music fans wherever and whenever they want to experience and embrace great music.

We are one of the most active companies in the region when it comes to local A&R and we are constantly adding new signings to our diverse roster. The Cosmos Music Group catalogue covers most music genres and today consists of nearly one thousand album masters.

The digital division is called IODA Nordic and through IODA Nordic, Cosmos Music Group's artists and labels will have access to comprehensive digital distribution and targeted, automated marketing services in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland as well as the rest of the world. IODA's worldwide network, which spans every major music market, will provide Cosmos Music Group's labels with the ability to more actively build their international fan bases.

IODA is the industry leading digital distribution company for the global independent music community. Founded in 2003, IODA has quickly built a catalog of nearly two million tracks that is licensed to more than 400 digital storefronts worldwide. IODA's catalog represents a diverse range of music from over 50 countries and is exclusively represented in the Nordics by Cosmos Music Group.

Cosmos Music Group has six local offices in the four biggest Nordic music markets. We represent and distribute approximately 100 other local and international independent labels.

This website will give you detailed information about the music, the artists and the labels that all are a part of the Cosmos Music Group. Enjoy!


Cosmos Music Group's history dates back to 1966. This was when record label Amigo Musik was founded by brothers Per-Anders och Jan Boquist in Stockholm, Sweden. With activities covering both local music production and the representation of international labels, the company grew to soon become one of the most well renowned indie labels in Sweden.

Fast forward to 1999, when 200 year old Swedish publishing house and media conglomerate Bonnier AB started a music division called Bonnier Music. The aim was to create a strong competitor to the major labels with local presence across the whole region. Through substantial funding in local A&R and marketing along with a number of significant acquisitions the company rapidly expanded and grew to reach a 15% market share. In 2001 Bonnier Music acquired Amigo Musik and at the same time changed its name to Bonnier Amigo Music Group.

Amigo Musik's deep and musically diverse catalogue together with Bonnier Music's chart topping pop acts created an independent music power house catering for all styles of music - from jazz, blues, country, soul, latin, reggae and world music to rock, pop, dance, hip hop, alternative, metal and electronica. A strong compilation and strategic marketing business, a very successful childrens music department and an active music publishing unit added the elements needed to solidify the company as the biggest independent record label in the Nordic territory.

In early 2009, in the wake of the latest finance crisis and after years of declining CD sales, the board of Bonnier AB informed management that they had finally decided to withdraw from the music industry and its role as owner of a company still operating under the traditional record company model. This prompted two executives and two outside music entrepenurs to put in a bid for a mangament buy out of the company.

In December 2009 the management buy out was completed. The company is today privately owned by Fredrik Ekander, Cai Leitner, Kent Gillstrom and Christian Drougge.

The first item on the agenda was to start the implementation of a completely new business model. Keeping - and strengthening - the independent profile was a top priority. Ensuring a rich musical diversity and the preservation the company's musical heritage was another. But in order to thrive on a completely new music and entertainment market, the business model had to be updated. The company's core business was still the finding, the developing and the marketing of musical talent. But the tools, the channels and the practices with which to do this all to be upgraded. No longer merely a traditional "record company", Cosmos Music Group wanted to transform itself into an all round music company that seeks to engage directly with music fans wherever and whenever they want to experience and embrace great music.

In early 2010 Cosmos Music Group entered a partnership with fellow Swedish indie Playground Music Scandinavia. This initially covered the co-ordination of the two companies' sales departments and logistics, but it also was the starting point for a joint search for new business opportunities and further synergies.

In February 2010, Cosmos Music Group and Playground Music Scandinavia together acquired 100% of Edel Records Finland from Edel Gmbh. The Finnish operation - Playground Music BAM Finland Oy - is now owned by the two companies with a 50% stake each.

On July 1st 2010, Cosmos Music Group started the dismantling of its physical distribution centre in Skara, which had originally been acquired in 2001. The logistics of the Cosmos Music Group's distribution is today being handled by ENS in Borås. This move has made it possible for the company to divert more funds, focus and resources to the finding, developing and marketing of new musical talent. It also means that Cosmos Music Group can have a stronger focus on a smaller number of distributed labels. It will also make it easier for Cosmos Music Group to fully embrace and make the transition into the digital market.


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Cosmos : Christmas - Ticu un Viss

Review: Having just listened to the incredible "Turbulence" by Cosmos, the idea of a Christmas album by Cosmos is stunning and a little scary. Christmas music is, almost by definition, elementary, simple, and repetitive. Cosmos is dynamic, stunning, envelope-pushing, crazed a cappella, arranged (by the group) like nothing you have ever heard before. The bold, colorful liner notes, with an accordion foldout lyric book with photos of the six young men hamming it up in formal wear all warn us - this is not your Grandmother's Christmas album. All but one of the cuts has a Latvian title ("Klusa nakts," "Aija, Ancit, aija," "Jus, ticigie, naciet," "Supula dziesma," "Vakars," "Circenisa Ziemassvetki," "Ticu un viss," "Neticu un viss," "Reiz meza dzima eglite" and "Rukisi un Mezavecis;" the Bobby McFerrinesque "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" speaks for itself. But we recognized "Silent Night," "O Come All Ye Faithful," and a very cool, jazzy, almost unrecognizable version of "Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer," as far as we can tell! "Ticu un viss" is bizarre, funny, unbelievable and wonderful, like Christmas music from another planet. It will blow your mind and open it, to the immense creative power of the human voice - and, for that matter, of Christmas!

Songlist: Klusa Nakts, Aija, Ancit, aija, Jus, Ticigie, Naciet, Supula dziesma, Vakars, Cnrt yctanbie nlpymkn, Circenisa Ziemassvetki, Ticu un Viss, Neticu un viss, Reiz meza dzima eglite, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Rukisi un Mezavecis

1357c | 00 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella Contemporary Christmas CDs

Cosmos : Turbulence : 00  1 CD : 

Listen to
Tu Ka, Es Ka

Cosmos : Turbulence

Review: Latvian vocal group Cosmos' debut album in 2003, the first year of their existence, went platinum after winning an award as the best pop album of the year. They have released three wonderful albums since then and are greatly loved by audiences in many countries for their distinctive a cappella style and charismatic concert performances. There are 10 cuts here, all but two, "destination: heaven" and the bonus track "unintended," are in Latvian ("aptieka," "maskava," "parasta/neparasta diena," "vindo," "tu ka, es ka," trejdevini slepens," "vienreiz" and "pasaules galins"), but you really need to buy and listen to "Turbulence" to truly appreciate the creative power of the human voice, specifically the voices of these six young men. We don't understand most of the words, but their bright, delicious collection of flawless falsetto leads, faux horns, vocal percussion, chocolaty harmonies and sounds-that-couldn't-be-all-made-by-the-human-voice, but are; have filled our headphones and made us shake our heads with wonder. To hear "Turbulence" is to become a fan. Beautiful, colorful liner notes in Latvian tell us nothing and everything-the essence of great art. Exciting, manic, humorous, surprising, unbelievable, Queen-like-all these are decent attempts to describe Cosmos. But the fact is you should simply buy "Turbulence," put on some good headphones and savor it, then thank us. You will be very welcome!".

Songlist: Aptieka, Maskava, Parasta/nerparasta diena, Vindo, Tu Ka, Es Ka, Trejdevini Slepens, Vienreiz, Destination: Heaven, Pasaules Galins, Unintended

5872c | 00 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella Male Contemporary CDs

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