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Blind Man's Bluff

Blind Man's Bluff

Bluff rock is vocal rock - more than vocal. more than rock. aggressive. dirty. human. texture that tingles. both familiar and surprisingly unique. gritty but not grating. edgy but not hard edged. a sound you've never heard before. unquestionably modern. undeniably rock. rich. dark. driving. enticingly organic. depth without pretention. no holds barred and widely appealing. what you're waiting for - believe your ears.


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Blind Man's Bluff : Jaunce : 00  1 CD : 

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The Distance

Blind Man's Bluff : Jaunce

Review: Rockin' university gigs is the theme of this recording of live tracks taken from performances throughout the mid-west. The current lineup features David Wilner, Paul Donnelly, Adam Sears, David Anderson, and Eric Skalinder. While the tone lightens to a ballad feel on David W's "I Never Know," generally this is a hard rocking album. The fine vocal drumming of Paul Donnelly keeps the driving beat reverberating through your brain from ear to ear as you are treated to a great number of original tunes. The tunes written by other artists are not ones you will commonly hear and on the one or two really familiar tunes, the arrangements are so original that they sound like new songs. If you like hard rocking, original, contemporary a cappella, this is for you! What is Jaunce, anyway?

Songlist: The Distance, Slightly Crazy, Dirty World, I Never Knew, Why Didn't You Call Me, Meet Virginia, Semi-Charmed Life, Twenty Five Miles, Hey Yeah C'mon, Drum Solo, Higher, Wake Up Call, Red Line, Inside Out, I Can't Get Next To You

2721c | 00 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella Male Contemporary CDs

Blind Man's Bluff : Blind Man's Bluff

Review: The unfortunate news is that Blind Man's Bluff has broken up as a group and won't be up on stage electrifying audiences any time soon. The good news is that before they broke up, they left us all a lovely parting gift, this CD! Including are "Red Line" and "The Drive," stream-of-consciousness urban angst anthems with roots in rap, heavy on the vocal percussion as are all BMB songs, and the rocking, hurt, writhing "Why Didn't You Call Me." "Dirty World" and "Feel" are backed up by what sounds like synthesizer overload, but we have no idea if it's vocal or not, "My One Addiction," "Reservations For One," "I Don't Like" (includes kittens, flowers, SUVs, strip malls, Stallone and implants, among other things), and "Breathin'." This is push-the-a-cappella-envelope, sometimes angry, moody, risky stuff, not for everyone, but the most important art and music is like that!

Songlist: Red Line, The Drive, Slightly Crazy, Why Didn't You Call Me?, Dirty World, Feel, My One Addiction, Reservations For One, I Don't Like, Breathin'

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