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BR6 has a story that is similar to that of other Brazilian vocal groups: singer-friends who know other singers and get together to make a vocal group. Unlike so many others who did it with voice and guitar, the group (6 musicians and arrangers with elaborate musical schooling) picked the most difficult way of making vocal music: without any instruments.

The group was influenced by the history of various generations of Brazilian vocal groups and by the first recording of the group Take 6, at the beginning of the 90s, a recording that changed the direction of international vocal music. Crismarie Hackenberg (mezzo), Deco Fiori (tenor), Andre Protasio (baritone), Marcelo Caldi (tenor), Simo (bass) and Naife Simoes (Vocal Percussion) go after two dreams: foment the creation of the market for Brazilian a cappella music and reverence national vocal music with their talent and creativity. On this same road, BR6 sums up the efforts of many groups, but stands out as pioneer in the art of making music without instruments, opening the way for new generations, that will certainly come.


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BR6 : For All

Review: We have rained superlatives over one woman-five man Brazilian sextet's first two albums, "Here To Stay" and "Musica Popular Brazileira A Cappella," and we have been rewarded with their third, "BR6 For All." There are 12 perfectly recorded and mixed tunes here, our favorites (but only just barely) are the songs in English: Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours," which has the theme from "Mission Impossible" segueing in and out of it; the amazingly arranged "Beatles Medley," the Michael Jackson hit "Human Nature," Freddie Mercury's Queen standard "Play the Game" and Sting's "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic." Other faves are the Latin classic "Tico-Tico No Fuba," "Aquarela Do Brasil," "Libertango," "Samba de Verao" and "Lembrei Do Ceara." But make no mistake, every song here is a stone vocal and rhythmic treat. BR6 ranks right up there with elite groups like Rajaton and the Real Group, and "For All" is one of the best CDs of the year!

Songlist: Aquarela do Brasil, Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours, Tico-Tico No Fuba, The Beatles Medley, Libertango, Brasil Pandeiro, Human Nature, Samba de Verao, Play The Game, Coracao Bobo, Every Little Thing She Does, Lembrei do Ceara

22181 | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella

BR6 : Musica Popular Brasileira A Cappella

Review: Five man, one woman Brazilian quintet BR6 is back, and we are very, very happy to hear it! This impossibly smooth, talented, incredibly arranged a cappella group wowed us with their first album, "Rio A Cappella," then again with a stellar cover album, "Here To Stay." Now we hold in our hot little hands "Musica Popular Brasileira A Cappella Vol. II," (basically, a cappella covers of Brazilian Pop Music), with all the liner notes and song titles in Spanish, and we're sitting here with headphones on, just digging on all this sweet, sexy, salsa-flavored a cappella music! 12 songs, including one of our favorite Idea of North covers, "Mas Que Nada," a jazzy, vocal instrumental song called "Surfboard" that would make the Swingles proud, some silly, fairly wonderful faux horns on "Diexe a Manina," the haunting "Beijo Partido," the vocal percussion and faux horns Jazz gem "Nao Vou Ficar," the breezy, bluenote "Retrato da Vida" and "Eu Quero um Samba," which is impossible not to dance to! Every cut here is big fun, great jazzy stuff, and it didn't even cross our minds that we didn't understand the words. Don't miss this long-awaited collection from one of South America's best!

Songlist: Papagaio do Futuro/ Fe na Perua, Mas Que Nada, Tanta Saudade, Sou Voce, Bala com Bala, Surfboard, Deixe a Menina, Beijo Partido, Nao Vou Ficar, Casa, Retrato da Vida, Eu Quero um Samba

6054c | 1 CD | $16.95 | A Cappella

BR6 : Here To Stay : 1 CD : 

Listen to

BR6 : Here To Stay

Review: We raved over five-man, one woman BR6's debut recording, "Rio A Cappella," and have been eagerly waiting for their second. First let us praise the marvelous, Beatles-flavored graphics and photos in the liner notes, some of the best we've ever seen, and a perfect complement to the smooth, latin sound the group applies to one of our all-time favorite tunes, George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue," medleyed with Tom Jobim's "Waters of March." Continuing with a cool "Jazz 'n' Samba," mellow and sweet "Someone to Watch Over Me," jazzy "Water to Drink," and sassy, sexy "They Can't Take That Away From Me" this is all pure enjoyment. Try to imagine faux, feline-sounding horns on "Girl from Ipanema," a surprising, bluenote faux trumpet solo on "Fascinating Rhythm," faux muted trumpets on a meandering "Forever Green," "They All Laughed," "Song of the Jet," "Love is Here to Stay ...this is all mellow, fun, jazzy, salsa-flavored stuff to be savored like musical fish tacos and margaritas on a perfect beach with the one you love!

Songlist: Waters Of March / Rhapsody In Blue, Jazz'n'Samba, Someone to Watch Over Me, Water To Drink, They Can't Take That Away From Me, The Girl From Impanema, Fascinating Rhythm, Forever Green, They All Laughed, Song Of The Jet, Love Is Here To Stay, Pato Preto

7634c | 1 CD | $16.95 | A Cappella

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