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Archangel Voices

 Archangel Voices

Mixed Choral Chorus from San Diego, CA, United States.

Archangel Voices is a professional-level vocal ensemble whose goal is to create high-quality recordings of Orthodox liturgical music in the English language, and giving special emphasis to the creations of contemporary composers and arrangers, both living and recently deceased. Through its CDs, the ensemble aims to bring the beauty of Orthodox liturgical music before a wide audience of listeners, to serve as a vehicle for spreading the Orthodox faith through music, and to embrace various traditions and styles of Orthodox church music as they are manifest in the practice of parishes in North America.


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Archangel Voices : Christ is Born. Give Glory! : 00  1 CD : 

Archangel Voices : Christ is Born. Give Glory!

Review: Two venerable and ancient Christian musical traditions-the Byzantine and the Slavic-come together on this CD, along with traditional Orthodox carols from Ukraine, Lebanon, and... America. The musical richness of the Eastern Orthodox Christmas services has inspired a number of modern-day Orthodox composers to create new compositions and arrangements, 35 of which are recorded here for the first time, entirely in English.

Songlist: Troparion-Entrance Of The Theotokos, Kontakion-Entrance Of The Theotokos, Stichera Lord, I Call, Stichera Aposticha, Canon Odes 1, 3, 6, Hymn To Theotokos, Stichera At The Praises, Stichera At The Aposticha, Troparion-Prefeast Of The Nativity Christ, Kontakion, God Is With Us, Troparion, Kontakion, Glory Be To God On High, Praise The Name Of The Lord, From My Mouth, Stichera After The Matins Gospel, Canon Ode 1, Canon Ode 3, Kontakion / oikos, Canon Ode 8, 9, Exposteilarion, Third Antiphon, Troparion, Kontakion, Communion Hymn, Wondrous News Is Given, Joy Is All Around Us, Angel Choirs In Heaven, Sing Earth And Heaven, God's Son Is Born This Night, and more

8611c | 00 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella Russian a cappella

Archangel Voices : Resurrection! : 00  1 CD : 

Archangel Voices : Resurrection!

Review: Easter (Pascha) is the "feast of feasts"--the most important celebration of the Eastern Orthodox Christian year. The vibrant and majestic hymns and chants sung during Easter services-Paschal Matins, Divine Liturgy, and Vespers-are presented on this CD in 31 selections, both historical and newly composed, drawn from the Slavic and Byzantine traditions, all adapted into English. From the transparent melodies of Russian znamenny and Byzantine chant, to opulent 8-voice Baroque sacred concertos, this CD offers a glorious musical feast!

Songlist: Come Receive The Light, Angels In Heaven, Paschal Beginning , Paschal Canon Ode 1, Paschal Canon Ode 3, Before Dawn, Paschal Canon Ode 6, You Descended, We Have Seen Christ's Ressurection, Paschal Canon Ode 8, Paschal Ode 9, Exapostilarion, Paschal Stichera, The Paschal Sermon Of St. John Chrysostom, Grace Shining Forth, 1st Paschal Antiphon, 2nd Paschal Antiphon, 3rd Paschal Antiphon, Christ Is Risen, Hypakoe Of Pascha, Kontakiom Of Pascha, Prokeimenon, Alleluia, The Angel Cried, Receive The Body Of Christ, Let God Arise, The Angel Cried, Christ Is Risen, Great Prokeimenon

8618c | 00 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella

Archangel Voices : With The Voice of the Archangel : 00  1 CD : 

Archangel Voices : With The Voice of the Archangel

Review: Alongside a rich choral tradition, Eastern Orthodox liturgical services feature a number of solo chants, duets, and trios, which often stand out as the musical highlights of the particular service in which they appear. This landmark CD, the first by Archangel Voices, focuses upon these soloistic elements Orthodox services, drawing upon both the Byzantine and Slavic traditions, but sung entirely in English. The 20 tracks include some of the most spiritual and moving hymns from Annunciation, Great Lent, Holy Week, Pascha (Easter), Ascension, Pentecost, and the feast of SS Peter and Paul.

Songlist: With The Voice of the Archangel, Let My Prayer Arise, O Taste And See, Thy Bridal Chamber, Hymn Of Kassiane, The Wise Thief, Today, He Who Hung The Earth, Prokeimenon; The Prophecy Of ezekiel; Alleluia, Arise, O God, As Many Have Been Baptized, The Lord Awoke, Christ Is Risen, You Fell Asleep, With Your Disciples Watching, O All-Holy Spirit; The Father Is Lght, Troparion And Kontakion For SS Peter And PAul, Exaposteilarion For SS Peter And Paul, Prkeimenon For SS Peter Paul

8612c | 00 1 CD | $15.95 | A Cappella Russian a cappella

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