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Apes & Babes

Apes & Babes

Apes & Babes was formed in 1999 when eight singers with a background in Trondheim studentkor would spend the summer holidays to explore a different type of harmony than the traditional choir. We wanted to find out if it was possible to pop singing without instruments and still sound like a band - not a choir. Within a few weeks was 5-6 songs rehearsed, and the 3 August we held a concert at the TIRC Student Society in Trondheim. But that would only be a small summer project, took off from the first note! An enthusiastic audience demanded more. We thought it was fun, and would like to have a couple of concerts. After 2-3 attempts to keep the Closing, we understood that Apes & Babes had come to be ...

Since then, Apes & Babes in addition to numerous projects for industry, finding success at festivals, and gave memorable concerts in Norway and abroad.

In summer 2000, we experienced for the first time to be successful outside Trondheim when we were audience favorites at Sildajazz in Haugesund. That fall we recorded the EP Surprise 3rd in the Nidaros Studio. It was celebrated with the release concert in the Great Hall of the Student Society in Trondheim in November.

In 2001 we repeated this success on Sildajazz. In addition, we held, among other concerts in any public schools around the country (Toneheim, Surnadal, Melhus). This year's highlight was the concert in the Great Hall under UKA-01 in the Student Society in Trondheim, on 25 October. Many we spoke with in retrospect, I remember the gaping our faces as we entered the scene and discovered that the hall was packed. A crazy night in a hall that was boiling with good mood.

In 2002, we received great applause and much praise when we gave a concert on the outdoor stage at Town Square in Molde in Molde Jazz. We also had an adventurous trip to Estoril in Portugal, but it was the participation of the jazz festival in Cork in Ireland, which was this year's big event. There, we held several student concerts, and we were opening act for the Harlem Gospel Choir in Cork Opera House. 2002 was also the year with a small revolution for the group. Our beloved bass, Yvind Ryen, had to quit, and in came our new foundation from now on, Vidar Johansen!

2003 was an eventful year. In addition to the corporate mission and concerts, we started with what we called Apes & Babes' educational project. Under the auspices of "the cultural schoolbag" We visited several schools in Trondheim during the year, where we held workshops and concerts with and for students. For all we know we were this year the world's largest a cappella group, when we under the Promenade Concert (opening of the UKA-03) performed Go West and We Are the World together with Trondheim and the Trondheim Student choir Student choir woman. Later we also had a concert hall at the Student Society, also started with the packed auditorium. We also participated in the program Kjempesjansen the BBC, but this summer's Ireland tour became the favorite activity. After a weekend in Dublin, where among other things warmed up for the Dublin Gospel Choir and had an unforgettable party with them afterwards, we went to Waterford and Spraoi Festival. There, we performed outdoor stage, pub and nightclub. 2003 was also the year that we became acquainted with the Danish Cathrine Sadolin singing teacher and her "complete singing technique, a technique that would eventually affect the group's development.

We started 2004 with the surprise to be on Olavshallen. February and March we used to play the CD in RAW in Nidaros studio with talented people on the team: Cathrine Sadolin was co-producer, Thomas Henry was the studio engineer and mixed several songs on the album. Here we got with Bill Hare and Paul Brekkas on the team. The spring consisted otherwise of concerts including Surnadal Inderoy and Oppdal, and May 15th we celebrated our 5-year anniversary with pomp and splendor and outdoor concert at the market square in Trondheim. In September it was time for the CD release on BLaeST in Trondheim. The rest of the fall, we spent a fantastic fun and a great tour in Norway: Oslo, Lillehammer, Norway, Brumunddal, Fredrikstad, Alesund, Kristiansund, Stavanger, Bergen and Austevoll. We finished the tour in Olav Hall venue by more than 800 satisfied audience in the auditorium.

In 2005 we expanded our offer to businesses to also consist of workshops, which worked very well. In February, we were a part of the grand opening of ISFiT. In the spring, we had concerts including in Oppdal and Oslo. Much of the summer and autumn were used to develop the folk music and world music repertoire ours. We collaborated with musicians Frode Fjellheim (yoik), Morten Michelsen (klezmer), Sunniva Hovde (Bulgarian folk music) and Jan Magne Forde (African music). New and old repertoire was tried out on a concert in Oslo, Trondheim and Skogn during November.

In 2006, further developed and refined our our world music repertoire further. In May we went to Aarhus and Aarhus Vocal Festival. Where we went out on top in the competition for vocal groups. In the autumn of 2006 we went on two small but successful tours in Norway and Denmark, and an extended tour in Norway 2007.

2008, mainly to work on the CD "Planet of apes & babes", but we did and the time to hold several concerts, participate in Celine Christmas CD as a "studio band" on A star shines in the night and work in the studio with Brazz Bros. .


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Apes & Babes : Planet Of

Review: Four young men and four young women formed their a cappella group apes&babes in Norway in 1999, thinking it would only be a small summer project, but it took off from the first tone. Enthusiastic audiences demanded more, and since then the eight singers have ridden their fiery energy, driving rhythms and musical playfulness to success in several festivals and memorable concerts throughout Norway. Now they are based in Chicago, and in addition to saying that we think they should seriously consider entering the Chicago Regionals of the Harmony Sweepstakes in 2010, we really like this group! They started out with the intention of pushing the a cappella envelope, to sing pop without instruments and still sound like a band-and they have created a fresh, richly harmonic unique sound with faux instruments and an infectious spirit that continues to delight audiences (and judges!). There are 12 songs here, many with Norwegian titles, but the songs spoke to us very clearly, whether we understood the words or not. "Bei mir bist du schon," is the U.S. hit from the Swing era sung in German and English; you might remember "La Cumparsita," sung in Spanish, as "Hernando's Hideaway;" "La Sagesse" (Women, I'm Calling You) is a powerful tribute to the wisdom of women, mostly sung in English; "Little Sparrow" is a traditional folk tune with a strong message, and the Bulgarian folk tune "Gankino Horo" recalls the Swingle Singers with its driving symphony of nonsense syllables. "Miseriou" is a traditional Greek folk dance, brought to us in several different "ape-styles" and "Nane Coha" is a popular song among the Romany people about a girl who is getting married, but alas, has no dress. "Tika Tiki Kardi" by the Iranian singer Arash Labaf, is a driving, dramatic deep-bass folk tune, and the opening song, "Villemann og Magnhild" is a medieval Norwegian ballad about trolls, heroes and love. A beautifully designed liner notes booklet gives us the stories behind the songs and all the lyrics. Great stuff, from beginning to end-don't miss your chance to take a walk on this very cool a cappella planet!

Songlist: Villemann og Magnhild, Gankino Horo, Vinyl-intermezzo, Miserlou, Bei mir bist du schon, Nane Coha, Tike Tike Kardi, Minnharpeslatt fra Sunndal, La Sagesse (Women, I'm Calling You), Little Sparrow, La Cumparsita, Basull (Su Ru Ruddi)

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