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The Musica Choir: Boy or Girl?

Greeting at the cross-roads
Boy or girl?
Mari's berries
Mari spoiled by the soldiers
What was it that me created?
Mourning for her birth
Greeting at the cross-roads
The groom's entourage sets off for the bridal manor
The groom's entourage arrives at the closed gate of the bridal manor
The groom will not alight until he has been greeted
The groom's entourage salutes the bride's home and asks after the bride
As the groom removes his gear, a choir of maidens salutes him and his entourage
The choir of maidens continues, asking how and by what way the groom's entourage found the bridal manor
The groom's entourage replies that they came along the Lord's highway, following the smell of beer from the bridal manor
The women in the groom's entourage tell the spokesman to purchase the groom the seat of honour at the table
The women sing a song of thanksgiving as the groom sits down at table
The choir of maidens wonders at what took the groom so long
The groom's spokesman, defending the groom, says the groom has visited his father's grave that morning
The Leader
The Service
The Wise
The Office
The Moral
The Collaboboration
The Tree of Knowledge
The Compasion
The Roundelay
Pakko, boy of wicked lineage
Would have frozen Ahti also
You have more than you can do
Go and do some magic freezing
And now I shall trace your lineage
Then you rode along the fences
Now that you have grown so big
To the way-back fields of Northland
In among the demon's coals
I'll take your mouth to summer's land
Let us make a firm agreement

Kostiainen conducts Kostiainen" discs was released in 2003. The Musica Choir recorded Kostiainen's suites for a mixed choir, partially based on Ingrian folklore lyrics (The Bridegroom's Arrival Songs 1- II and Mary's Story), some texts for the works are selected from the national epic Kalevala (The Tracing of Frost). On the disc there are also some humour Kostiainen likes to cultivate in his works i.e. The Satirical Suite to the lyrics by Lauri Viita.

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Choral | A Cappella | Mixed | Finland
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