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Northern European Choral Music Sheet Music Arrangements

A collection of sheet music and songbook arrangements of Northern European choral music.

Arrangements from Northern Europe - Belgium | Northern Europe | Scandinavia | The Netherlands

Songbooks, Arrangements and/or Media

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Josquin Desprez : Missa De beata : SATB : Songbook : 073999652765 : 48000761

Josquin Desprez : Missa De beata

Missa de Beata Virgine is a musical setting of the Ordinary of the Mass, by Renaissance composer Josquin des Prez. A late work, probably composed or assembled around 1510, it was the most popular of his masses in the 16th century. The Missa de Beata Virgine is unusual among Josquin's masses in that the first two movements are for four voices, and the last three for five, with the fifth voice derived canonically. Like most musical settings of the mass Ordinary, it is in five sections, or movements. It uses different plainsong chants for each movement, and is a paraphrase mass, one in which the original chants are elaborated, broken up, passed between voices, or sung in different voices simultaneously. The movements differ in their treatment of the source plainchant. The Kyrie has the chant in all voices, imitatively and paraphrased; the Gloria treats the chant as a cantus firmus, migrating it from voice to voice. Tonally, both movements end on G, and most of their cadences are on G or D. The Credo, the first movement for five voices, ends with a surprising Phrygian cadence on E, and uses canonic techniques more prominently than in the preceding movements.

Songlist: Missa De beata, Kyrie 1, Christe, Kyrie 2, Et in terra, Qui tollis, Cum Sancto, Credo sections, Sanctus, Pleni sunt caeli, Hosanna, Benedictus, Agnus Dei 1, Agnus Dei 2, Agnus Dei 3

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Voicing: SATB | 9603b | Songbook | $25.95 | A Cappella
Early Music Vocal Arrangements

Malle Babbe Women's Choir : Songs of Survival : SSAA : Sheet Music Collection

Malle Babbe Women's Choir : Songs of Survival

These pieces of music came into being in a prison camp on Sumatra. The initial idea was Norah Chambers, and Margaret Dryburgh and her worked on the various pieces. Some they did together and others individually, depending on how well we could remember the original pieces of music. The idea was to bring singers together - Dutch, British, Australian - about thirty in all, to make music to uplift us and perhaps to bring some beauty and sanity. The music was written on odd bits of paper, mostly in pencil, and written as small as possible to save paper. It was difficult at first to sing without words, what sound to make, the tempo and the color. The One sound not used was "AH." It was too throaty. We found the best sounds were "Ne, Le." When notes had to be sung together, as in "Morning Sun," the sixteenth notes were not broken, but sung legato. The sounds used were "Le," with the accent on the first note of the sixteenth notes, such as humming was used when there was a solo singer as undercurrent to the melody.

Songlist: Song of Survival Vol. 1, Song of Survival Vol. 2, Song of Survival Vol. 3, Song of Survival Vol. 4, Song of Survival Vol. 5, Song of Survival Vol. 6

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Voicing: SSAA | 9412b | Sheet Music Collection | $10.95 | A Cappella
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Orlando Lassus : Musica, Dei donum optimi : AATBBB : Sheet Music : 9780193868168 : 9780193868168

Orlando Lassus : Musica, Dei donum optimi

The setting was originally published in the year of Lassus' death (1594) and comes from his mature voice. Although it is economical in expression, it is rich and sonorous in sound and brought alive by the six-part counterpoint. It truly brings the text 'Music is a gift from God' to life.

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Voicing: AATBBB | 9636b | Sheet Music | $3.95 | A Cappella
Sacred Choral Arrangements

Paul J. Christiansen : Beautiful the Sky: Four Scandinavian Carols : SATB : Songbook : ED018838

Paul J. Christiansen : Beautiful the Sky: Four Scandinavian Carols

Beautiful the Sky is a collection of beloved Scandinavian Christmas anthems by Paul J. Christiansen, edited by his son Erik Christiansen. These gorgeous settings evoke a sense of their homeland and would stand as beautiful additions to your church's Christmas worship service or concert program. The texts are presented in both English and the original language.

Songlist: Christmas Comes Again, This Happy Christmas, Joyous Christmas Song, Oh, How Beautiful the Sky

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Voicing: SATB | 7805b | Songbook | $4.95 | A Cappella
Christmas World Music Arrangements

Various Arrangers : Scandinavian Folk Songs : SSAA : Sheet Music Collection

Various Arrangers : Scandinavian Folk Songs

Norway is a country rich in folk tradition, and in these piece, elements of folk dance and instrumental music are clearly represented. These tunes are fun, singable, and would fit perfectly on a program of multicultural music, or as a stand-alone on a concert of a more diverse nature. Complete IPA guide included. "The text exists merely to give form to the music and is meaningless," says Finnish composer Mantyjarvi, whose "El Hambo" in 1999 was an instant success with American high school choirs. In "Pseudo-Yoik" he takes a humorous look at the stereotype of the Lapland folk music. Fun stuff!

Songlist: Pseudo-Yoik, God Morgan Ola Reppom, Ned I Vester Soli Glader, Ekorn Gjekk pa Volln og Slo

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Voicing: SSAA | 8020b | Sheet Music Collection | $4.50 | A Cappella
Northern European Choral Arrangements

Individual Folios

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A Scandinavian Christmas : 2-Part : Nancy Grundahl : Sheet Music Collection : 08751314 : 884088483142

Nancy Grundahl : A Scandinavian Christmas

This delightful setting of three traditional folksongs reflects the joy of the holiday season in the midst of the cold, dark Scandinavian winter. The carols would be sung on Christmas Eve, when stars twinkle brightly in the sky and families and friends join hands and dance around the Christmas tree! An excellent addition to multicultural programs! Songs include two from Norway: Jeg er Så Glad, O Jul med din Glede, and one from Denmark: Deilig er den Himmel Blå. Opt. English lyrics also included. Duration: ca. 3:30.

Arranger: Nancy Grundahl | Country: Scandinavia

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Voicing: 2-Part | Sheet Music | $2.65 | With Piano |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| 08751314 | Christmas World Music Arrangements

All Is Full of Love : SATB : Bjork : Bjork : Sheet Music : 00250069 : 888680713690

Bjork : All Is Full of Love

As part of a tribute album to Bjork's native Iceland, this song is inspired by Icelandic mythology. This arrangement was created for a wedding and it is indeed a beautiful love song now with a lush SATB setting.

Composer: Bjork | Country: Iceland

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Voicing: SATB | Sheet Music | $2.10 |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| 00250069

Eatnemen Vuelie : SATB : Emily Crocker : Frode Fjellheim : Frozen : Sheet Music : 48023454 : 888680049461

Emily Crocker : Eatnemen Vuelie

Inspired by the traditional Sami yoik, a very old vocal tradition among the Sami people of Scandinavia and Russia, this beautiful music was used in the Disney animated film Frozen. Now available in several voicings, all choirs can now enjoy these works that are infused with style and ethnic authenticity that will bring a wonderful and unique sound to your choral concert.

Arranger: Emily Crocker | Composers: Frode Fjellheim and Robert Lopez | Country: Scandinavia | Musical: Frozen

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Voicing: SATB | Sheet Music | $2.75 | A Cappella |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| 48023454 | Digital Version Available
Other Voicings: SA, SAB, SAB, SA

From the Start : SATB : Michele Weir : Laufey : Sheet Music : 00-51241 : 038081582788

Michele Weir : From the Start

Icelandic singer-songwriter Laufey is known for fusing jazz with modern pop sensibilities. Here's her breakthrough bossa nova arranged with tight harmonies, a unison scat feature, and several optional solos. Be sure to listen to the original recording to study the smooth vocal style.

Arranger: Michele Weir Performed By: Laufey | Country: Iceland

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Voicing: SATB | Sheet Music | $2.35 |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| 00-51241
Other Voicings: SSA

Holdiridia : 3-Part Mixed : Traditional Swiss Folk Song : Traditional Swiss Folk Song : Sheet Music : 00-48298 : 038081551210

Traditional Swiss Folk Song : Holdiridia

This charming Swiss folk song evokes the sound of yodelers hiking the Alps. The arrangement makes splendid use of a multitude of choral textures, generously passing the melody between all voices in the process. A frothy and fun layered yodeling section in the middle helps build part-singing skills. A wonderful piece for teaching!

Composer: Traditional Swiss Folk Song | Country: Switzerland

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Voicing: 3-Part Mixed | Sheet Music | $2.05 |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| 00-48298 | Showtrax CD Available
Other Voicings: 2-Part

Pseudo-Yoik : SSAA : Jaakko Mantyjarvi : Jaakko Mantyjarvi : Sheet Music : W5047 : 073999493429

Jaakko Mantyjarvi : Pseudo-Yoik

The nonsense text exists merely to give form to the music and is meaningless. In Pseudo-Yoik the composer takes a humorous look at the stereotype of Lapland folk music.

Composer: Jaakko Mantyjarvi | Country: Belgium

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Voicing: SSAA | Sheet Music | $2.35 | A Cappella |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| W5047 | Humorous A Cappella Arrangements

Other Voicings: TTBB, SATB

Scandinavian Winter Fun : 2-Part : Marti Lunn Lantz : Sheet Music : 35019122 : 747510179559

Marti Lunn Lantz : Scandinavian Winter Fun

Beginning with Morning, this choral moves into the rollicking Hall of the Mountain King with equally fitting lyrics teaching the things and ways of the folks from Scandinavia. What a unique winter and holiday selection - classic songs with a multicultural twist creating a novel number for your concert. Lois and Marti have done it again!

Arranger: Marti Lunn Lantz | Country: Scandinavia

More details
Voicing: 2-Part | Sheet Music | $2.65 | With Piano |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| 35019122 | Christmas 2 part arrangements

Scandinavian Yuletide : Unison : Ruth Elaine Schram : Sheet Music : BL617

Ruth Elaine Schram : Scandinavian Yuletide

Scandanavian Yuletide is a festive partner song from Ruth Elaine Schram, based on a pair of Swedish and Danish carols. 1:59

Arranger: Ruth Elaine Schram | Country: Scandinavia

More details
Voicing: Unison | Sheet Music | $1.65 |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| BL617 | Partner Songs

Who Can Sail Without the Wind? : 2-Part : Sara Glick : Sara Glick : Sheet Music : 08301680 : 073999029352

Sara Glick : Who Can Sail Without the Wind?

From the Songs of the World series, this Scandinavian folksong is beautifully constructed and the accompaniment, with optional clarinet, is artfully solid. Scandinavian and English texts provided.

Composer: Sara Glick | Country: Scandinavia

More details
Voicing: 2-Part | Sheet Music | $3.25 | With Piano |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| 08301680

Who Can Sail? : SATB : Ginger Littleton : Sheet Music : 08748699 : 884088238919

Ginger Littleton : Who Can Sail?

A timeless Scandinavian folksong set for young mixed or treble voices with piano accompaniment. Wonderful lyrics, word painting, and easy harmonies will provide a meaningful concert experience. Selected and edited by young choir specialist, Darren Dailey. Available separately: SATB, 2-Part. Duration: ca. 2:25

Arranger: Ginger Littleton | Country: Scandinavia

More details
Voicing: SATB | Sheet Music | $1.70 | With Piano |
(Minimum order 4 copies)
| 08748699
Other Voicings: 2-Part

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