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Timothy Sharp
Precision Conducting: Achieving Choral Blend and Balance

The Essential Choral Tone

Achieving Balance

Achieving Blend

Interpretive Issues

Glossary of Terms

The Choral Singer's Guide to Good Vocal Production

Audition and Evaluation Materials

International Phonetic Alphabet Chart

"Sound" is the chemistry of musical sounds intended to culminate in the potential of not just sound, but beautiful sound; not just expression, but enhanced and beautiful expression. In the case of a choral ensemble, this sound ideal is the result of many important factors. Precision Conducting: Achieving Choral Blend and Balance presents a thorough yet practical discussion of these factors, which include determining the vocal classification and the physical placement of singers; techniques to achieve rhythmic precision, vowel unification and good intonation; and performance practice in each of the major historical periods. Each major focus area also includes short, targeted lists of Guiding Principles, Common Tendencies, and Problems and Suggested Solutions, along with tips for Problem Solving. A reproducible IPA Chart as well as Audition and Evaluation Materials are included, as is "The Choral Singer's Guide to Good Vocal Production," a handout for your choir members.

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