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Music by Paul McCartney

Originally Performed by The Beatles

"Blackbird" is a song by the Beatles, but performed as a solo effort by Paul McCartney, from their 1968 double album The Beatles (also known as "the White Album"). The song was written by McCartney, though credited to Lennon-McCartney. McCartney has stated that the lyrics of the song were inspired by the unfortunate state of race relations in the United States in the 1960s.

    Release Date: 1968

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Song NameArrangerArtistItem Title Format Voicing Trax
BlackbirdParis Rutherford BlackbirdSheet MusicSATBMORE DETAILS 
BlackbirdDaryl Runswick BlackbirdSheet MusicSATB divisiMORE DETAILS 
BlackbirdAudrey Snyder BlackbirdSheet MusicSABMORE DETAILSYes
BlackbirdAudrey Snyder BlackbirdSheet Music2-PartMORE DETAILSYes
BlackbirdMark Brymer BlackbirdSheet MusicSABMORE DETAILS 
BlackbirdMark Brymer BlackbirdSheet MusicSATBMORE DETAILS 
BlackbirdPhil Azelton Beachfront PropertyBeachfront Property 1 CDMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird ViBaFemBaForsta 1 CDMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird Princeton TigertonesA Night Out 1 CDMORE DETAILS 
BlackbirdGary Rosen Sixth WaveSixth Wave 1 CDMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird CanvasFinally 1 CDMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird PastichePastiche 1 CDMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird Pieces of 8Falling Together 1 CDMORE DETAILS 
BlackbirdDaryl Runswick King's SingersSix 1 CDMORE DETAILS 
BlackbirdSteve Saxon ClockworkTesseract 1 CDMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird Various ArtistsHarmony Sweepstakes 2006 1 CDMORE DETAILS 
BlackbirdDaryl Runswick Ensemble AmarcordAnd So It Goes 1 CDMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird RingmastersLive 1 CDMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird RealtimeTake 5 1 CDMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird WarblersGlee Presents The Warblers 1 CDMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird VoenaVoices of Dreams -15th Anniversary 1 CDMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird Various ArtistsHarmony Sweepstakes 25th Anniversary 2 CDsMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird King's SingersThe Best of 2 CDsMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird 139th St. QuartetCollection 3 CDsMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird GentsThe Gents in LoveSACDMORE DETAILS 
BlackbirdDaryl Runswick King's SingersEnsemble Singing CollectionSongbookSATBMORE DETAILS 
BlackbirdDaryl Runswick King's SingersLennon & McCartney ConnectionSongbookMixed 5-8 PartsMORE DETAILS 
BlackbirdDaryl Tunswick King's Singers40th Anniversary CollectionSongbookSATB divisiMORE DETAILS 
BlackbirdJonathan Wikeley Jonathan WikeleyJust Voices - The BeatlesSongbookSSA. / SATMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird Paul McCartneyOut There TourSongbookSoloMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird The BeatlesThe Songs of Lennon & McCartneySongbookSoloMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird British Federation of Young ChoirsJunior Choral Club Book 2Songbook & 1 CDMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird Bobby McFerrinSpontaneous InventionDVDMORE DETAILS 
BlackbirdDeke Sharon Deke SharonPop ClassicsSheet MusicSSAMORE DETAILS 
BlackbirdParis Rutherford Various ArrangersBeatles Songs for Male VoicesSheet MusicTTBBMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird The WarblersGlee - The MusicSongbookSoloMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird The BeatlesOriginal Keys for Singers - The BeatlesSongbookSoloMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird The BeatlesSelections from The Beatles Anthology, Volume 3SongbookMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird The BeatlesAcross the UniverseSongbookMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird The BeatlesThe Beatles LyricsSongbookMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird The BeatlesThe Complete Beatles Gift PackSongbookMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird The BeatlesBeatles Ballads - 2nd EditionSongbookMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird The BeatlesEssential Songs - The BeatlesSongbookMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird VariousAcross the UniverseSongbookMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird The BeatlesRain: A Tribute to the Beatles on BroadwaySongbookMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird The BeatlesBeatlemania 1967-1970 (Vol2)SongbookMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird The BeatlesThe Beatles Best - 2nd EditionSongbookMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird The BeatlesThe Beatles - Yellow Submarine/The White AlbumSongbookMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird The BeatlesThe Beatles Complete - Volume 1SongbookMORE DETAILS 
Blackbird Lennon & McCartneyPro Vocal - Volume 3Songbook & CDSoloMORE DETAILS 

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