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Arrangements for 2 voice parts

Sheet music arrangements for 2 voice parts

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Barrie Carson Turner : Little Voices - Film Songsnew

Review: Five fun favorites specially chosen and arranged in two-parts for young groups and choirs. A perfect introduction to part singing for young singing groups. The included CD contains complete vocal and piano demonstrations plus piano only accompaniments to each song.

Songlist: The Best Day Ever, Breaking Free, Hallelujah, I Believe I Can Fly, My Heart Will Go On

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2993b | Songbook & 1 CD | $12.95 | 2-Part || Musicals Harmony Arrangements | Little Voices

Jerry Estes : Pop Songs for Young Men's Chorusnew

Review: Young men will develop confidence and skill with this collection for men's chorus that spans the decades and is designed to give you lots of value with songs your choir will love to perform! Includes: I Lived (OneRepublic), I'm a Believer (The Monkees), My Cherie Amour (Stevie Wonder), Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash), Viva La Vida (Coldplay).

Songlist: Viva La Vida, I Lived, I'm A Believer, My Cherie Amour, Ring Of Fire

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4281b | Sheet Music | $3.95 | TB || Discovery Pop

Tim Minchin : Little Voices - Matilda the Musicalnew

Review: A modern day music theater phenomenon, Matilda The Musical is the multiple award-winning adaptation from Roald Dahl's classic children's novel from the Royal Shakespeare Festival. This book contains five songs from the show specially chosen and arranged in two-parts for young groups and choirs. A perfect introduction to part singing for young singing groups. The included CD contains complete vocal and piano demonstrations plus piano only accompaniments to each song.

Songlist: Naughty, School Song, When I Grow Up, My House, Revolting Children

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2994b | Songbook & 1 CD | $14.95 | 2-Part || Musicals Harmony Arrangements | Little Voices

Various Arrangers : Pop Songs for Young Male Voices Vol 2new

Review: "Barbara Ann" - Introduce your middle school men to the classic sound of the Beach Boys! Authentic sounding right down to the accompaniment, this well-crafted arrangement is unstoppable! "Poison Ivy" - This Discovery arrangement for men uses limited ranges great for developing choirs. Add some choreography and feature your men in your next concert! "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" - The #1 hit from 1964 by Manfred Mann is one of the most recognized songs of the era and will be a favorite for young men's choirs of today. Easily learned and a fantastic concert feature! "Jailhouse Rock" - The #1 hit for seven weeks in 1957, this Elvis Presley classic has been named one of Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Fun to learn and fun to perform, this arrangement is unstoppable!

Songlist: Barbara Ann, Poison Ivy, Do Wah Diddy Diddy, Everybody's Gone Surfin', Jailhouse Rock

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4233b | Sheet Music | $9.75 | TB || Discovery Series For Men

ABBA : Smash Hits - Vol 1

Review: One of the most successful pop acts of all time, ABBA first shot to fame in 1974 after winning the Eurovision Song Contest with 'Waterloo'. The three songs in this volume are among the best-known of all ABBA's many hits: 'Mamma Mia!' the title song to the popular musical; the poignant 'Super Trouper' with its reflections on some of the trials tribulations of life on the road; and 'Money, money, money' with its chromatic twists and catchy interludes. So dig out your platform shoes, dust down your flares and hit the concert platform with this collection of timeless chart-toppers from ABBA. If you are looking for straightforward and rewarding repertoire for your beginner choir, then you need look no further than Choral Basics - the perfect series for singers of all ages. These simple 2-part choral arrangements for soprano and alto voices make the series perfect for choirs. The rich array of repertoire is bound to be a hit with singers of all ages, and the technical abilities of choirs at this level have been taken into consideration. Straightforward and idiomatic piano accompaniments have been included and are designed to support the vocal lines, without putting pressure on staff with less developed keyboard skills. Choral Basics are great value for money providing a contrasted set of arrangements for any concert.

Songlist: Mamma Mia, Super Trouper, Money, Money, Money

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5725b | Songbook | $5.50 | SA |

ABBA : Smash Hits - Vol 2

Review: Another three timeless classics from one of the most successful pop acts of all time featuring Thank You For The Music, Fernando and their 1974 smash hit Waterloo. So dig out your platform shoes, dust down your flares and hit the concert platform with this collection of timeless chart-toppers from ABBA. If you are looking for straightforward and rewarding repertoire for your beginner choir, then you need look no further than Choral Basics - the perfect series for singers of all ages. These simple 2-part choral arrangements for soprano and alto voices make the series perfect for choirs. The rich array of repertoire is bound to be a hit with singers of all ages, and the technical abilities of choirs at this level have been taken into consideration.Straightforward and idiomatic piano accompaniments have been included and are designed to support the vocal lines, without putting pressure on staff with less developed keyboard skills.

Songlist: Thank You For The Music, Fernando, Waterloo

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5726b | Songbook | $5.50 | SA |

Anna Laura Page and Jean Anne Shafferman : The Gospel Sing-Along Songbook

Review: The Gospel Sing-Along Songbook is the first collection in our new anthem series for 2-part mixed voices, The Sacred Sing-Along Series. The Gospel Sing-Along Songbook includes 12 gospel classics, arranged in five easily-prepared medleys. With reproducible congregational songsheets included in the book, these medleys are great for congregational hymn sings and for praise worship. OR, use them as emergency anthems during the summer or throughout the year!

Songlist: In The Sweet Up Yonder, Medley of the Cross, Jesus, Have Thine Own Way, Stories of Jesus, Standing and Leaning

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7911b | Book & 1 CD | $14.95 | 2-Part || Sing Along Songbooks

Audrey Snyder : Sing on Sight - A Practical Choral Sight-Singing Course (for Unison / 2 - Part Treble Voices)

Review: 'Sing on Sight' is a comprehensive sight-singing method by Audrey Snyder. Volume One assumes no previous experience and begins with simple rhythm practice, and then proceeds step-by-step to full, choral sight-singing. Exercises are written so that two or more lines may be sung simultaneously, so students gain sight-singing independence and develop their part-singing skills. With just a few minutes a day, 'Sing on Sight' can help your choirs learn to read music and have fun in the process

Songlist: How to Use this Book and CD, Rhythm and Pitch Concepts, Teaching Sequences, Checklist for Success, Options for Enrichment and Motivation, The Beat: Quarter Note and Quarter Rest, Barline and Measure / Repeat Sign, Half Note and Half Rest, Time Signature: 4/4 Meter, The Staff / Treble Clef and Bass Clef / The Grand Staff, Introducing and Practicing with Do Re Mi, Ritard, Song: Daydream, Eighth Notes, Introducing and Practicing with Fa and Sol, Beginning on Pitches other than Do, Sight-Singing in Parts, Song: Come on Everybody, Introducing and Practicing with La Ti and high Do, Dotted Half Note, Time Signature: 3/4 Meter, Down the Scale from Do - Lower Neighbors, Sight-singing in Two Parts, The F Major Tonic Chord / Sight-singing skips with the F Major Tonic Chord, The Scale / The Key / Key Signature, Mixing it Up - Sight-singing Skips and Steps in F Major, Song: In the Distance, Intervals: Whole and Half Step / Major and Minor Scale Patterns, Sight-singing in D Minor / D Minor Tonic Chord / Sight-singing Skips in D Minor, Song: This Winter Night, and more

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6594b | Songbook | $24.95 | Treble || Sightsinging Material

Barrie Carson Turner : Little Voices -

Review: Five fun favorites specially chosen and arranged in two-parts for young groups and choirs. A perfect introduction to part singing for young singing groups.

Songlist: Chiquitita, Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, Super Trooper, Thank You For The Music

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2989b | Songbook | $11.95 | 2-Part || Little Voices

Barrie Carson Turner : Little Voices - Ballads

Review: Five fun favorites specially chosen and arranged in two-parts for young groups and choirs. A perfect introduction to part singing for young singing groups.

Songlist: Angels, Can You Feel The Love Tonight?, Dear Jessie, When You Believe, You Raise Me Up

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2991b | Songbook | $11.95 | 2-Part || Little Voices

Barrie Carson Turner : Little Voices - Classic Pops

Review: Five fun favorites specially chosen and arranged in two-parts for young groups and choirs. A perfect introduction to part singing for young singing groups.

Songlist: I Have A Dream, Mr Blue Sky, Morning Has Broken, Nowhere Man, Wouldn't It Be Nice

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2990b | Songbook | $11.95 | 2-Part || Little Voices

Barrie Carson Turner : Little Voices - Film Musicals

Review: Five fun favorites specially chosen and arranged in two-parts for young groups and choirs. A perfect introduction to part singing for young singing groups. The included CD contains complete vocal and piano demonstrations plus piano only accompaniments to each song.

Songlist: My Favorite Things, Over The Rainbow, Pure Imagination, Singin' In The Rain , Truly Scrumptious

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2992b | Songbook & 1 CD | $14.95 | 2-Part || Musicals Harmony Arrangements | Little Voices

Barrie Carson Turner : Little Voices - Folk Songs

Review: Five beautiful melodies specially chosen and arranged in two-parts for young groups and choirs. A perfect introduction to part singing for young singing groups. The included CD contains complete vocal and piano demonstrations plus piano only accompaniments to each song.

Songlist: A-Roving, Bonny Mary of Argyle, Early One Morning, The Minstrel Boy, The Salley Gardens

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2996b | Songbook & 1 CD | $12.95 | 2-Part || Little Voices

Barrie Carson Turner : Little Voices - Show Tunes

Review: Little Voices - Show Tunes brings together five fun musical songs specially selected and arranged for young groups and choirs.

Songlist: Bad Guys, Food, Glorious Food, Joseph's Dreams, The Rhythm of Life, Hakuna Matata

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2988b | Songbook | $11.95 | 2-Part || Little Voices

Barry Rose : High Praise: A Book Of Anthems For Upper-Voice Choirs

Review: A splendid collection of Anthems, edited for upper-voices by Barry Rose. In total there are twenty-eight pieces - eight published for the first time - including a set of Preces and Responses and a setting of the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis. This is a really useful resource for choirs that sing Services.

Songlist: The Blessed Virgin's Cradle Song, Praise The Lord, Exult, And Now Another Day Is Gone, Give Us The Wings Of Faith, Examine Me, O Lord, A Cradle Song, My Song Is In Sighing, Light of the World, Preces and Responses, O Bone Jesu, I Will Worship, Ave Verum Corpus - Jesu, Word Of God Incarnate, Behold, Now, Praise The Lord, As I Outrode This Enderes Night, Prevent Us, O Lord, Risen Lord, Christ, Whose Glory Fills The Skies, O Magnum Mysterium, The Lamb, Make Me A Light, Mater Ora Filium, Magnificat and Nunc Domittis

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5115b | Songbook | $17.95 | SA Treble || Treble Voice Arrangements

Bob Chilcott : Five Songs For Upper Voice

Review: This exciting and accessible collection for upper voices (scored for SA choir and piano) features five brand-new songs by celebrated choral composer Bob Chilcott. Drawing on five very different texts, Chilcott guides the voices through a number of styles and moods; the songs include the rousing 'All for Love of One', gentle 'The Truth is Great', and thought-provoking 'All things pass'. The central song, 'Circles of Motion', is a fervent and positive setting of Joy Harjo's well-known 'Eagle Poem', and the collection is completed by the funky 'Red Boots On', which uses jazzy rhythms and harmonies to bring Kit Wright's text alive. This is Chilcott at his very best - a welcome addition to the repertoire of any upper-voice choir.

Songlist: All For Love of One, The Truth Is Great, Circles of Motion, All Things Pass, Red Boots On

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7070b | Songbook | $6.95 | SA Treble || Treble Voice Arrangements | Bob Chilcott

Charles Beale : Disco Classics

Review: This collection was devised in celebration of the fantastic, sequin-encrusted world that was the 1970s. Not only well-written songs in their own right, full of musical nuance, pacing and drama, these are also some of the most well-known recordings in popular music - and great fun! The Bee Gees 1979 hit Tragedy, is a sophisticated piece of pop music, with carefully thought-out melodies, key changes and dynamics. The Weather Girls 1982 hit of It's Raining Men is a big-voice number and an enduring comp classic. Y.M.C.A. was also a 1979 hit, and performed by the novelty group, Village People. This arrangement is features a percussion breakdown and some textural effects to create a more substantial concert closer or encore. With piano.

Songlist: Tragedy, It's Raining Men, Y.M.C.A.

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5723b | Songbook | $5.50 | SA |

Charles Beale : Frankly Speaking - Three Classic Frank Sinatra Hits

Review: Frank Sinatra was a showbiz legend - famous not just for singing but also for acting, appearing in over 50 films, winning an Academy Award for his portrayal of Maggio in From Here to Eternity. This collection represents three of his most popular and iconic hits. "I've Got You Under My Skin" was written by Cole Porter. It became a signature song for Sinatra and was one of the most requested songs at his concerts. "The Lady is a Tramp" has become a stand-alone classic for many, not least Sinatra. Recorded in 1979, Sinatra's version of the "Theme from New York, New York" became one of his most popular closers. With piano.

Songlist: I've Got You Under My Skin, The Lady is a Tramp, Theme from New York, New York

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5720b | Songbook | $5.50 | SA |

Charles Follett : Library of Songs For Male Voices - Book 1

Review: A reprint of this classic book of interesting arrangements for younger male voices. A great introduction to part singing. Piano accompaniment.

Songlist: Babylon's Falling, But The Lord is Mindful of His Own, Dedication, Come, All Ye Shepherds, Donkey Riding, Early One Morning, Eight Bells, Hello! My Baby, I've Been Working on the Railroad, A Long Time Ago, My Wild Irish Rose, Night-Herding Song, Prayer, Sourwood Mountain, Vive L'Amour, There Was A bee, The Yellow Rose of Texas

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7293b | Songbook | $7.95 | TB |

Cheryl Lavender : World Partners - Multicultural Collection of Partner Songs and Canons

Review: Calling all world brothers and sisters! Travel our musical globe with WORLD PARTNERS! Like the patches of a family quilt, the folk songs of the world's children tell their stories. Arranged by master music educator, Cheryl Lavender, the twelve "patches" in this collection are shared with the hope that global cultures and traditions might be better understood and celebrated by our world siblings and ultimately come together into the "quilt of humanity." For instantly successful and "can-do" harmonies, these kid-tested folk songs are arranged with catchy, original partner songs and canons. Adaptable for classroom or concert, all songs are reproducible and include piano/vocal arrangements, teaching tips and reproducible songsheets with phonetic pronunciations. For a richer performance opportunity, many songs feature Orff and percussion parts, as well as easy-to-learn folk dances. For added value, there are teaching objectives linked to the National Standards for each song!

Songlist: A La Nanita Nana , Arirang, Come Dance A Jig , Havah Nagilah, Le Carillon, Light A Candle For Peace, The Piper O' Dundee, Sarasponda, Tarantella, Tina Singu (Sing It!), Vo Luzern Uf Weggis Zu, Vo Luzern Uf Weggis Zu

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9676b | Songbook | $24.95 | 2-Part || Partner Songs

Cristi Cary Miller : Mary Poppins

Review: Surely one of the greatest Disney musicals ever! Cristi Cary Miller does a wonderful job with clever and accessible arrangements of these classic songs that your kids (and their parents!) will love. The happy-go-lucky melody of "Let's Go Fly a Kite" is a sprightly salute to spring! The fun never stops with the light-hearted "I Love to Laugh". It's a smile-a-minute! Show off your best diction with this delightful arrangement of the favorite "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" that's just right for younger singers.

Songlist: Feed the Birds, A Spoonful of Sugar, Chim Chim Cher-ee, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, I Love to Laugh, Let's Go Fly a Kite, Step in Time

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7424b | Sheet Music | $12.95 | 2-Part || Musicals Harmony Arrangements | Youth Sings Out

Go Fish : I've Got The Joy

Review: These fantastically fun and outrageously cool arrangements from the wildly popular Go Fish guys are now available for your kids choir! We've taken ten favorite Go Fish songs, put them in kid-friendly keys, and recreated the arrangements exactly as Go Fish recorded them with one important distinction... we left just the simple melodies to be sung by your kids! Not only will your choir have a blast singing these songs, they are guaranteed crowd pleasers! Your kids will shine as they sing out the melody of each song while the recorded background vocal track handles all the contemporary licks, loops and pop styling's you've come to expect from this amazing vocal group! And best of all, the songs are chock full of great spiritual truth and encouragement for your kids. We guarantee your choir has never sung songs like these before, but they'll want to sing them over and over again! So what are you waiting for?

Songlist: I've Got the Joy, Be That Way, Alleluia, Love Like This, Saved, Jesus Loves Me, The Ten Commandment Boogie, The B-I-B-L-E, Lord, I Lift Your Name on High, You Are Mine

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7344b | Songbook | $8.95 | 2 Parts Unison | A Cappella || Companion CD Available

Go Fish : Let's Sing

Review: Ten brand new arrangements featuring songs from the critically acclaimed Go Fish albums Snazzy, Superstar, and Splash! This is the songbook of the "Let's Sing" DVD, used in the "Backstage With The Bible" Vacation Bible School curriculum. Featuring all ten songs from the DVD in sheet music format.

Songlist: Superstar, Lord I Lift Your Name On High, The Bible Book Bop, Stories, The Ten Commandment Boogie, B-I-B-L-E (Backstage Remix), Jesus Loves Me, Saved, I've Got The Joy, That Acappella Sound

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2857b | Songbook | $24.95 | 2-Part | A Cappella |

Greg Gilpin : Let The Men Sing!

Review: Let The Men Sing! is a new reproducible collection of chorals for tenor and baritone voices by Greg Gilpin. Folk songs, holiday music, madrigals, Latin settings, inspirational songs, and patriotic themes fill this 10-song collection. A budget-stretcher, the kit includes an Enhanced Studio Trax CD with accompaniment and performance tracks, as well as reproducible PDFs of the men's vocal parts, a poster, choreography, American Sign Language (1), instrument pages, cover art, information about the composer, and a program. Whether you have 10 or 100 male singers, this must-have collection will keep you on a budget while supplying your program with excellent choral literature for your young male singers for many years to come.

Songlist: Gloria Alleluia, Music's Echo, Keep on Following the Star, Danny Boy, Cohan's Big Three, A Lyric Adramus Te, Swing Down, Chariot, My Wild Irish Rose, A Wreath Of Carols, Why We Sing

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5011b | Songbook & 1 CD | $49.95 | TB |

Greg Gilpin : Sing and Dance Around the World

Review: Have fun traveling around the world with this collection of fun-to-sing unison folk song arrangements and easy-to-teach folk dances from nine diverse countries. All pages are reproducible and each unit includes a page of fun and interesting facts about the country, its people and traditions, as well as a related activity that teaches a music concept. The included CD provides performance and accompaniment versions of the song to help facilitate both dancing and singing in your classroom.

Songlist: United States Hawaii - Hukilau, Italy - Tarantella, Canada Quebec - Les Saluts, Israel - Hora, Indonesia - Urla Naga, Japan - Tanko Bushi, Ghana - Rhythm of the Highlife, Greece -, Germany -

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5698b | Songbook & 1 CD | $29.95 | 2 Parts Unison || Unison Voices

Greg Gilpin : Songs for 2 Parts

Review: This arrangement of "Kyrie/Kum Ba Ya" can be used for many voicing combinations. Cue-sized notes are included to create other voicing possibilities from this two-part mixed arrangement. Sung a cappella, Kyrie/Kum Ba Ya joins the beautiful simplicity of chant using traditional Latin text with the well-knownl African folk song Kum Ba Ya. Greg Gilpin's original gospel chorals are solid-gold. "Keep on Following the Star" is no exception. His new original work for Christmas begins with an infectious chorus full of gospel harmonies and style. The verses are sung with an optional solo above gospel "oo's." Verse and chorus are repetitive, allowing for quick learning. Add a key change, followed by a hot a cappella with hand claps section, finish with a rousing ending and you've got a new hit for your concert this December. "Think On Me" - Never has this art song by Alicia Ann Scott sounded so beautiful and chorally arranged so effectively than now. Heart-wrenching harmonies interpret the touching text and the almost hymn-like pianissimo, a cappella verse adds to the dynamic touches that build in the last refrain and fade away with the last lyric. A choral that will teach your students expression. There are so many options for "All Through The Night" by Greg Gilpin. Optional lyrics also make it suitable for general use. The traditional lyrics are set to new music with a soft calypso feel. The piece may be sung a cappella or with optional piano accompaniment with the addition of low and high hand-drum parts. Simple part writing, solos, and several key changes create a work that will be easy to learn and fun to practice and perform. Choirs of all ages will enjoy this one!

Songlist: Kyrie/Kum Ba Ya, Keep On Following The Star, Think On Me, All Through The Night

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8097b | Sheet Music | $6.50 | 2-Part | A Cappella |

Gyorgy Ligeti : Songs from Matraszentimr Dalok

Review: A collection of Hungarian folk songs for unaccompanied upper voice choir.

Songlist: Harom hordo, Igaz szerelem, Gomb, gomb, Erdobe, erdobe

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7376b | Songbook | $4.95 | SA treble | A Cappella || Eastern European Choral Arrangements | Gyorgy Ligeti

Jill and Michael Gallina : Portraits of America

Review: Portraits of America is a collection of eight 2-part choral arrangements with piano accompaniment that celebrate patriotism and spreading a sense of peace, harmony and tolerance throughout the world. Three of the chorals, Land That We Love, Hands 'Cross the Ocean and You're a Grand Old Flag, are arranged as traditional partner songs. Whether celebrating a patriotic holiday such as Veterans' Day, the 4th of July, or selecting music appropriate for concerts for World Peace and Unity, any of these engaging choral works will perfectly augment your commemorative program. Performance/Accompaniment audio recordings and singer PDFs are included via digital download. Songs include: The Promise of America, Land That We Love, All American, Lady of Liberty, You're a Grand Old Flag, Hands 'Cross the Ocean, The Colors of America, Child of the World. Suggested for grades 4-8.

Songlist: Child Of The World, You're A Grand Old Flag, All American, The Colors Of America, Hands 'Cross The Ocean, Land That We Love, The Promise Of America, Lady Of Liberty

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4255b | Songbook & Online Audio | $59.95 | 2-Part |

Jill and Michael Gallina : Tunes for Two the Whole Year Through

Review: Tunes for Two the Whole Year Through is a versatile collection from Jill and Michael Gallina of their best-selling partner song chorals. A perfect way to present the major holidays that occur during the school year, each of the themed songs can be used successfully as classroom lessons or as stand-alone chorals for concerts and performances. Use with any 2-part mixed voice choir of any age or size including elementary or middle school singers, community choirs or senior citizen choruses. This budget-stretching Classroom Kit contains a 2-part collection as well as an Enhanced StudioTrax CD that includes accompaniment and performance tracks, reproducible singer's parts, poster, program, clip art, and composers' info. A BONUS linking and rhyming script gives the opportunity to stage short revue-style performances making this an indispensable partner song collection for your choral or general music library! For Grades 3-6.

Songlist: Boo! & Halloween Is Here, Christopher Columbus & Let's Go Sailing, Happy Holidays, I'll Give You My Heart & Valentine's Day, Presidents On Parade, A Round 'Bout Winter, Sing To Martin Luther King, Spin, Spin, Spin, A Spring Go 'Round, You're A Grand Old Flag

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5680b | Songbook & 2 CD | $47.95 | 2-Part || Partner Songs

Jill Gallina : For The Boys - A Collection of Songs for Boys' Voices

Review: This collection of songs is designed to give you a special selection of repertoire your boys will want to sing. The arrangements are creative and singable and are super appealing. It includes lesson materials to make this more than just a performance collection.

Songlist: The Boatman Dance, Buffalo Gals, Casey Jones, The Drunken Sailor, The Erie Canal, Funiculi, Funicula, John Henry, Oh! How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning, Paddy Works on the Railway, Sweet Betsy from Pike, Strategies for Teaching

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7291b | Songbook | $8.95 | 2-Part |

Jill Gallina : Partners in Spirit

Review: Enrich your school or church music program with this wonderful collection of well-known spirituals and fresh gospel music. It contains eight creative, singable, easy-to-teach arrangements of traditional spirituals and gospel music paired with original music from partner song composer and arranger, Jill Gallina. Present these songs separately any time during the year, or together for a complete concert program for your school or church. The partner songs are wonderful teaching tools, helping your choir members to grow musically by teaching independent part-singing for verses one and two and then combining the parts in verse three for successful partner singing. The kit contains the reproducible singers' parts with piano accompaniment and a StudioTrax CD that includes accompaniment and performance tracks. Grades 2-6.

Songlist: He's Got the Whole World, Joshua Fit The Battle, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Standin' in the Need Of Prayer, O, Them Golden Slippers, I Got Shoes, Who Did Swallow Jonah?, Ezekiel Saw de Wheel

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9677b | Songbook & 1 CD | $24.95 | 2-Part || Partner Songs

John Jacobson : Patriotic Partners

Review: Let your patriotic pride shine and develop independent 2-part singing for a winning partnership! John Jacobson and Tom Anderson have partnered up new creative lyrics and singable melodies with patriotic favorites in this spirited collection you will use again and again. Young singers will learn each melody separately, and then sing them together for instant harmonic fun. Watch the excitement grow! The Teacher Edition offers piano/vocal arrangements with choreography, and, for added value, reproducible vocal sheets and teaching objectives linked to the National Standards for each song. Stretch your budget dollars further with the Classroom Kit and receive the Teacher Edition and an ENHANCED CD with performance and accompaniment song tracks, plus PDFs of singer songsheets for projection options! Don't miss this winning collection of spirited originals partnered with patriotic favorites 3-6.

Songlist: America, America For Me, America, The Beautiful, Down By The Riverside, Give Love, Have You Ever Seen A Yankee Doodle?, Hip Hop Hooray For The U.S.A., Home Sweet Home, I Love America, I Love That Grand Old Flag, Let Freedom Ring, Simple Gifts, There's A Light, Three Cheers For America, Yankee Doodle Boy, You're A Grand Old Flag

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9679b | Songbook & 1 CD | $19.95 | 2-Part || Partner Songs

Joyce Eilers : The Beginning Part-Singer Vol 1 & 2

Review: Master writer for young voices, Joyce Eilers has designed a special series for choirs ready to begin part-singing! Filled with Joyce's carefully developed techniques and suggestions, this collection of five best-selling chorals will motivate your choir and help them achieve a successful first experience. In Volume II, Joyce Eilers reinforces the necessary criteria for choosing music for the young singer and shows how to make adjustments as the choir gains in maturity and musical experience. This valuable resource includes five best-selling chorals along with Joyce's helpful suggestions and teaching tips. This collection is sure to produce immediate success with your choir!

Songlist: America The Beautiful, The Pirate Song, Tiki Chant, My America, Glendy Burke, The Legend of the Bells, Down By The Riverside, Go For It!, Dreamer with Liberty and Justice For All

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7836b | Songbook | $6.95 | 2-Part |

Kari Ala-Pollanen : Negro Spirituals for SA Chorus

Review: Finnish choral conductor and composer Kari Ala-Pollanen is the director of the acclaimed Tapiola Choir in Finland and is highly regarded thruout Europe. Here is a collection of her arrangements of Negro spirituals for SA chorus.

Songlist: Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit , Standin' in the Need of Prayer, Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child , By an' By, Mary Had a Baby, Little David, Babylon's Fallin'.

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9653b | Songbook | $8.95 | 2-Part | A Cappella |

Kevin Stannard : Junior Voiceworks 1 - 33 Songs for Children

Review: Junior Voiceworks 1 is a wonderful collection of songs for children. Presenting 33 singable songs, from simple unison to 2 and 3 part, this is a fabulous and accessible resource to motivate and energize young singers. With a CD and supporting teaching notes, Junior Voiceworks 1 is a complete handbook for singing for all teachers and choir leaders.

Songlist: Chant It And Sing, Exploring Two-Part Harmony, Around And Around, Unison Songs, Challenging Songs

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9558b | Songbook & 1 CD | $49.95 | Unison || Teaching Kids To Sing | Voiceworks

Kirby Shaw : Junior Jazz - Beginning Steps to Singing Jazz

Review: This is what you've been waiting for! Introduce your young singers to the basics of vocal jazz with nine original songs illustrating a specific jazz concept. With educator notes included, this is an excellent introduction to an original American art form. Kirby Shaw helps kids learn more about vocal jazz in this easy-to-sing and educational collection. Each original song focuses on a different aspect of jazz singing.

Songlist: Blues, Blues , Blues, Riff City, Inflections, Blue Notes, Scat Like That, Jump, Jive and Jam!, Schoolhouse Blues, A La Mode

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7423b | Songbook | $8.75 | 2-Part || Vocal Jazz Instructional

Larry Pugh : Just for the Guys

Review: If you are looking for quality repertoire to promote and nurture your emerging male chorus, then you have found the right place! Heritage Music Press is proud to present a new TB choral collection-yes, never before released titles for two-part male voices - comprised of nine great titles from top-level writers Andre J. Thomas, Ruth Elaine Schram, Victor C. Johnson, Mary Lynn Lightfoot, Becki Slagle Mayo, Greg Gilpin, and Brad Printz. Together, they've provided a remarkably fresh diversity of musical styles and tempi, as well as a well-rounded mix of arrangements and original compositions. The title is "Just for the Guys," and it appears in a new choral collection format that includes reproducible choral parts and an accompaniment CD. At a cost of about $5 per tune for your entire choir, no matter its size ,this collection is both a great value and a great repertoire resource..."Just for the Guys!"

Songlist: I Hear America Singing, Hold Fast Your Dreams!, Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho, Agnus Dei, Tiger! Tiger!, Fly High, You Grand Old Flag, Cantate Deo, The River Sleeps Beneath the Sky, Zum Gali Gali

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7331b | Songbook & 1 CD | $44.95 | TB || Male Voice Arrangements

Laura Farnell : Hello Girls - Five Songs for Treble Chorus

Review: This collection of five short songs for 2-part treble chorus was specifically created to provide traditional concert literature for beginning and developing ensembles. Careful attention is given to the needs of the young treble voice, along with good part-writing and appealing subject matter. Songs may be sung a cappella or accompanied, making this especially good for contest programming.

Songlist: Goodnight, My Love, Hello, Girls, Oh, Mother Dear, Voice Of The Sea, Wind Of The Western Sea

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9673b | Songbook | $2.95 | 2-Part | A Cappella |

Margaret Hamilton : Sing Freedom!

Review: Margaret Hamilton. This unique collection of songs from South Africa contains 35 songs of the people, performed in churches, workplaces and at gatherings. This book provides the first opportunity for churches, schools and colleges to perform these wonderful songs of liberation and Christian praise. Transcribed and introduced, including performance notes, by Maggie Hamilton and written for unaccompanied voices with guitar symbols for use with unison or two-part singing. The simplicity of many of the tunes and remaining parts makes them suitable for playing on glockenspiels, recorders or other melodic instruments. Published by Novello in association with Christian Aid. Foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Songlist: Nkosi Sikelel'i Afrika (Lord Bless Africa), Inzima Lendleha (This Road is Heavy, Uthando Lwakhe (God's Love), Thuma Mina (Send Me), Tumelo Yaka ha Nkeke ka e Lathla (My Faith, I Will Never Lose It), Abasunda Nabamhlope (Blacks and Whites), Thula Sizwe (Be Silent, Nation), Tshollela Moya wa Hao, Jesu ( Pour Down Your Spirit, Lord), Hamba Vangeli (Spread the Word), Monateng Kapele (In Joy We Will Be Together), Say'ilim' Ingqolowa (We Are Ploughing Wheat), Lerato la Jeso le a Makatsa (The Love of Jesus is Wonderful), Siku rin Gwana (One Day), Ehlatin'e Lusaka (In Lusaka Bush), Studente sal Nooit Verloor (Students Will Never Lose), Stop Killing Our Children

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5034b | Songbook | $19.95 | 2 Parts Unison |

Mary Donnelly and George L. O. Strid : Partners

Review: Time and time again, partner songs have proven to be one of the best ways to start your young singers on their way to successful 2-part singing. This fun-filled collection provides a wide variety of accessible music for concerts all year long.

Songlist: America, Of Thee I Sing! ("America, the Beautiful") , A Distant Shore ("The Water Is Wide"), Off to the Races ("Camptown Races"), On the Railroad ("I've Been Workin' on the Railroad") , Sleep, My Child ("All Through the Night"), Snow Is Falling Still ("Still, Still, Still"), Some Folks Do ("Some Folks"), Song of Peace ("Dona Nobis Pacem"), Tell the News! ("Go Tell It on the Mountain"), A Winter Carol ("The Huron Carol")

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9680b | Songbook | $29.95 | 2-Part || Partner Songs

Mary Kay Beall : The Sunday Choir Kit

Review: Hymn Arrangements and Worship Resources Ready in One Rehearsal. Worship Materials by Mary Kay Beall. The Sunday Choir Kit contains fresh hymn arrangements and creative worship resources ready when you need them most...slim Sundays, summer months, special services, bad-weather Sundays, or times when attendance is low or rehearsal time is at a premium. The kit is also a great resource for smaller choirs for use any time. Each Kit contains 10 choral books, reproducible sheets containing spoken calls to worship and music involving congregation, performance suggestions and a performance/accompaniment cassette. Available: 2-Part Mixed, Complete Kit, Preview Cassette, Preview Pak.

Songlist: He Hideth My Soul, Amazing Grace, When Morning Gilds The Skies, Come, Thou Fount Of Every Blessing, Beneath The Cross Of Jesus, Come, Christians, Join To Sing

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4238b | Songbook | $3.95 | 2-Part |

Mary Lynn Lightfoot : In Concert! For Two-Part Choirs

Review: Best selling repertoire in a practical voicing makes up this economical, pragmatic new collection. The nine selections by leading composers offer a wide spectrum of styles and moods. All are designed to challenge and expand the ability and versatility of the choir, energize singers, and entertain audiences - and at half the cost of separate octavos.

Songlist: Sing for Joy!, Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho, Where Do the Stars Go?, Jubilate Deo, Haru Ga Kita (Spring Has Come), Ja-Da, Sanctus, America, the Free, Inscription of Hope

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7079b | Songbook | $8.95 | 2-Part |

Mary Lynn Lightfoot (editor) : Singable Solutions for TB Choirs

Review: Your numerous requests for an accessible and practical TB collection have now been answered! Whether your guys are scheduled separately, or you offer a TB choir as part of your middle school, junior high or smaller high school choral program, we are delighted to present these creative solutions to meet your repertoire needs. The eight selections are in a variety of styles, and possess musical integrity and educational value. Some are brand new, and the rest have been excellent sellers as individual octavos. Now available in this outstanding collection for about half the cost than if purchased separately-a welcome budget stretcher for your program. We are confident that you will enjoy these singable solutions for your concerts-and your budget!

Songlist: A Jubilant Gloria, Down in the Valley, Charlottown, Jubilate Deo, Now Let Me Fly, Music of the Sea, What Do We Plant?, American Folk Rhapsody

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8107b | Songbook | $8.95 | TB || Christmas 2 part arrangements | Companion CD Available

Mary Val Marsh : Partners in Song

Review: Teaching children to sing in parts and with different voices - instruments or vocal - can be a challenge. These traditional pieces, combined with original descants and second parts written by Mary Val Marsh are the perfect way to allow students to learn while they have fun. This collection offers titles for almost every occasion from Patriotic to Holiday to traditional standards that every child should know. Also included in this collection are teaching suggestions and comments by the writer that give each piece a little extra for learning and performing. This is a resource that will become a standard!

Songlist: America, Angels we Have Heard on High, Caroling Song, Columbia, The Gem of the Ocean, Deck the Halls, Harvest Hymn, Little David, Play on Your Harp, Mary Ann, My Lord, What a Morning, Sanctus, Silent Night, Spring Walk

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7446b | Songbook | $3.95 | 2-Part || Partner Songs

Michael Jackson : Smash Hits! Vol 1

Review: It is difficult to overstate the impact that Michael Jackson has had upon popular culture. This collection runs in chronological order and spans the illustrious career from the self-proclaimed King of Pop. Celebrate Jackson's brilliance as a vocal performer and songwriter, and get chance to get stuck into three iconic songs - ABC, I'll Be There and Billie Jean. If you are looking for straightforward and rewarding repertoire for your beginner choir, then you need look no further than Faber Music's Choral Basics the perfect series for singers of all ages. The simple 3-part choral arrangements for soprano, alto and a combined part for men's voices make the series perfect for choirs with a dearth of males or whose male singers have unstable or changing voices. The rich array of repertoire is bound to be a hit with younger singers and the technical abilities of choirs at this level have been taken into consideration. Straightforward and idiomatic piano accompaniments have been included and are designed to support the vocal lines, without putting pressure on staff with less developed keyboard skills. With piano.

Songlist: ABC, I'll Be There, Billie Jean

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5721b | Songbook | $5.50 | SA |

Natalie Sleeth : Let The Children Sing!

Review: Natalie Sleeth was without a doubt the most consistantly successful composer of anthems for children of the late twentieth century. Always singable, always with musical integrity, her music is the living legacy of her belief that music for children should be "something worth singing and something worth singing about." Let the Children Sing! is apt evidence of that credo. These six anthems were originally designed for two-part treble choirs, but suggestions for successful renditions with unison choirs have been added so that the music may be accessible to a broader age range. Now, Let the Children Sing!

Songlist: Come Let Us Sing, Lord, Make Us Worthy, It's All In The Hands of God, The Kingdom of the Lord , Noel, Noel, A Boy Is Born, Let All The World Be Glad And Sing

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7091b | Songbook | $6.95 | 2 Parts Unison |

Robert Sterling : The Ultimate Youth Choir Book Vol 1

Review: This compilation of easy-to-sing, 2-part/SA(T)B arrangements will make any youth choir sound great and feel successful. The Ultimate Youth Choir Book, Vol. 1 contains 20 songs, along with dramas and student devotionals, creating a multipurpose resource book. Here is a blend of energetic, singable arrangements from some of today's leading youth arrangers. It is versatile enough to use with small to large choirs Multiple scripts included in the collection meet a variety of drama needs. One script incorporates songs to create a 45-minute musical, while another creates a 20-minute mini-musical. There are also sketches which can be done with one song alone or may be combined to create a 2-song package. Student devotionals for each song allow the youth to delve deeper and make personal life application of the truths they are singing.

Songlist: Breath of Heaven, Dying to Reach You, Field of Souls, Go Light Your World, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Heaven Is Counting On You, I Must Tell Jesus, I Will Tell the World, I'll Lead You Home, Jesus Will Still Be There, Just Reach Out, Look What God Is Doing, Love One Another, Lover Of My Soul, More Than Anything, Shine On Us, Spread the Word, The Love of Christ, The Rock (That Was Rolled Away), You Are Holy

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5109b | Songbook | $9.95 | 2-Part || Youth Choirs

Roger Emerson : Spirituals for Two Parts

Review: Five of Roger Emerson's contemporary spiritual settings are crafted for 2-Part voices in a value-packed collection that is perfect for younger choirs in elementary through middle school!

Songlist: All My Trials, Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel, Let Me Ride (Swing Down Chariot), Sinner Man, Witness

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7835b | Songbook | $4.95 | 2-Part |

Ruth Artman : Spirituals Alive! (Collection)

Review: This collection of successful 2-part arrangements by Ruth Artman will be a must for your choral library. Also includes performance tips for each of the six songs. Available: 2-Part. For Grades 3-8.

Songlist: Kum Ba Yah, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, All Night, All Day, Every Time I Feel The Spirit, I Got A Shoes, Can't Sit Down

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4236b | Songbook | $3.50 | 2-Part || Spirituals Arrangements

Ruth Elaine Schram : Gather 'Round and Sing - 6 Rounds for 2-Part and 3-Part Children's Choirs

Review: There is no easier way to introduce children to harmony and part-singing than "the Round." What an ingenious concept - everyone sings the same thing, just beginning at different times! The beauty of this structure is the ease of teaching this type of song, and the satisfying results for both the singer and the listener.

Songlist: I'm Gonna Sing My Praise, I'll Walk With Jesus, When Will the Little King Come?, Thank You For Christmas, Say I Love You, New Life

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6201b | Songbook & 1 CD | $34.95 | Rounds || Rounds for Singing

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