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 What's the number one challenge of any a cappella group? Finding great arrangements. We're working hard to meet the challenge so you can stop searching and start singing!

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New Releases

Jonathan Wikeley : Just Voices - The Beatles

The perfect introduction to unaccompanied three-part choral singing! Each book in the Just Voices series contains ten themed songs in simple a cappella arrangements created especially for beginners. Complete with piano reductions for easy rehearsal, all of the songs in the book can be sung by either SSA or SAT choir, making Just Voices the most enjoyable and flexible introduction to unaccompanied choral singing available. Just Voices Showtunes brings together ten stage songs that make an ideal introduction to mastering the a cappella style.

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Contemporary Pop

Deke Sharon : Best of NBC's The Sing-Off Vol 2

'Use Somebody' was the opening number of Season 2 of NBC's The Sing-Off, this 2009 #1 hit by Kings of Leon arranged for the combined vocal groups creates a mesmerizing texture of sound, with a world-beat vocal groove, compelling lyrics and riveting modulations that will absolutely astonish your audience. 'I've Got the Music in Me' - This 1970s tune originally recorded by Kiki Dee reaches a new level in this a cappella rendition! Guaranteed to get both the choir and the audience moving! 'With A Little Help From My Friends' - This soulful 'vocals only' setting of the Lennon & McCartney classic in a style reminiscent of Joe Cocker's famous rendition offers a powerful, uplifting message to today's choirs and audiences.

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Vocal Jazz

The Real Group Vol 4

You don't need a big band to make Anders Edenroth's arrangement of the Stevie Wonder tribute to jazz musicians sound great! The buoyant opening of 'Sir Duke' remains through two verses, then switches to a swingin' half-time grove. A sensitive treatment of the jazz standard, 'There Will Never Be Another You,' opens as a ballad before moving to a buoyant swing feel. Great tune, great arrangement. SATB a cappella with soprano solo. 'How Come It Is So Hard To Be The Way You Are' is a rockin' humorous look at today's society. The recording of the english version of this song can only be found on the album, 'Get Real.' 'Heavenly Crystal,' the english version of a folk song well known in Sweden, this arrangement is inspired by the music of J.S. Bach. Just plain cool – there's no other way to describe Anders Edenroth's newest arrangement, 'Words'! Edenroth has created a witty, sophisticated examination of the nature of 'words' – their sense, their social role, and the varied ways they can be sung and spoken – which will intrigue jazz choirs at all levels.

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King's Singers 40th anniversary Collection

To celebrate their 40th anniversary the Kings Singers compiled a collection of their most-requested arrangements from the past 15 years since the release of the still best-selling 25th anniversary songbook. Some. like "Danny Boy", "All I Ask Of You" and "Blackbird" date from earlier in the group's history but are still performed regularly by the group and choirs all over the world. Others, such as "Down To The River To Pray", "Under The Sea" and "Africa" have already established themselves in the repertoire of many groups they come in contact with on their tours. Here, then, is a carefully selected mix of folk songs, pop songs and spirituals plus the exquisite Victorian parlor song "The Long Day Closes".

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Contemporary Christian

Voices of Lee - Encore

Eight men and six women form the acclaimed Voices of Lee (University of Cleveland, TN), directed since their debut in 1994 by Danny Murray, apply their rich harmonic blend and top-drawer soloists to their fourth winning album. "Encore" begins with Barry Manilow's "One Voice," a jazzy, upbeat "Power in Praisin' the Lord," a striking, powerful vocal-percussion gem, "Mercy Seat," the heartfelt "Ho, Everyone Who Is Thirsty" (arranged by Derrick Johnson), a scattish, bright arrangement of "Lord, I Lift Your Name on High," the Doo-Woppy Gospel number "When God Dips His Love," the traditional hymns "The Old Rugged Cross" and "Have You Met Jesus" (both also arranged by Johnson), and a bonus track of "Mercy Seat," our personal favorite. Ten songs in total, and there's not a weak track among them. Confident solos, solid harmonies, great arrangements—"Encore" just knocked our socks off! It's one of the best Contemporary Christian albums we've heard this year. Has matching CD.

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Barbershop Memories Vol 1

A classic collection of barbershop classics as arranged by Hugo Frey. Includes Dear Old Girl, Down Among the Sheltering Palms, Maybe the Curse of an Aching Heart, The Darktown Strutters' Ball, The Gang That Sang "Heart of My Heart", I Cried for You, Honey I'll See You In My Dreams, Ireland Must Be Heaven, M-O-T-H-E-R, No! No! A Thousand Times No!, Sleepy Time Gal, When You Wore A Tulip, At Sundown, I'll See You In My Dreams, Honey, When the Moon, Li'l Liza Hane, If We Can't Be the Same Old Sweethearts, I'm Sitting On Top of the World, Jeannine, In All My Dreams I Dream of You, K-K-K-Katy, Maybe, My Blue Heaven, On What A Pal Was "Whoozis", Roll Along Prairie Moon, When Frances Dances With Me, When I Dream of Old Erin, That's How I Need You,

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World and Folksongs

The Celtic Choirbook

Celtic music is enjoying a well-deserved revival. This revival may have been inspired by historical Hollywood epics, by popular dance acts such as “Riverdance”, by Michael Flatley or purely by the emotional power of Celtic melodies. The songs all tell stories that have been passed down through successive generations, with more facets than any other kind of traditional music: some are melancholy dirges, some playful and lively dance tunes. This book brings together 20 of these traditional melodies in contemporary, modern arrangements for mixed chorus. In them you will find homophonic movements, sweeping melodic lines, vocal imitations of Celtic instruments and rousing rhythms. The irresistible charm of this music will leave no choral singer unmoved and is bound to find favour with audiences. SATB a cappella

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Gospel Vocal Harmony Arrangements

Mosie Lister: Good Ol' Gospel

Thirty-five all-time favorite gospel songs from award-winning composer Mosie Lister in one souvenir songbook. Includes historic photos, as well as stories behind several of his songs. Lister began his musical career as a singer, performing as an original member of the Sunny South Quartet before he was tapped by Hovie Lister to be the original baritone for the Statesmen. Lister soon gave up his professional singing career to devote his attention to writing, continuing to work as an arranger for the Statesmen. Lister was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall Of Fame in 1976 and into the SGMA Hall Of Fame in 1997..

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SATB - Four part arrangements

Sing The Beatles!

John Lennon and Paul McCartney were without doubt one of the finest songwriting teams ever and many of their songs are very well suited for a cappella. Here's an expressive a cappella setting of the classic "Here, There and Everywhere", full of wonderful textures, lyric lines, and lots of opportunities for rubato styling! "Yesterday" has lush chords with well-crafted vocal lines are the highlight of this warm a cappella setting. With opportunities for both male and female soloists, this classic Beatles tune is a perfect choice for many concert programs. This sensitive, well-crafted arrangement of the beautiful "In My Life" is great for vocal jazz groups, pop/show ensembles, and concert choirs as well. Warm harmonies and gently nuanced textures give Roger Emerson's setting special appeal. From the Beatles' 1966 hit movie and single "Yesterday" is a fun and colorful a cappella arrangement and "The Long and Winding Road" is skillfully arranged and will be a standout in any concert. Treat your audience to an a cappella moment they will remember for a long, long time. This great new arrangement of the beautiful Beatles song "I Will" fits right into a fine concert or festival selection, and will challenge and reward good high school ensembles as well as university choirs.

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Mixed Voices 5 - 8 Parts

Modern A Cappella

This is a new release in the Contemporay A Cappella Collection designed to be introductory primers for high school or other beginning groups, the songbooks nonetheless adhere to a fine musical standard (unlike some beginning arrangements, which can be watered down and unsatisfying). There are informative performance notes and recommendations for transposing parts, to permit performance by all male or female ensembles. In addition, a discography suggests definitive recordings of these popular songs, which can help facilitate the learning process and educate the ear. Easy to use, the Contemporay A Cappella Collection songbooks are an excellent resource.

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For Women's Voices SSAA

Movie Classics for Women's Voices

Add a touch of Hollywood to your repertoire! The popular love theme from the hit movie Titanic, originally recorded by Celine Dion, is now available in an exquisite setting by Kirby Shaw. The essence of this very moving, emotional ballad, with its haunting melody and tender lyrics, is beautifully captured with word painting and lush harmonies. Guaranteed to create a moment of sheer magic in your concert. The breathtaking ballad "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?" from The Lion King has a sonorous setting for a cappella ensembles. "Under The Sea' is the showstopper from The Little Mermaid in a dynamite a cappella rendition by the incomparable Kirby Shaw. SSAA

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For Men's Voices TTBB

Scott Leonard Hits

In the spring of 1991, a new beat arrived in the fledgling world of modern a cappella - a beat in the form of Scott Leonard. Beyond the initial impact and power of his performances on stage and on reordings, he brought arrangements full of groove and heart. Unfamiliar with the growing "cult" of a cappella, his arrangements arrived influenced by the R&B-flavored pop of his Stevie Wonder-rich childhood, and a love for vocal groups of the past from the Mills Brothers to Bread to the Jackson Five. From the first bar of his first arrangement for Rockapella, 'Bed of Nails,' he brought a different approach. Since that first arrangement, Scott has arranged 100+ originals and covers for Rockapella. Here, finally, is an attempt to scratch the surface!

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Treble Voices

Stephen Hatfield Folk Songs

The "Apple-Tree Wassail" comes from the cider country of Devon and Somerset, where it might be sung in the orchards or at the farmer's door. Wassail comes from the Anglo-Saxon wes hael – to be healthy. "The Green Shores of Fogo" bears marks of Irish provenance, although its musical origins were lost before Kenneth Peacock collected the song from Mrs. John Fogarty in 1952. The tune, which Peacock considered one of the most beautiful modal melodies he had ever heard, has attracted more than one set of lyrics, and is also known in Newfoundland as “The Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle.” Colcannon, made from various combinations of cabbage, kale, onions, scallions and potatoes mashed with butter and milk, is one of Ireland's most famous traditional dishes. Although this piece at first seems like a tribute to food, it's really a tribute to memory, and to times gone. The verses take us from the home, to the school, to courting on a country lane, with the narrator a little older in every verse, and a little more aware of the magic of the moment. Also included are "When The Star Falls" and "For Elizabeth: Gold Frank Innocence, And Mirth. These pieces are both arranged by Stephen Hatfield for Three Part Treble Voices.

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3-Part Mixed Voices

Three Ways to Vacuum Your House

These original pieces incorporates a multiplicity of multicultural influences, from Peru to Scotland. The text is a sequence of nonsense syllables, imitating the humming and muttering one does during housework. The first movement explores various hemiola patterns culminating in vocalized drum patterns modeled on Arabic and Indian traditions. The second movement, whose slow groove is derived from Reggae, incorporates tonalities and scale structures from Brazil and Lebanon. The final movement starts in Peru, and works upward through Latin America only to discover a hitherto unexplored Mexican/Scottish border. Lots of fun to both teach and sing!

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Arrangements for 2-Parts

Greg Gilpin : Songs for 2 Parts

This arrangement of 'Kyrie/Kum Ba Ya' can be used for many voicing combinations. Cue-sized notes are included to create other voicing possibilities from this two-part mixed arrangement. Sung a cappella, Kyrie/Kum Ba Ya joins the beautiful simplicity of chant using traditional Latin text with the well-knownl African folk song Kum Ba Ya. Greg Gilpin's original gospel chorals are solid-gold. 'Keep on Following the Star' is no exception. His new original work for Christmas begins with an infectious chorus full of gospel harmonies and style. The verses are sung with an optional solo above gospel 'oo's.' Verse and chorus are repetitive, allowing for quick learning. Add a key change, followed by a hot a cappella with hand claps section, finish with a rousing ending and you've got a new hit for your concert this December. 'Think On Me' - Never has this art song by Alicia Ann Scott sounded so beautiful and chorally arranged so effectively than now. Heart-wrenching harmonies interpret the touching text and the almost hymn-like pianissimo, a cappella verse adds to the dynamic touches that build in the last refrain and fade away with the last lyric. A choral that will teach your students expression.

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Spirituals arrangements

Spirituals for Choirs

An exciting collection of 20 specially commissioned arrangements almost all of which are a cappella. The contents reflect the richness and diversity of the spiritual tradition, including many much-loved favourites like "All My Trials". "Joshua fit the Battle of Jericho" and "Steal Away" alongside exquisite discoveries that are less well known. All burst with freshness and invention to provide singers with inspirational, moving and above all enjoyable repertoire. As well as contributing five new pieces, the compiler Bob Chilcott has assembled a top selection of arrangers including Joseph Jennings, JohnWashburn and Steve Barnett. The result is a dazzling array of styles, from the introspective to the estatic (including a stylish gospel-influenced song or two along the way). With a mixture of large and small-scale pieces, there's something here for every choir whatever its forces or level of expertise. (SATB)

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Madrigal Arrangements

King's Singers Madrigals

The madrigal composed in England during the late sixteenth century and early seventeenth centuries include some of the finest music of the period and are possibly superior in truth and expressiveness even to the madrigals composed in Italy, where the form was invented and flourished over a long period. Faced with many hundreds of possible candidates for inclusion in the edition, the editor worked on the principal that the major composers would each be represented by several madrigals, and the lesser figures by one or more. But no madrigal would be included if it fell below the high standard set by the collection as a whole.

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Patriotic Arrangements

Songs For America

America the Beautiful' and 'The Star Spangled Banner' are two of our nation's most beloved patriotic songs. Here we offer a practical and well-crafted collection of top-notch a cappella arrangements for mixed voices and there is bound to be at least one that suitable for your group. 'The Star Spangled Banner' - Kirby Shaw's rich a cappella setting sounds much more difficult than it is, thanks to careful voice leading. It will give a special touch to assemblies or any other performance. David L. Brunner - This fresh new arrangement was written in response to the events of September 11, 2001. Barry Talley - Written for the 2000 Texas All-State Choir, this distinctive setting of America's national anthem is an excellent choice for many performance and civic ceremonies. 'America the Beautiful' - Katherine Lee Bates arrangement brings freshness to the familiar, this gospel-tinged a cappella arrangement of the powerful patriotic classic will have audiences out of their chairs and onto their feet. Jack Halloran's unique arranging style brings a special quality to this stirring American patriotic classic. 'Lift Your Voice, America' is a distinctive a cappella pairing of 'America the Beautiful' and 'Battle Hymn of the Republic', this setting is a refreshing change of pace.

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Wordless Arrangements

Greg Jasperse : Voices Dances Vol 1 - 5

Voice Dance, a wordless vocal dance celebrating the human voice and the joy of singing together is perfect for any occasion. Written for nationally-known jazz educator, arranger, and vocalist Jennifer Shelton for her marriage to well-known drummer Steve Barnes, this composition will teach your ensemble blend, alternative time signature as well as the freedom found in singing together. A musical challenge your students will love. Voice Dance II, continuing the wordless vocal dance celebrating the human voice and the joy of singing together. Bright with bounce and musical joy, this piece is perfect for any occasion. VoiceDance III. Greg has created a wordless vocal dance that has an African feel full of rhythmic, percussive and forward-moving vocal expression. Use of repetitive lines allows this work to be learned rather easily. Outstanding for festivals, concerts and even multicultural events! VoiceDance IV Soft consonants fill the jazz syllables while the energetic music of rhythm and vocal textures paint an incomparable picture of vocal sound. The piece is made up of repetitive phrases and sections, so learning is easier than imagined when first hearing this extraordinary choral.

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Christmas Arrangements

The Blenders A Cappella Christmas

A cappella and Christmas go together so very well and most ensembles are very busy at this time of year. Popular contemporary a cappella group The Blenders' arrangements are in high demand for their tight, sweet harmonies. Included here some of their most well-loved Christmas songs as featured on their top-selling recordings. Scored for men's voices, TTBB plus solo.

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Sheet Music Series

While we offer a wide selection of songbooks and collections of vocal harmony arrangements we also carry thousands of individual folios. Here we have arrangements of every style and genre sorted by the various publisher's sheet music series featuring both a sacred and secular titles.

Songbooks for Solo Voice

There are many ways to become a successful vocalist and having a wide repertoire of recognizable songs to which you know the lyrics and feel comfortable singing is a prerequisite. We carry a wide selection of songbooks for the solo voice almost all of which have an accompaniment CD included which can be a great help for singers wishing to widen their repertoire. Useful for both practicing and performing one doesn’t need to have an accompanist, let alone a whole band, to be able to deliver a song professionally. Many of the accompaniment CDs are enhanced and can be played in your computer where you can adjust pitch and experiment with different ways of performing the songs. Whether for auditions, events, parties or in your living room these books are a fun and useful way to improve your singing voice.

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