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Eric Whitacre


Eric Whitacre

An accomplished composer, conductor and lecturer, Eric Whitacre has quickly become one of the most popular and performed composers of his generation. To date, Whitacre's published works have received thousands of performances and have sold in excess of one million copies worldwide. Over the past few years, his loyal fans and supporters have moved online, spreading Eric's popularity to an ever-expanding worldwide audience.

Though he had received no formal training before the age of 18, his first experiences singing in college choir changed his life, and he completed his first concert work, Go, Lovely, Rose, at the age of 21. Eric went on to the Juilliard School, earning his Master of Music degree and studying with Pulitzer Prize and Oscar-winning composer John Corigliano.

Many of Whitacre's works have entered the standard choral and symphonic repertories and have become the subject of several recent scholarly works and doctoral dissertations. His works Water Night, Cloudburst, Sleep, Lux Aurumque and A Boy and a Girl are among the most popular contemporary choral works, and his Ghost Train, Godzilla Eats Las Vegas, and October have achieved equal success in the symphonic wind community. Recent and forthcoming commissions include works for Chanticleer, the London Symphony Chorus and Orchestra, Julian Lloyd Webber and the Philharmonia Orchestra, The King's Singers and Conspirare. Whitacre has received composition awards from the Barlow International Composition Competition, the American Choral Directors Association and the American Composers Forum. In 2001, he became the youngest recipient ever awarded the coveted Raymond C. Brock commission by the American Choral Directors Association. Eric is published by Chester Music and Walton Music.

As a conductor, Whitacre has appeared with hundreds of professional and educational ensembles throughout the world. In the last ten years he has conducted concerts of his choral and symphonic music in Japan, Australia, China, Singapore, South America and much of Europe including London, as well as dozens of American universities and colleges where he regularly conducts seminars and lectures with young musicians. In October 2010, Whitacre conducted the world premiere of Songs of Immortality, a work commissioned by the London Symphony Chorus and Orchestra at The Barbican in London. Conducting engagements in 2010-11 include programs of his music in Carnegie Hall, Disney Hall and with the Berlin Radio Chorus at the Berliner Dom. Eric is currently a Visiting Fellow and Composer in Residence at Sidney Sussex College in Cambridge, UK.

In May 2010, Eric was signed by Decca becoming one of a handful of composers to have secured an exclusive, long-term recording deal. His debut album, Light & Gold, released in October 2010, became the No 1 Classical Album in the US and UK charts within a week.

His music has been featured on several commercial and independent recordings. His first recording, The Music of Eric Whitacre, was hailed by The American Record Guide as one of the top ten classical albums of 1997. In 2006, a full collection of his a cappella music, Cloudburst and Other Choral Works, was released on Hyperion Records. This album is also an international best seller. The collection earned a 2007 Grammy nomination for Best Choral Performance.

Whitacre has received acclaim for Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings, a cutting edge musical combining trance, ambient and techno electronica with choral, cinematic, and operatic traditions. Winner of the ASCAP Harold Arlen award, this musical also gained Whitacre the prestigious Richard Rodgers Award for most promising musical theatre composer. Following its sold-out run, the most recent production earned 10 nominations at the 2007 Los Angeles Stage Alliance Ovation Awards, including one for Best World Premiere Musical.

In March 2010, Whitacre released his Virtual Choir recording of his piece Lux Aurumque on YouTube, receiving over 1,000,000 views in 2 months. His second Virtual Choir project will be released in Spring 2011, performing Sleep.

Mr. Whitacre lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their son.


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Eric Whitacre Singers : Light & Gold : 00  1 CD : Eric Whitacre : Eric Whitacre : 884088576684 : 08753329

Eric Whitacre Singers : Light & Gold

Review: Eric Whitacre's choral music has become a worldwide musical sensation. This release presents a new collection of works conducted for the first time by the composer himself. Performed by The Eric Whitacre Singers along with guests Laudibus and The King Singers.

Songlist: Lux Aurumque (Light and Gold): Five Hebrew Love Songs, i. Temuna (A Picture) , ii. Kala Kalla (Light Bride), iii. Larov (Mostly), iv. Eyze Sheleg! (What Snow!), v. Rakut (Tenderness), The Seal Lullaby, A Boy and A Girl, Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine, Three Songs of Faith: i. I Will Wade Out, Three Songs of Faith: ii. Hope, Faith, Life, Love, Three Songs of Faith: iii. I Thank You God For This Amazing Day, The Stolen Child, Water Night, Nox Aurumque (Night and Gold), Sleep

2368c 00 1 CD $16.95

Eric Whitacre : Collection : 01 Songbook : Eric Whitacre : Eric Whitacre : 884088541163 : 1847726887 : 14037755

Eric Whitacre : Collection

Review: This a cappella collection of pieces for mixed choir by Eric Whitacre is the first available printed music compilation of its kind for the composer. The book includes pieces of varying difficulty, wide-raning in theme, from the iconic Sleep and Water Night to the quietly angelic Lux Aurumque (Light and Gold) and the recent Nox Aurumque (Night and Gold). A Boy and a Girl and This Marriage are both wonderfully tener pieces and the inclusion of the early Go, Lovely Rose marks the beginning of a journey thorugh Whitacre's choral output from this first success to the present day.

Songlist: Lux Aurumque (Light of Gold), The Seal Lullaby, Sleep, The Seal Lullaby, Animal Crackers II, 5 Hebrew Love Songs, Animal Crackers, Nox Aurumque, This Marriage, Sleep My Child

8739b 01 Songbook $14.95 Modern Choral Arrangements

Eric Whitacre : A Cappella  Arrangements 1 : Sheet Music : Eric Whitacre : Eric Whitacre

Eric Whitacre : A Cappella Arrangements 1

Review: The powerful fusion of Octavio Paz's Spanish text and Eric Whitacre's musical imagery has made 'Cloudburst a favorite with good high school choirs and beyond in the U.S. and abroad. Of timeless beauty, 'Waternight' speaks to singers and audiences of all generations, offering a high point in any concert program. A Boy and a Girl is a tender, delicate poem put to music by Eric Whitacre. It was commissioned by the 2002 California All-State Chorus. 'When David Heard' uses the text of David, lamenting the slaying of his son Absalom (II Samuel 18:33). It is a major work, with great dramatic moments describing the feeling of a father's loss.

Songlist: Cloudburst, Waternight, A Boy and a Girl, When David Heard

9053b Sheet Music $8.95 Modern Choral Arrangements

Eric Whitacre : A Cappella  Arrangements 2 - ee cummings : Sheet Music : Eric Whitacre : Eric Whitacre

Eric Whitacre : A Cappella Arrangements 2 - ee cummings

Review: 'i will wade out' the first piece in the set, cries out with lush, neo-romantic harmonies. In 'hope, faith, love, life' each word is repeated as a musical meditation, quoting different works from Whitacre's choral library.' I 'i thank you God, for this most amazing day,' the shimmering quality of the chords help to convey the Whitacre's feeling of the text used in the poem. All three pieces are based on the poems by e.e. cummings, and are part of Eric Whitacre's series, titled 'Three Songs of Faith.'

Songlist: I Thank You God For Most This Amazing Day, I Will Wade Out, hope, faith, love, life

9054b Sheet Music $6.95 Modern Choral Arrangements

Eric Whitacre : A Cappella  Arrangements 3 : Sheet Music : Eric Whitacre : Eric Whitacre

Eric Whitacre : A Cappella Arrangements 3

Review: 'Sleep' is the collaboration between Eric Whitacre and poet Charles Anthony Silvestri, drawing on the mystical moment between awareness and sleep. For the setting of Lux Aurumque, Whitacre chose the Latin translation of an Edward Esch poem, enhancing the elegant simplicity of this new work. The text explores Leonardo da Vinci's dreams of flying. The blend of Italian madrigal and contemporary style supports the text, once again, by Charles Anthony Silvestri.

Songlist: Sleep, Lux Aurumque, Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machines

9056b Sheet Music $5.85

Eric Whitacre : Animal Crackers : Sheet Music : Eric Whitacre : Eric Whitacre

Eric Whitacre : Animal Crackers

Review: Here are six whimsical settings of Ogden Nash poems that are perfect for a lighter portion of your program or as an encore. They are easily-learned and fun to perform!

Songlist: The Panther, The Cow, The Firefly, The Canary, The Eel, The Kangaroo

7219b Sheet Music $5.95 Humorous A Cappella Arrangements

Eric Whitacre : Arrangements 4 : Sheet Music : Eric Whitacre : Eric Whitacre

Eric Whitacre : Arrangements 4

Review: in 'Five Hebrew Love Songs - inspired by Whitacre's trip to Switzerland - each song is a "postcard," capturing lush, romantic moments in full. The songs are dedicated to Jerusalem born Hila Plitmann - poet of the beautiful text, and the Whitacre's wife. A simple and delicate setting of the timeless love poem by the Sufi poet Jalal al-Din Rumi, 'This Marriage' marks the first time that Whitacre has written for four-part a cappella chorus without divisi. Composed in the spirit of the Renaissance works written to Elizabeth I - "fair Oriana" - 'Her sacred Spirit Soars,' written for double choir, is in the signature Whitacre style with brilliant choral textures unfolding into a majestic final salute, "Long live, Oriana!" 'Little Birds' is the third setting of words by Octavio Paz (Water Night; Cloudburst) from Eric Whitacre. 'Little Birds' pays homage to Gabriel Faure with its running piano part and fluid sensual melodies. According to the Whitacre "it holds mysterious and magical effects", imitating delicate birds. Suitable for festival or competition use.

Songlist: This Marraige, Little Birds, Five Hebrew Love Songs

9262b Sheet Music $9.95 Modern Choral Arrangements

Eric Whitacre : The Children : Sheet Music : Eric Whitacre : Eric Whitacre

Eric Whitacre : The Children

Review: Set to a text by William Butler Yeats, "The Stolen Child" was commissioned by the National Youth Choir of Great Britain and The King's Singers to celebrate their 25th and 40th anniversaries, respectively. The chorus represents the voice of "the human child, innocent and naive" while the six solo voices represent the "water and the wild," seducing the children away from the world with the promise of endless revelry and eternal youth. Excerpted from Whitacre's music theater work Paradise Lost "Sleep My Child" for SATB and soloists is marked by delicate, ethereal sounds and purity of tone.

Songlist: Sleep My Child, The Stolen Child

8711b Sheet Music $6.95 Modern Choral Arrangements

Eric Whitacre : Three Flower Songs : Sheet Music : Eric Whitacre : Eric Whitacre

Eric Whitacre : Three Flower Songs

Review: Go, Lovely Rose is structured around the cyclical life of a rose, and is connected throughout by the opening 'rose motif,' a seed that begins on the tonic and grows in all directions before it blossoms, dies and grows again. Each season is represented. With A Lily In Your Hand is from a prodigious series of poems arranged in thematic "suites," later collected and in 1983 published as Suites. The original poem is titled: Curva. I Hide Myself is a simple little song. All of the musical suggestions come from a careful study of the poem, a quiet, passionate soul occasionally speaking a little bolder than the age will allow. She loves almost to the point of distraction, and this mood must prevail in the performance: shy and sullen, her passion surging to the surface only to sink back into the silence that is herself.

Songlist: Go, Lovely Rose , With a Lily in Your Hand , I Hide Myself

9491b Sheet Music $4.95 Modern Choral Arrangements

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