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World Music A Cappella DVDs

A selection of world choral music DVDs

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Howard Goodall's Choral Works : Choirs Perform : DVD : D4440

Howard Goodall's Choral Works : Choirs Perform

Driven by the infectious enthusiasm of zany writer and presenter Howard Goodall, we travel to locations around the world to focus on people, their lives, individual traditions, customs and histories. The four programs set out to show how singing in groups is fundamental to the way communities express themselves. From the joyous sounds of South Africa, thro Nashville, USA, and Bulgaria, to the traditional cathedral choirs of England, the series gives a refreshing overview of some of the vastly different choral traditions of the world today. This performance special showcases seven of the world's leading choirs and their contrasting choral traditions. The rich and haunting harmonies of South African Iscathimiya - a call and response style - are performed here by Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Christ Church Cathedral Choir in Oxford and Salisbury Cathedral Girls Choir, both stalwarts of English church music, perform works by Byrd, Stanford and Bruckner. The keening, yearning tone of Bulgaria's throaty Cosmic Voices is contrasted with the joyous and heartfelt gospel of Just Us and The Temple Church Choirs in Nashville, and the clarity and purity of The Academic Female Choir of Tartu University's nationalistic folk songs in Estonia. The variety in each choir's repertory is complemented by their striking costumes.

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6434dvd | DVD | $29.95

Ladysmith Black Mambazo : Live At The Royal Albert Hall : DVD : DV-108

Ladysmith Black Mambazo : Live At The Royal Albert Hall

The first live recording, captured from their sold-out appearance at London's Royal Albert Hall. The South-African Ladysmith has an international reputation, acting as informal ambassadors of musical goodwill. Though we were unable to listen to this CD prior to publication, we know it contains many of the group's most popular songs, including "Homeless," written by Paul Simon. We can be sure that Ladysmith's performance will be a joyous event.

Songlist: Introduction, Vulani Amasango (Open the Gates), Ngamthola, Hello My Baby, Abadala, King of Kings, Wena Othanda, Indanyezi Nezazi (Star and the Wiseman), Ngothandaza Njalo (I Will Keep on Praying), Rain Rain Beautiful Rain, Phansi Emigodini (Deep Down in the Mines), Homeless, Ladysmith in Los Angeles

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6905dvd | DVD | $24.98 | A Cappella

Ladysmith Black Mambazo : On Tip Toe : DVD : NWVG9624DVD

Ladysmith Black Mambazo : On Tip Toe

If you love world music, or more specifically, the music of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, you are sure to love this academy award nominated documentary. Directed by Eric Simonson and spanning three continents, ON TIP TOE follows the captivating story of South African musician Joseph Shabalala and his unique singing ensemble. Best known on these shores for their innovative support on Paul Simon's Grammy-winning album, Graceland, Mambazo has crafted an extraordinary hybrid of traditional Zulu harmonies and unconventional Western influences, including gospel, ragtime, doo wop and even rock 'n roll. Made up of seven bass voices, a tenor, a male alto and Shabalala as lead vocalist, Mambazo amazingly incorporates the light, syncopated stomping of "Isicathamiya"(meaning "on tip toe"), a style born theough the strains of apartheid. This entertaining and informative documentary traces the fascinating origins of Shabalala's tuneful creations, featuring interviews with Paul Simon and extensive live footage of Mambazo's performances.

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9843dvd | DVD | $19.95 | A Cappella

Ladysmith Black Mambazo : Live at Montreux  : DVD : EGVS39097DVD

Ladysmith Black Mambazo : Live at Montreux

South Africa has had many musical ambassadors, but surely none as distinctive as Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Though their name translates as "the Black Axe of Ladysmith," this unique vocal group from the province of Natal are both gentle and persuasive in style. And their music has become one of the jewels in the crown of both country and continent. The Music Of Ladysmith Black Mambazo reflects the needs of migrant workers to make their own entertainment, hence the theatrical aspect to their shows. Already popular in their native South Africa, they were brought to a worldwide audience through their collaboration with Paul Simon on his classic "Graceland" album. The group has played Montreux on three occasions, and all performances are compiled on this DVD, including many of their best loved tracks such as "King of Kings," "Hello My Baby," and "Homeless." Founded in 1967, the Montreux Jazz Festival has established itself as one of the most prestigious annual music events in the world. The extraordinary list of artists who have played there is drawn from across the musical spectrum and from around the world. Now, with the consent of the festival and the artitists, these concerts are finally available on DVD for the first time.

Songlist: Wangibambezela, Hello My Baby, King Of Kings, Wena Othanda Abantu, Amazing Grace, Yibo Labafana, Kwathatha, Homeless, Nkosi Sikelela, Nomathemba, Yinhle Lentimbi, Homeless, Nomathemba, Hello My Baby, Homeless

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9875dvd | DVD | $17.98

Ladysmith Black Mambazo : Live! : DVD : HUP7149DVD

Ladysmith Black Mambazo : Live!

For more than three decades, the story of Ladysmith Black Mambazo has been just as much about physicality and choreography as it has been about brilliant vocal harmonies. For this GRAMMY winning a cappella group that merges South African music and dance traditions with a Christian messages of compassion, love and global harmony, the music alone is only half the story. Simply put, Ladysmith Black Mambazo has to be seen to be understood. Catch a visual glimpse of these icons of South African music and dance with Live! Recorded in Akron, Ohio, in 2008, the set captures not only fourteen songs performed on the stage of EJ Thomas Hall at the University of Akron, but also forty minutes of in-depth interviews with founder, leader and musical director Joseph Shabalala and other members of the group.

Songlist: Nomathemba, This Is The Way We Do ("Ekuhlupekeri"), Long Walk To Freedom ("Halala South Africa"), Hello My Baby, Nginethemba, Thulanhliziyo, Makoti, Rain Rain Beautiful Rain, Homeless, Wentomb' unecala, Shosholoza, Amazing Grace/ Nearer My God To Thee

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9921dvd | DVD | $19.95 | A Cappella

Mollie Stone : Vela Vela : Songbook & DVD

Mollie Stone : Vela Vela

Vela Vela is a book and DVD designed to help choral conductors, music educators and singers to learn about black South African choral music, and learn to teach it in the oral tradition. I created this DVD as a teaching tool to help musicians perform black South African choral music more authentically. There are seven songs on the DVD. The viewer can hear each song performed, learn the individual voice-parts, dance movements, pronunciation, and background information from South African singers.

Songlist: Lizela, Vela Vela, Shumayela, Ke nale Monna, Andikhatali, As kwaz Ukuhamba, Ntakana

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4524b | Songbook & DVD | $34.94

Mollie Stone : Bulgarian Folk Songs : Songbook & DVD : RTB-B

Mollie Stone : Bulgarian Folk Songs

Thirteen Bulgarian songs especially chosen for treble choirs (youth and children's choirs), ranging from children's play songs to a Christmas processional to three-part arrangements by Bulgarian composer Pet r Krumov. Included in the book are scores, word sheets with complete translations and IPA, a detailed pronunciation guide and a short history of Bulgaria and its music, plus detailed rehearsal and performance techniques and tips. The teaching DVD features Bulgarian gold-medal winner Elitsa Stoyneva teaching the pronunciation and voice parts and performance video by a project ensemble of 28 singers aged 8-18 from the Chicago Children's Choir. The scores and word sheets in this book may be copied for your choir.

Songlist: De ima voda studena Rado Iyo, Ergen deda more prez plet gleda, Haide Tsone, Hodila Doina za voda, Izgubila Veselinka, Maro le mari hubava, Maro, Mariyke, fida builiyke, Moma Angelina, mamo, Oi, Koledo, Sardit Daimyan, Snoshti sam minal, Taz vecher ne mi e veselo, Zhivovale bratya drugovale

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4525b | Songbook & DVD | $34.95

Mollie Stone & Patty Cuyler : Traditional Choral Music From South Africa Vol 1 : SATB : 01 Songbook & 1 DVD : RTB-SA1

Mollie Stone & Patty Cuyler : Traditional Choral Music From South Africa Vol 1

Six South African songs for SATB or treble choir. Teaching DVD with voice parts, dance movements, pronunciation tracks and performances. Book includes tips for teaching and performing, pronunciation guide, background information for the songs and more. In addition to the book and teaching DVD is access to an online resource site with source recording downloads and video links.

Songlist: Mrs Galo, Mmamoshimane, Modimo rea go boka, Njengebhadi libhadula, Koloi ya Eliya, Ndandihlehi

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Voicing: SATB | 7891b | Songbook & 1 DVD | $34.95 | A Cappella

Mollie Stone & Patty Cuyler : Traditional Choral Music From South Africa Vol 2 : SATB : 01 Songbook & 1 DVD : RTB-SA2

Mollie Stone & Patty Cuyler : Traditional Choral Music From South Africa Vol 2

Six South African songs for SATB or treble choir. Teaching DVD with voice parts, dance movements, pronunciation tracks and performances. Book includes tips for teaching and performing, pronunciation guide, background information for the songs and more. In addition to the book and teaching DVD is access to an online resource site with source recording downloads and video links.

Songlist: Likhon' ithemba lam, Re dibini, Ndisondela Kuwe, Swilo yini, Sesimfumene, Iindonga za Jeriko

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Voicing: SATB | 7892b | Songbook & 1 DVD | $34.95 | A Cappella

Mollie Stone & Patty Cuyler : Music From the Republic of Georgia : Treble : 01 Songbook & 1 DVD : RTB-G

Mollie Stone & Patty Cuyler : Music From the Republic of Georgia

Twelve traditional 3-part folk songs from the Republic of Georgia, for mixed, youth and adult choirs. Book with scores, pronunciation guide, performance guidelines and background information, and accompanying DVD with performance and pronunciation video. In addition to the book and teaching DVD is access to an online resource site with source recording downloads and video links.

Songlist: Aragvisp'iruli Lashkruli, Bail-betkil, Chela, Deda Mogik'vdesa, Imeruli Mgzavruli, Lemchil, Megruli Alilo, Rachuli Nana, Shari-shuri, Tselo Mousvi Balakhsa, Ts'mindeo Ghmerto, Uts'inares Mas Vadidebt

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Voicing: Treble | 7894b | Songbook & 1 DVD | $34.95 | A Cappella

Rajaton : Joulu : DVD

Rajaton : Joulu

We've been raving about Finnish mixed sextet Rajaton for their first 5 CDs now, their bright, smooth, poised sound only leaves us wanting to hear more! "Joulu" is a live concert, recorded in Helsinki in 2003, 17 tunes from their Christmas CD "Joulu," which features new songs and new arrangements of traditional Finnish Christmas songs. Watching the six on stage, first dressed all in white and later in the show in matching black and silver outfits, we have to say that their show is as elegant and impressive as any a cappella show we've seen. Some favorites are "Joulu" are the wonderful vocal trumpets on the opening cut "Joululaulu," the exquisite, high-flying "En etsi valtaa, loistoa," "Kulkuset," "Lumisade," the vocal percussion gem "Pukki tietaa, and the only song in English, Lennon/McCartney's "Lady Madonna," (great solos and some mean air-guitar) one of 5 bonus tracks. The solo talents of each of the six are seamlessly presented, for instance with the group walking in a circle and the next in line stepping into a breathtaking solo as another finishes. We of course don't understand Finnish, but we understand poise, and harmony, and blend, and the magic that a talented ensemble at the height of their creative powers can create. And with this DVD we are blessed to be able to watch them do it instead of merely listening!

Songlist: Jouluaulu, Tonttu, Lumisade, Talvi-iltana, Joulun Neiet, Jouluyo Joulayo, Heinilla Harkien Kaukalon, Ja Neitsyt Pikku Poijuttansa, En Etsi Valtaa, Loistoa, Arkihuolesi Kaikki Heita, Pukki Tietaa, Kulkuset, Varpunen Jouluaamuna, Ketun Jouluaulu, Joululaulu, Tiernapojat, Tahtilaulu

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4620dvd | DVD | $21.95 | A Cappella

Red Army Chorus : Red Star : DVD : KUL4051DVD

Red Army Chorus : Red Star

This concert, given by the magnificent Russian troupe, The Red Red Army Chorus And Dance Ensemble, was recorded at the Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow prior to a nationwide tour of the United States in the autumn of 1992. The 100-strong Ensemble was first formed within the USSR armed forces in 1977, performing concerts primarily for the army. Their repertoire ranges from popular folk tunes and songs of battle from all corners of the former Soviet Union to spectacular Cossack dancing and includes Glinka's Patriotic Song and Kamarinskaya, Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight Of The Bumblebee, and folk songs Kalinka, Dark Eyes, A Birch Tree Stood In The Meadow, Happy Girl and Seven Sons-In-Law. All are performed with energy, enthusiasm and patriotic fervor.

Songlist: Patriotic Song, Meadowland, Regimental Polka, Cossack's Dance, Paganni Variations, The Swallow, Dark Eyes, Russian Dance, Volga Boat Song, Kamarinskaya, A Birch Tree Stood in the Meadow, The Sun Set Behind a Mountain, Sailor's Dance, The Flight of the Bumble Bee, Song of a Flea, Happy Girl, Seven Sons-in-Law, Hopak Dance, Moscow Nights, Kalinka, On The March

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7532dvd | DVD | $19.95

Soweto Gospel Choir : Live at the Nelson Mandela Theater : DVD : DV 117

Soweto Gospel Choir : Live at the Nelson Mandela Theater

In their five-year existence, the Soweto Gospel Choir has become a world-wide sensation, winning two Grammy Awards and selling out concert halls around the world. This DVD captures all the spontaneity and infectious spirit that makes their live appearances an unforgettable experience. This multitalented group has exploded onto the world music scene, wowing audiences with its virtuosity and passion. Drawn primarily from the churches and communities of South Africa's most famous township, the choir mixes earthy rhythms, rich harmonies, drumming, dancing, and irrepressible charisma for an experience that lifts the soul and stuns the senses. Filmed live in concert on their Australian tour, they sing a blend of traditional gospel and contemporary standards in English as well as some of the 10 other official languages of South Africa. Constantly in motion and dressed in vibrantly colored robes and textiles, with one superb soloist after another taking the lead, they offer up such highlights as "Asimbonanga," Jonny Clegg's tribute to Nelson Mandela; Peter Gabriel's "Biko"; "Mbube," the South African song that became "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"; the traditional ballad "I Bid You Goodnight"; Bob Marley's classic "One Love"; and Nkosi Sikelel'iAfrika, the South African National Anthem.

Songlist: Jesu Ngowtthu, Seteng Sediba, Izwi Lahlab Inhliziyo Yami, Ke Na Le Modisa, Ziyamazi'umelusi, One Love, River Jordan, This Little Light of Mine, If You Ever Needed The Lord, Kammatia, I'll Remember You, Jerusalem, Woza Moyam, Hakeleje, Table Music, Woza Meli Wami, Amazing Grace, Bayete, World in Union, Sisazoyivuma Le Ngoma

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9929dvd | DVD | $19.95

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