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Howard Austin

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Howard Austin

Howard Austin, International Voice & Performance trainer and author of the Born To Sing series, is a versatile vocal artist whose work includes a variety of starring roles on the musical stage as well as night club performances and recordings. The Born To Sing series has gained the attention and respect of professionals in both classical and pop music fields. Howard has been a popular radio and TV talk show guest with his vocal demonstrations and instant 'on the spot' analysis and instruction to callers-in and studio audiences. In addition to his private clients, he has conducted numerous seminars on singing and voice training for NATS and Music Teachers of Los Angeles County Unified School District, Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase and others. His clients have included American Idol, Hadas, Tiffany, Holly Fields, Don York of Sha-Na-Na and 10 Star Search contestants including an International Junior Grand Champion. Howard Austin is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) for whom he has conducted numerous master classes. His "Born To Sing" series of instructional books, DVDs and CDs is distributed world-wide and his "ABCs Of Vocal Harmony" a Music Reading / Ear Training course has become a popular text for music programs across the country. Howard was signed to MCA as singer-songwriter.

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Howard Austin : Born To Sing : DVD :  : BTS-dvd-CD

Howard Austin : Born To Sing

Review: Get set for an exciting one hour program from the authors of the Vocal Power Method including respected Los Angles vocal coach Howard Austin. The authors have designed a practical and creative approach to vocal technique applied to all styles. Sing - along with step-by-step demonstrations and over 100 on-screen song phrases. Learn Breathing and Support, Vibrato and its applications, Power and Projection, Head Voice (Falsetto), Chest Voice, Smoothing out the 'break' between the registers and more...


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4170dvd | DVD $29.95 Vocal Coaches

Howard Austin : ABCs of Vocal Harmony : 00  4 CDs :  : BTS HD CD

Howard Austin : ABCs of Vocal Harmony

Review: No prior music knowledge required. Nuts and bolts music theory course with hundreds of ear-training exercises.Here's a course that will sharpen your sense of pitch and enable you to sing harmony with the best professionals. Includes sing-a-long exercises where you fill in the missing note in an interval or chord. Topics included are: Scales - major, minor, blues, pentatonic, chromatic, whole tone, and modes; Intervals - all intervals are included in this section; Chords - major, minor, diminished, augmented, 7th chords, dominant, add 9 chords, 6th chords; Rhythm & Meter - time signatures, simple rhythms, dotted rhythms, triplets, syncopation; Charts & Transpositions.. Unique feature: how to harmonize with other singers. You'll hear a well trained duo who sing two notes and then ask you to add the third note. Slowly, your note fades to test your pitch. Great training for a any harmony group singer.

Chapters: Scales, Intervals, Chords, Rhythm/Meter, Charts, transposing, finding your key, Key Signatures, Glossary of Musical Terms

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4168c | 4 CDs $29.95 Harmony Singing Instructional

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