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Donna McElroy

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Donna McElroy

"Usually a person comes to Berklee as a voice student because they want a record deal . . . so that's perfect for me because I can speak from experience on that topic. They may want to be a professional singer and go out on the road, or do jingles and session work, and I've done all that."

"I realized that I have a special gift I bring to teaching, which is experience. Most people get out of school and begin to teach. They haven't done 23 years of hacking away at it."

"The students love me because I've gone through all those things and I still have the love to share with them. I'm not bitter, I'm not depressed, and I'm not crazy . . . well, I'm crazy, but . . . (LAUGHS). But they love the fact that I can still have fun and that I love the music. The music comes first, and then I still have a lot of attention, space, and joy left to share with them. That's what they love. And that's a gift. I don't claim that; I just accept it, maintain it, and manage it because I know that it's a gift from God. I know it is."

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Donna McElroy : Ultimate Practice Guide For Vocalists : DVD :  : 073999480177 : 0876390351 : 50448017

Donna McElroy : Ultimate Practice Guide For Vocalists

Review: Sing with more power and passion under the guidance of Donna McElroy, Berklee professor, Grammy nominee, Dove Award winner, and vocalist on multiple gold and platinum records. In this Master Class, McElroy shows you how to use the whole body to become the best singer you can be. See her work with a vocal student one-on-one, demonstrating how to use different muscle groups to increase vocal strength and endurance. She also provides lifestyle tips and simple everyday exercises to help you cultivate and protect the source of your vocal power - and sing with more freedom, force and stamina. 51 minutes.

Chapters: Lessons include:, Practice Routines, Breathing Techniques, Warm-up Exercises, Vocal Control, Vocal Health Tips

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