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Songs of the Pacific Rim

Song NameComposerArranger
Toshima Rice Pounding SongWendy Bross StuartVoicetrax CD AvailablePreview
Pen-Pen de SarapenSidney Marquez BoquirenPreview
SalidummayPhilippine Folk SongSidney Marquez Boquiren
PamulinawenPhilippine Folk SongSidney Marquez Boquiren

"Toshima Mochi Tsuki Bushi" is a Japanese folk song from Tokyo-To (Tokyo District). It is celebratory in nature, and implies that it might be sung as a work song while pounding rice into rice balls (mochi). The making of mochi is a collaborative family activity associated with the new year. Comprised of a children's song, a lullaby, and a love song, this collection of Filipino folk tunes is full of lively rhythms and enchanting melodies.

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World  | A Cappella | SSAA | 34 Pages | Softcover | 7 x 10 | Japan
Music series: Songs of the Pacific Rim

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