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The Swingle Singers
Going Baroque

Badinerie - Johann Sebastian Bach
Aria And Variations: "The Harmonious Blacksmith" (Handel)
Giga- Johann Sebastian Bach
Largo (Bach)
Prelude No. 19 In A Major (Bach)
Praeambulum (Bach)
Fugue (Vivaldi)
Allegro (Handel)
Prelude No. 7 In E Flat Major (Bach)
Solfegietto In C Minor (CPE Bach)
Der Fruehling (Spring) WF Bach)
Prelude No. 24 In B Minor (Bach)

Produced by Ward Swingle

Ward Swingle's Swingle Singers were formed in 1962, and stepped into the vocal jazz spotlight bigtime with the success of their first album, which was based entirely on Ward's groundbreaking vocal scat interpretations of the works of Johann Sebastian Bach. On this their second album, seven of the 12 tunes are again by Johann - but to the Swingles, their homage could only be complete if they included by works of Johann's family and friends, composers who viewed Bach as their Master. Thus we are treated to the marvelous vocal gymnastics of the Swingles on pieces by Bach's two sons, Carl and Wilhelm, Handel (spelled "Haendel" in the liner notes) and Vivaldi. We are immediately drawn into the surprising power of Bach's "Badinerie" where the voices, accompanied by light, driving jazz snare drum, dance like frantic, harmonic dragonflies over the surface of a pond for a minute and 19 seconds and then are gone. Also fun and fast-moving are Bach's "Praeambulum," and "Solfegietto in C Minor," Handel's "Allegro" and Vivaldi's "Fugue." Particularly sweet and melodic are Bach's "Largo," based on his harpsichord concerto, and Wilhelm F. Bach's "Der Fruehling." It's easy to see why the Swingles created such a sensation with their voices-as-orchestra, push-the-envelope style, which sounds as fresh and revolutionary today. We would like to imagine Bach and friends in a heavenly music room, putting on headphones and grooving on this hip homage to their music!

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