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Sweet Honey In The Rock
Still on the Journey

Ballad of the Broken Word
A Tribute
Come by Here
Wanting Memories
No Mirrors in My Nana's House
In the Morning When I Rise
Long Journey Home
I'm Going to Get My Baby Out of Jail
Sojourner's Battle Hymn
Rest for the Weary
Run on for a Long Time
Wodaabe Nights

It is 1993. Sweet Honey celebrate twenty years of passionate existence, yet it is just a beginning. Bernice Johnson Reagon says, "this group is a part of my living - not spare time, not what I do for a living, not a job, not a hobby - but the way I breathe, the how I make my way through my life and the life of my times." In light of this, the first song, "Spiritual," comes into startling clarity when we hear the oft repeated line, "Can't no one know at sunrise - How this day is going to end." A grand rap tribute to the history of the group celebrates the twenty years and twenty-one women who have been participants on the journey of struggle and joy which is Sweet Honey In The Rock. More than ever before, the rhythm and rhyme of this maturing institution is richly presented. Just listen to Wodaabe Nights and hear a great musical transposition from Africa to America.

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