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Susan Anders
The No Scales, Just Songs Vocal Workout Vol. 2 - Soprano / Baritone

Facial Resonance (Placement): I Can See Clearly Now
Breathing & Posture: Dear Prudence
Combining Correct Breathing and Placement: Why Don't You Do Right?
Approaching Higher Notes: You Gotta Be
Strengthening Low Notes: Summertime
Understanding Singer's Diction: One of Us
Understanding Singer's Diction Part 2: Get Here
Diphthongs, Looping, & "R" & "L": I'm Beginning To See the Light
Range Expansion & Vibrato Work: Don't Know Why
Developing the "Mix" Register: Sunday Kind of Love
Opening High Notes with the Inner Smile: Thank You
Pitch Work, Step-wise Movement: You're Still the One
Building Sustenance & Volume: Tracks of My Tears
Pitch Work, Chromatic Movement: Ms. Celie's Blues (Sister)
Increasing Tonal Richness, Articulation: Alison
Ending Phrases on High Notes: I Hope You Dance
Putting it All Together: Bridge Over Troubled Water
Belting: Cry

This follow-up to Volume One of Susan Anders' Vocal Workout includes 18 fully-produced pop, rock and jazz songs and instructional tracks, and is the same level of difficulty (so using Volume One is not a prerequisite). Beginning singers can learn how to sing correctly and develop their voices by singing through the workout at their own pace, with or without the guidebook. Experienced singers can skip the audio singing lessons and use the workout to warm up and maintain their vocal technique and strength. Song stylizing concepts are included, as well as chapters on staying healthy on tour and how to keep aging vocal cords strong.This book is tailored specifically for Sopranos and Baritones.

Item code: 6429B | Book & 2 CDs Vocal Warm Up Exerc | $24.95 add item to cart
Instructional | Solo | 75 Pages | Spiral-bound | 8 x 11

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