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Steve Rawlins
21 BeBop Exercises

Major Scale Pattern in Thirds
Scale Pattern Ending with Sharp Ninth
Half Steps
Minor 7 Chord Arpeggios
Three Against Four
"Doubling Up"
Circle of Fifths
Diminished Triads
Diminished Scales
Flat Nine Chords
Diminished Pattern
Diminished Scale Pattern
Minor I and IV Chords
Arpeggios- Minor 1 to Major IV
Blues Scale
Perfect 4ths
The Flat Fifth
Whole Tone Scale
Long to Short Notes
II-V7-I Progression

This book/CD pack by noted arranger and composer Steve Rawlins is both a warm-up collection and a manual for bebop phrasing. Its tasty and sophisticated exercises are designed for both vocalists and instrumentalists interested in further developing their proficiency with jazz interpretation. It concentrates on practice in all twelve keys - moving higher by half-step - to help develop dexterity and range. The companion CD includes all of the exercises in 12 keys.

Item code: 6026B | Book & 1 CD | $17.95 add item to cart
Vocal Jazz  | Solo | 48 Pages | Softcover
073999649406 | 0634033905 | 00315341

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