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Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Around The World

The Star Spangled Banner
Land of Hope and Glory
Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor
The Maple Leave Forever
How Great Thou Art (Swedish Folk Melody)
An Irish Love Song
Loch Lomond
Annie Laurie
The Ash-Grove
La Bamba
Cielito Lindo
I'd Enter Your Garden
The Fiddler
How Sad Flow the Streams
Waters Ripple and Flow
How Fair Is Thy Face Scandinavia
After the Storm (Russia)
What Perfume This? O Shepherds Say!
Song of the Bagpipers
As Lately We Watched
See the Radiant Sky Above

The massive, magnificent, prolific Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs with the Eugene Ormandy-conducted Philadelphia Orchestra on some of the most stirring music ever written, beginning with the "Star-Spangled Banner" (actually, the first time we remember hearing the second verse), Britain's anthem "Land of Hope and Glory," Irving Berlin's "Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor," Scandinavia's "O Great Lone Hills" (Finlandia), Israel's "Hatikva," Canada's "The Maple Leaf Forever," Sweden's folk melody "How Great Thou Art" (where the choir is joined by The Vocal Majority!!), the Latin American classics "La Bamba," Cielito Lindo" and "Estrellita," Germany's "I'd Enter Your Garden" and "The Fiddler," Norway's "How Fair Is Thy Face," Tolstoy's Russian anthem "After The Storm," "What Perfume This? O Shepherds Say!" from France, Italy's "Song of the Bagpipers," Austria's "As Lately We Watched," and Denmark's "See the Radiant Sky Above" are particularly wonderful. 24 inspiring, beautiful songs by one of the oldest, most well-known choirs in the world!

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