In Celebration of the Human Voice - The Essential Musical Instrument

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Lilli Lehmann
How to Sing

My Purpose
Preliminary Practice
Of the Breath
Of the Breath and Whirling Currents (Singing Forward)
The Singer's Physiological Studies
Equalizing the Voice - Form
The Attack and the Vowels
Nasal-Nasal Singing-Singing Toward the Nose-Covering the Tone-Chanter Dans Le Masque-Nasal Twang
The Head Voice
The Sensation and Position of the Nose-the Nose Form
The Sensations of the Palate
The Sensation of the Resonance of the Head Cavities
On Vocal Position-Three Are No Vocal Registers-Propaation-Form
White Voices
Theodor Wachtel and the Vocal Technique of Tenors
The Highest Head Tones-Staccato
The Tremolo
The Cure
The Tongue
The Position of the Mouth (Contraction of the Muscles of Speech)
Connection of Vowels
The Lips as a Means of Expression
The Vowel-Sound AH of Former Days
Italian and German
Auxiliary Vowels
Resonant and Disconnected Consonants
Practical Exercises
The Great Scale
How to Hold One's Self When Practising
Concerning Expression
Before the Public
Note: A Good Remedy for Catarrh and Hoarseness

This remarkable book is one of the most influential works on the art of singing ever written. Its author was one of the first great international superstars of opera. German soprano Lilli Lehmann enjoyed a long and brilliant career that began in Prague and Danzig and soared to the heights of operatic renown in Berlin, Vienna, London and New York. Coached by Wagner himself, she took part in the first complete Ring cycle at Bayreuth in 1876, and sang in the first performances of Tristan and Isolde and the complete Ring cycle in America.

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Opera  | 128 Pages | Softcover | 5 x 8
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