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Night Passage

Whatever Circles Comes from the Center
Dark of the Moon
Oh Mama Bakudala
Summer Solstice
I Have A Million Nightingales
Bim Bam
Learned of Angel
V'asu Li Mikdash
The Breeze at Dawn
We All Come from the Goddess
Vem Kan Segla
Er a la vo
Night Goes Back
Ise Oluwa
Deep Peace

This recording is the third in a trilogy which began with "A Circle is Cast" and "Fire Within." For the selections music was sought which reflects the cyclical nature of existence and which would soothingly resonate with the totality of existence. Themes of life, death, renewal and the connection which is the underlying theme of existence, love, are presented here in sixteen songs from the far and near corners of the world. The common thread which ties all these together is the peaceful effect of the songs all of which seem to have a circular quality. Libana has been singing these songs in moments of passage and times of transition for people from coast to coast, sharing grace, peace, and beauty in those moments of significance in other's lives. All the while this sharing is their own exploration into the divine mysteries within which our existence is rooted. So come and share with them the words of Rumi set to music, along side of which you'll find music from South Africa (Xhosa), Jewish traditions, American Shakers, Sweden, Sicily, West Africa (Yoruba), and a bevy of individuals who are inspired to craft music of peace. Some of the songs have a touch of instrumentation to enhance the feel sought by the musicians. The theme for the recording which Susan Robbins chose to grace the notes comes from Rumi. "...Whatever circles comes from the center."

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