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La Venexiana: Luca Marenzio

Song NameComposer
S'io parto, I' moro e pur partir convieneLuca Marenzio
Clori nel mio partireLuca Marenzio
Donna de l'alma mia, de la mia vitaLuca Marenzio
Udite, lagrimosiLuca Marenzio
Stillo l'anima in piantoLuca Marenzio
Ah, dolente partita!Luca Marenzio
Ben'ho del car'oggetto I sensi priviLuca Marenzio
Amor, se giusto seiLuca Marenzio
Hor chi, clori beataLuca Marenzio
Deh Tirsi, Tiri, anima mia, perdonaLuca Marenzio
Clori mia, Clori dolce, oh sempre nuoveLuca Marenzio
Mntre qual vive pietraLuca Marenzio
Voi bramate ch' io moiaLuca Marenzio
(Rimanti in pace) a la dolente e bellaLuca Marenzio
Ecco Maggio seren, chi l'hha vestitoLuca Marenzio
Cantiam la bella CloriLuca Marenzio

This Gramophone award-winning group continues their invaluable series devoted to the Italian madrigal school. With this volume they perform this book, published by Luca Marenzio in 1594. It signaled a turning point in Marenzio's musical creativity as his work became more internally connected with a selection of poetic texts dwelling on intimate reflections about love, remembrance, sorrow, and death.

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Choral | A Cappella | Mixed | Italy

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