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Kirby Shaw
Vocal Jazz Style - Manual

Basic Swing
Tenuto And Staccato
Horizontal Accent
Vertical Accent
Breath Accent
Forte Piano Crescendo
Combination Exercise A
Ascending Smear
Ascending Smear Fall-Off
Descending Smear Ascending Glissando
Combination Exercise B
Descending Glissando
Combination Exercise C
Brand New Attitude
Doctor Doom
Swing Time

In this 2nd edition, the study of 18 basic vocal jazz inflections is made easy for the soloist or choral ensemble: basic swing, fall-off, smear, shake, doit, etc. The beginning or more experienced performer can find clear-cut desciptions and study examples for each inflection. Excellent tool for vocalists. Included: Manual only

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Vocal Jazz  | Accompanied | 7 x 10
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