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Kinsey Sicks
Oy Vey In A Manger   

Dragapella Chorus
God Bless Ye Femmy Lesbians
Winnie Looks Radiant
I Had a Little Facial
The Story of Christmas
Crystal Time in the City
The Truth About Chanukah
Chanukah Medley
Jingle Bells, Don't Ask, Don't Tell
A Lay in a Manger
Oh! Hoey Night
Tis the Season to Drink Stoli
Let's Let the Carolers Sing!
Christmas Medley
Soylent Night
Jenny Craig Feel My Sorrow
Harried Little Christmas

The Kinsey Sicks, our favorite Drag Queen Comedy A Cappella quartet since we first saw at the SF Harmony Sweepstakes Regionals, have given us an early holiday gift, their 4th recording, a manic live Christmas CD, which we opened with great anticipation. And, although the humor is as brilliant as we are sure the material in their off-Broadway show was, we have to warn most people right here that there is some pretty rank material, notably "A Lay In A Manger," "O Come, Ye Unfaithful" and "Feliz Navidad Parody," with the Sicks' own caveat "(Trust us, we can't print the name)" that you had better believe. Even the live audience of primarily gay males (judging by audience response to references like local gay hookup mecca Buena Vista Park) seemed taken aback by some of the sex jokes-certainly not for kids or Christian fundamentalists. That being said, it doesn't try to be. Some of the funniest stuff is skits like "The Story of Christmas," where the "girls" tell Trampolina about subletting the manger while Jewish mom Mary is wintering in Florida, who comes back because they "wouldn't let her fly Virgin Airways," and brings her property managers The Three Weismans, and lawyers from the firm of "Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh" who give them "an eviction notice of great joy." They are joined by Mary's relatives "Uncle Christ, Aunty Christ..." who want to order take-out ("Pontius' Palate or Judas's Carry Out?"). 24 songs or spoken bits: "God Bless Ye Femmy Lesbians," "Crystal (Meth) Time In The City," "Jingle Bells, Don't Ask, Don't Tell," "Chanukah Medley" (Jews Better Watch Out), a nice live reprise of their Bobby McFerrin parody, "Worry," "'Tis The Season To Drink Stoli," the spot-on "Vanna White Christmas," and "Soylent Night" (preceded by "Oh, Yes, the Donner Party!") which take us queasily in a cannibalistic direction-I think you get the picture. If you love the Sicks and their edgy- and over-the-edgy humor, "Oy Vey" is your stocking stuffer, if you're new to them or easily offended, You Better Watch Out!

Item code: 7464C | 1 CD | $14.98
Contemporary | A Cappella | Male | United States

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