In Celebration of the Human Voice - The Essential Musical Instrument

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Frederick Horwood
Basis of Harmony

Introduction to Harmony
Triads in Root Position
Chord Progressions Using Primary Triads
Secondary Triads
First Inversions of Triads
Harmonization of Melodies
Passing Notes
Two- and Three-part Harmony
Second Inversions of Triads
Dominant Seventh Chords
Other Unessential Notes
Secondary Sevenths
Dominant Discords
Chromatic Sevenths and Ninths
Chromatic Sixths
Extraneous Modulation
Harmonization of Basses

Harmony is the art of writing successive chords for voices or instruments in such a way that the music produced is acceptable to the ear. In Horwood's The Basis of Harmony, you will get a comprehensive look at the theory of Western Harmony. This book emphasizes the importance of learning how to "hear with your eyes," and helps you attain the skills to do just that. Through lessons on triads, figured bass, cadences, modulations, suspensions, and much more, the reader is sure to gain a greater understanding of basic music theory. This book is a must for a beginning composer or someone who just wants to learn more about the intellectual side of music.

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