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Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Rachmaninov - Vespers

Song NameComposer
Come, let us worshipSergey Rachmaninov
Praise the Lord, O my soulSergey Rachmaninov
Blessed is the manSergey Rachmaninov
O gentle lightSergey Rachmaninov
Lord, now lettest ThouSergey Rachmaninov
Rejoice, O VirginSergey Rachmaninov
The Six PsalmsSergey Rachmaninov
Praise the name of the LordSergey Rachmaninov
Blessed art Thou, O LordSergey Rachmaninov
Having beheld the RessurectionSergey Rachmaninov
My soul magnifies the LordSergey Rachmaninov
The Great DoxologySergey Rachmaninov
Today salvation is comeSergey Rachmaninov
Thou didst rise from the tombSergey Rachmaninov
O queen victoriousSergey Rachmaninov

Directed by Paul Hillier

The period from 1880 to 1917 marked a renaissance in Russian choral music. Previously, Russian choral music had been dominated by German and Italian influences. Now composers returned to old Russian chants as the source of their works, thus creating a thoroughly Russian choral style. Although Sergei Rachmaninov wrote only few choral works, they are among the finest example of Russian choral music ever written. Of those works, the All-Night Vigil (more commonly referred to as the Vespers) stands as his crowning achievement and is widely regarded as the pinnacle of the Orthodox church music as a whole. Composed in 1915, the All-Night Vigil is comprised of texts for services of Vespers, Matins and Prime. In writing the work, Rachmaninov employed a system known as "choral orchestration," which requires singers to make use of a wide range of complex vocal techniques. But for all the innovation and technical prowess evident in Rachmaninov's All-Night Vigil, it is the work's intense emotion and deep spirituality that stays with the listener.

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