In Celebration of the Human Voice - The Essential Musical Instrument

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Ed Lisk
The Musical Mind of the Creative Director

How This Book Is Organized
Chapter 1: The Immersed Musical Mind
The Conductor's Responsibility
Chapter 2: Designing Effective Rehearsals
Questioning Traditional Rehearsal Techniques
Designing A Rehearsal
Importance of the Warm-Up
Infusing Variety
Establishing Mental and Physical Readiness: The Warm-Up
Exercise 2.1. Teaching from the Circle of 4ths
More Thoughts on Removing the Notation
Chapter 3: Entrainment: The Invisible Communication System
Exercise 3.1. Aligning Ensemble Pulse
Exercise 3.2.
Exercise 3.3. Making a Mind-Body Connection
Exercise 3.4. Apply Chord Qualities
Exercise 3.5. Breath Support
Chapter 4: Teaching Musical Artistry and Expression
Chapter 5: Connecting The Nuance and Inflections of Language With Music
Exercise 5.1. The Energy of Rhythm
Chapter 6: Connecting Feeling To Rhythm
Exercise 6.1. Expression Through Rhythm
Chapter 7: Developing and Exercising Musical Expression
Exercise 7.1. Discovering the Soul of Musical Expression
Exercise 7.2. Dynamics: Reading With True Expression
Why Practice Expression
Three Natural Laws of Musical Expression
Exercise 7.3. Expanding and Contracting Sound: Dynamics
Chapter 8: Shaping Ensemble Tone Quality and Sonority
Seating Arrangements
Shaping Ensemble Tone Quality
Step 1. Dynamic Balance
Step 2. Blend
Step 3. Intonation
Tone Quality
Exercise 8.1. Balance, Blend, and Intonation
The Problem With Tuning
Tuning By The Law of Sound: Overtone Series
Tuning an Instrument
Tuning With the Circle of 4ths
Full-Ensemble Tuning
Exercise 8.2. Full-Ensemble Tuning
Scales: Developing Ensemble Skills
The Problem With Scale Teaching
The Grand Master Scale
Appendix A. Circle of 4ths
Appendix B. Warm-Up Exercises
Appendix C. Spontaneous Reaction to Scales
Appendix D. Other Scale Variations
Appendix E. Dynamic Variations
Appendix F. Tuning Exercises
Appendix G. Scale Mastery
Appendix H. Articulation Exercises
About the Author

Chapters that address the connection of nuance and inflections with language and music and that expand the meaning of the words "ensemble and entrainment" are but a few of the insightful topics covered by this award-winning author. Ed Lisk's extensive professional career has enabled him to train many of today's leading music educators and provide materials used in schools and universities both here and abroad. The Musical Mind of the Creative Director expands his previous publications creating a greater awareness of the many components that surround the beauty of musical expression.

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Choral  | 86 Pages | Softcover | 6 x 9
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