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Diane Haslam: The Heart of Singing

Power Play
The Insight Story
Taking the Plunge
Mind Over Chatter
No, Your Honor
On Air
Let's Get Physical
Out of the Box
The High Wire Act

The life of every singer is a continuous journey toward vocal improvement, enhanced performance, satisfaction, and confidence. Diane Haslam, mezzo-soprano and respected voice teacher for more than two decades, has faced many challenges in her own career and has addressed these, and so much more, in her compelling book The Heart of Singing: Steps on the Path to Becoming the Singer You Want to Be. Whether you are an aspiring singer, a professional, a member of a choir, a soloist, or a voice teacher, this book addresses aspects of singing often overlooked and difficult to address in the voice studio: those myriad characteristics beyond vocal technique that constitute great singing. The author offers insight into: building confidence and eliminating fear; dealing with the internal judge; exploring new ways to address bad habits; becoming fully aware of your vocal potential; and discovering your free, honest voice. You will learn about the power of focus and awareness, commitment and balance, trust and risk, and, along the way, experience the satisfaction and joy this singing journey can bring.

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Instructional | 168 Pages | Softcover | 6 x 9
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