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Deke Sharon
Men's Popular Jazz Vol 2

Song NameComposerVoicingAs Performed By
CeciliaPaul SimonTTBBSimon & Garfunkel
I Can't Tell You WhyTTTTBBBBThe Eagles
I Only Have Eyes for YouHarry WarrenTTBBThe Flamingos
Rock The BoatTTBBThe

"Cecilia" - This playful Simon and Garfunkle standard is perfect for a cappella with the tenors sharing the original's harmony. Bass and bari weave counter melodies and driving background parts built entirely around the lyrics. No vocal percussion necessary - lots of rhythmic intensity built into the background parts. One of the most popular and requested male arrangements originally sung by the Beelzebubs of Tufts University. "I Can't Tell You Why" - A lush, delicately textured rendering of the Eagles classic. A high tenor solo floats above a sextet of light overlapping lines and a rich bass line, forming a warm bed of sound not unlike a synthesizer or string section. Perfect for a talented octet, or a male chorus. "I Only Have Eyes for You" - This 60's classic made famous by the Flamingos, and then later recorded by Art Garfunkle, is one of the best loved doo-wop tunes of all time. This version maintains the doo-wop styling during the verse and shifts into a rich, close harmony ballad in the chorus. "Rock The Boat" - One of the most infectiously catchy pop/R & B songs to come out of the 70's (made popular by "The Hues Corporation"), this arrangement will make your singers want to get up and dance. Very melodic background lines, plenty of syncopation. Vocal percussion optional.

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