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David Berkman
The Jazz Singer's Guidebook


Becoming A Functional Pianist

Lead Sheet Basics

The Harmonic Basis of the Melody of Songs

Chord Tones and the Tensions of Progressions

Chord Scales, Friend or Foe?

Applying Chord Scales to a Tune

A Tetrachord Approach to Chord Scales

Chromatic Approach Note Patterns and Bebop Vocabulary

Guide Tone Lines

The Blues

Technical Drill of Intervals

Practicing Scat


Finally, a clear, step-by-step approach for serious singers who want to improve their grasp of jazz harmony and gain a deeper understanding of music fundamentals. Learn to accompany yourself, write lead sheets, understand the structure of the music, and improve your scatting. The Jazz Singer's Guidebook covers all the instrumental, theoretical and ear training requirements that you need in order to gain control of the music you are singing! The Jazz Singer's Guidebook will change how you hear music and make you a better singer, as well as give you the tools to develop your singing in directions you may not have thought possible. Subjects covered include:- The harmonic basis of the melody of songs, How to vary melodies, How to develop a greater awareness of the important harmonic details of songs, How to write a lead sheet and how to evaluate the chord changes that are on a lead sheet, How to hear tensions and chord tones on chords, How to know and hear the appropriate chord scale for each chord change, How to improvise from chord scales, Ways to improve your intonation for scatting. Plus hundreds of suggestions and exercises for scatting, composing, transcribing, understanding jazz vocabulary and increasing what you have to say as an improvising musician.

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Vocal Jazz  | Scat | 138 Pages | Spiral-bound | 8 x 11

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