In Celebration of the Human Voice - The Essential Musical Instrument

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Darlene Koldenhoven: Tune Your Voice - High Voice

Let's Get Started
How to Use Tune Your Voice
Helpful Things to Do
Section 1: Exploring the Mind's Musical Ear:
Chapter 1: Audiation
Chapter 2: Causes & Solutions for Inaccurate Singing
Chapter 3: Stages of Development
Chapter 4: Pitch & Rhythm Discrimination
Section II: Cracking the Code of Music
Chapter 5: 12 Tones
Chapter 6: Intervals
Chapter 7: Scales
Chapter 8: Rhythm
Chapter 9: Harmony
Chapter 10: Form
Section III: Coming Out of Silence
Chapter 11: Singing
Achieving Your Goals

Tune Your Voice is the essential, comprehensive resource for vocalists of all ability levels. Learn correct vocal techniques and strengthen your confidence with this course that includes five teaching CDs, one listening CD and one singing CD. The course is packed with examples for singing voices and is perfect for private study, classroom or home-school use. Tune Your Voice will help you sing in tune, sing in harmony, prepare you to compose and sight-read music, learn any instrument faster and/or by ear, and become an all around better singer and musician. It is an interactive "listening" exercise/lesson book & CD series for exploring the space-time code of music to develop the mind's/voice's musical ear. It simplifies and focuses one's surroundings as well as musical sound and its aspects, affects, and elements. Because music registers in different parts of the brain, tune your voice is produced to allow you to learn both consciously and subconsciously. Tune Your Voice is an experiential program to tune your body with your voice, express yourself with the beauty and healing powier of 'your' sound, balance energies, improve emotional and physical health, learn deep breathing, improve resonant frequency range and pitch accuracy - supports toning. Learn the space-time code of music while expanding your mind's musical ear - consciously and sub-consciously . . . and more. Activate and enjoy the many benefits of music with the power of the human voice - yours.

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Instructional | 94 Pages | Softcover | 9 x 12
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