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Chris and Carole Beatty
Daily Workout For Med/Low Voices

Mum Mum
Nee Ah
Yoo Ee Yoo
Mini Mini
Mum Mum
Wee Ah Wee Ah
Lah Lah Lah
Mum Mum
Yah Hah Hah
Hee Ah Hee Ah
Bee Ah Mee May Mah Moh Moo
Mee Yah Mee Yah Mee Yah Mee
Tee Oh
Lee Lay Lee Lah
Mah Nah
Zah Nah Pah
Yah Yah
Thee Ah Thee Ah
Yah Yah Yah
Hoh Ya Pro
Mum Mum
Lee Yah
Mah Bah
Flah Ning
Mee Ay Ah
Nay Nay Nay
Preh Nee
Nee Ay Ah

Daily Workout will help you: Warm-Up, Work Out and Cool Down Your Voice for Maximum Performance - Build Strength and Stamina Throughout Your Range - Enjoy Exercising Your Voice With Fun and Interesting Exercises. Also includes a chart of exercise patterns and difficulty rating.

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Instructional | Solo
VCD 4216

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