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Chris and Carole Beatty
Complete Warm-Up

Warm-Up Principles/Hum-Chew
Warm-Up Principles/Moving Head
Warm-Up Principles/Proper Preparation
Warm-Up Principles/Buzzing face
Warm-Up Principles/The Runner-Athlete
Warm-Up Principles/Diction
Warm-Up Principles/Breathing & Diction
Exercise: Nah
Exercise: Bee-Ah/Mee-Ah/Zee-Ah/Nee-Ah
Exercise: Bee-Ah/Mee-Ah/Zee-Ah/Nee-Ah
The 'Bubble'/Lip Trill
The Hum
Exercise: Hum/Hoo/Ha
Exercise: Ah
Exercise: Bah bah
Exercise: Bee-Yah
Exercise: Min-Ee-Ah
Exercise: Ha
Exercise: Chromatics Hm/Mee/Hoo/Yah/Hum
Exercise: Ha-Ha
Exercise: Ha-Ha
Cooling Down

Does your voice tire? Is your singing inconsistent and unpredictable? Should you be able to sing higher, lower and longer than you do? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, there's a good chance that you need to improve your vocal wam-ups. Athletes warm-up and cool down to maximize performance and avoid injury. If you are a singer you are a vocal athlete. The principles and interactive exercises on this CD will help you develop a routine of effective vocal warm-ups. The proven exercises have helped singers around the world maximize vocal performance and reduce vocal injury. They can do the same for you.

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