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Anonymous 4
The Second Circle

Echo La Primavera
Angelica Bilta
Che Chos'e Quest' amor
Nella Partita
Non Do La Colp' a te
Quanto Piu Caro Faj
Se Pronto Non Sara
Lasso! Per Mie Fortuna
Ochi Dolenti Mie
Muort' Oramai
Per Allegreca
Nella Mi Vita
Abbonda Di Virtur
Non Ara Ma' Pieta
La Bionda Trecca
Cara Mie Donna
Gran Piant' Agli Ochi
Echo La Primavera

"Second Circle" is the latest release from the acclaimed and prolific Anonymous 4, who are Johanna Maria Rose, Marsha Genensky, Jacqueline Horner and Susan Hellauer. These are 14th century Italian love songs by Francesco Landini, an early "renaissance man," left blind by smallpox, who became a master musician, composer and poet, becoming the chief musician at the church of San Lorenzo in Florence. Anon4 gives us 18 of his beautiful songs, and to deepen our appreciation of them, there is one of the most lovely and extensive liner notes we have seen, actually a 46-page full-color booklet with a number of incredible paintings from the period. Much more than a group of lovely, obscure songs, we are treated to a short course in music appreciation and art history of the composer and his fascinating times!

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Early Music | A Cappella | Female | United States

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