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Oasis Chorale

Director: Wendell Nisly

 Oasis Chorale

Mixed Choral Chorus from PA, United States.

Like all high callings, thoughtful worship requires focus and effort. Certainly the call to worship is not exclusive to music, but permeates all areas of life. In the context of church music, however, the call to worship calls participants to give careful attention to both words and music. This can be learned and must be taught, and Oasis is committed to this process.

Worship cannot be divorced from a heart tuned to God. Oasis seeks participants eager for fully-orbed spiritual development.

Not all artistic music is rapidly attainable for all singers or accessible to all audiences. Artistic music usually requires training to be sung excellently and to be listened to with understanding and appreciation. Oasis intends to provide the necessary training to move singers and audiences forward one step in this process.

Experiencing beauty in music is powerful, sometimes leaving us more enamored of the music or the performer than with the author of beauty. Indeed, by design beauty evokes from us a response of delight. But the beauty of music is an expression of true beauty; God himself is the essence of true beauty. Thus the focus of Oasis is not merely on the expression of beauty, the music, but on the essence of beauty, Jesus Christ himself. The process of bringing the music to reflect (as closely as possible within time constraints) the beauty of God, is a lengthy process and requires a great deal of commitment. We maintain that musical excellence is not an end in itself, but is a lens through which we strive to see, understand, and relate to God.


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Oasis Chorale : Journey - The Road Home : 00  1 CD : Wendell Nisley : 

Oasis Chorale : Journey - The Road Home

Review: Led by acclaimed Conductor and Director Wendell Nisley, the 34-strong, mixed-voice Oasis Chorale's mission is "to call its singers and its audiences to thoughtful worship of the true God through artistic choral music sung skillfully. "Journey, the Road Home," an a cappella album, is divided into 5 parts, the first, Songs of Delight, has "Shout, O Glory and "I Sat Down Under His Shadow" as our favorites, Part II, Songs of Distress, features "Hear My Prayer, O Lord" and "Abide with Me;" Part III, Songs of Assurance, has "Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep," the soaring "Amazing Grace" and "Close Now Thine Eyes;" Part IV, Songs of Commitment and Courage favorites are "God Be in My Head," "Day by Day" and "Walk Together, Children;" and Part V, Songs of Home winners are "Never Weather-Beaten Sail," "Goin' Home" and "Home to Thee." The Chorale is aptly named, "Journey, the Road Home" is an oasis of lovely, harmonious, inspiring a cappella songs of faith that move us and lift us up!

Songlist: Shout, O Glory - Songs of Delight, I Sat Down Under His Shadow - Songs of Delight, Praise To The Lord - Songs of Delight, Hear My Prayer, O Lord - Songs of Distress, Hear My Prayer - Songs of Distress, Abide With Me - Songs of Distress, Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep - Songs of Assurance, Take My Hand and Lead Me - Songs of Assurance, Amazing Grace - Songs of Assurance, Close Now Thine Eyes - Songs of Assurance, God Be In My Head - Songs of Commitment and Courage, Day by Day - Songs of Commitment and Courage, This Little Light of Mine - Songs of Commitment and Courage, Walk Together, Children - Songs of Commitment and Courage, Never Weather-Beaten Sail - Songs of Home, Goin' Home - Songs of Home, Home to Thee - Songs of Home

6088c | 00 1 CD | $12.95 | A Cappella

Oasis Chorale : Reflections : 00  1 CD : Wendell Nisley : 

Oasis Chorale : Reflections

Review: The mission of Kinzers, PA's 33-strong, mixed-voice Oasis Chorale is "to call its singers and its audiences to thoughtful worship of the true God through artistic Choral music sung skillfully." The five-part, 16-song collection "Reflections, Portraits from the Life of Christ" fulfills that mission beautifully, with well-chosen, varied selections such as the Plainsong "Jesus, I Adore Thee" coupled with the traditional hymn "O Come, All Ye Faithful," Eric Whitacre's lovely "Lux Aurumque," Jester Hairston's "Mary's Little Boy Chile" and June Collin's "The Quiet Heart" in the first part, "The Beginning Scenes of the Advent." Favorites in part II, Ministry, are Rosephanye Powell's "The Word was God," Sergei Rachmaninoff's "Our Father in Heaven" and the German Chorale "Lamb of God;" and on part III, Passion, Karl Graun's "Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs" and Hans Leo Hassler's "Passion Chorale." Part IV features Lloyd Kauffman's "Lift Your Glad Voices" and Vulpius' "Jesus Our Lord Is Risen Today;" and Part V, Robert Shaw's "Set Down, Servant," Andreas Hammerschmidt's "Lift Up Your Heads," and F. Melius Christiansen's "Beautiful Savior." "Reflections" is gorgeous, moving and inspiring!

Songlist: Jesus, I Adore Thee, O Come, All Ye Faithful, Lux Aurumque, Mary's Little Boy Chile, The Quiet Heart, The Word Was God, Our Father In Heaven, My God Is A Rock, Lamb Of God, Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs, Passion Chorale, Lift Your Glad Voices, Jesus Our Lord Is Risen Today, Set Down, Servant, Lift Up Your Heads, Beautiful Savior

6087c | 00 1 CD | $12.95 | A Cappella

Oasis Chorale : In Endless Light : 00  1 CD : Wendell Nisley :  : AP951

Oasis Chorale : In Endless Light

Review: Another fine collection from Kinzers, PA's 33-strong, mixed-voice Oasis Chorale, whose intent is "to provide an opportunity for young people to use their God given talents in promoting this 'Oasis' in the desert of ungodly music of the day-giving a cool drink to the thirsty soul and spirit." Some favorites among these 17 songs are: Paul Tchesnokoff's "Let Thy Holy Presence," "Make a Joyful Noise Unto God," with text from Psalm 66, William Byrd and William Leighton's "Look Down, O Lord, On Me," Edward Grieg and H.A. Brorson's "God's Son Has Made Me Free," Roy Hamilton's "Lord, I Need You," Lyle Stutzman and Samuel Johnson's "Prayer for Strength," the traditional Spiritual "I'm Goin' to Sing," J. Haydn's (with text by Jane McKnight) "Praise We Sing to Thee," Frederick Lehman's "The Love of God" and M. Lowrie Hoffard & H. Millard's lovely "Abide With Me, 'Tis Eventide." Let this beautiful music open your heart to praise and worship with Oasis Chorale!

Songlist: Let Thy Holy Presence, Make a Joyful Noise, Look Down, O Lord, God's Son Has Made Me Free, Lord, I Need You, Give Me Jesus, For He Shall Give His Angels, Prayer for Strength, The King of Love, I'm Goin' To Sing, O Day Full of Grace, Praise We Sing to Thee, The Love of God, Down By the Riverside, Alleluia, Prayer, Abide With Me, 'Tis Eventide

3051c | 00 1 CD | $12.95 | A Cappella

Oasis Chorale : Treasures in Heaven : 00  1 CD : Wendell Nisley :  : AP892

Oasis Chorale : Treasures in Heaven

Review: Conductor Wendell Nisley leads his 34 mixed-voice, Kinzers, PA-based Oasis Chorale in another lovely all-a cappella collection of 20 songs. The Chorale's desire is that "the message of our songs would be like an oasis in the desert, refreshing to the spirit and soul," and "Treasures in Heaven" is exactly that! Some of our favorites are "Sing and Rejoice," "Glory of the Lord," "If Ye Love Me," the title tune, "I Go to the Rock," "All That Hath Life & Breath," "His Footfall" (to the tune of the Folk song "Danny Boy"), "Working with Joy," "Jordan," "Abendlied" and "Alleluia," but every cut here is beautiful, uplifting and inspirational!

Songlist: Heilig, Sing and Rejoice, Glory In The Lord, God Is Seen, If Ye Love Me, Here I Am, Lord, Treasures In Heaven, I Go To The Rock, O God Our Help, Spirit of God, Descend, All That Hath Life & Breath, His Footfall, Prayer of the Children, Be Tho My Vision, Working With Joy, Jordan, Beautiful Savior, Ain'a That Good News, Abendlied, Alleluia

3052c | 00 1 CD | $12.95 | A Cappella

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