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Mediaeval Baebes

Mediaeval Baebes


Mediaeval Baebes' exquisite storybook opened its pages in 1996, when a group of friends broke into a North London cemetery and sang together, clad in flowing white gowns and crowns of ivy.

Pulling lyrics from medieval texts and setting them to original scores using mediaeval and classical instruments, whilst singing in an impressive array of long forgotten languages, the Baebes offered a unique musical beauty and outstanding talent. Their choice of mediaeval texts were dramatic, obscure and dark in topic and remarked upon the inevitability of death, the pointlessness of material possessions, the horror of unrequited love or the dangers of imbibing too much alcohol. Some themes are timeless!

Twelve years later, these fair maidens have placed three albums into the top of the classical charts and their contribution to the BBC production of The Virgin Queen (composed by Martin Phipps) resulted in a deserved Ivor Novello Award 2007 for best television soundtrack.

Mediaeval Baebes have performed before enthusiastic audiences in the UK, United States, Canada and Europe in venues ranging from castles and caves to nightclubs and Renaissance Fayres. They have toured with Jools Holland and played at The Royal Albert Hall, Carnglaze Caverns in Cornwall, Jersey Opera House, Tewkesbury Abbey, supported Michael Flatley in Hyde Park, and performed at the legendary Lilith Fair.

Their most recent album 'Illumination' takes a fresher contemporary direction whilst retaining the ethereal beauty of the Baebes' historical and musical influences.

The group are currently working on the development of their visual performance and in 2011 you will be able to experience their fairytale whimsy, otherworldly enchantment, and supernatural allure in a brand new theatrical spectacular.


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Mediaeval Baebes : Best of : 1 CD :  : EMDIVE947.2

Mediaeval Baebes : Best of

Review: "The Best of the Mediaeval Baebes" is their 7th CD in our catalog, all notable for their surreal photos of 8 to 13 beautiful, stunningly-attired women who sing like angels. The Baebes love 13th century a cappella (or very lightly accompanied) music, and Medieval poetry set to original compositions by group member Katherine Blake and others. This combination of classical music, sexy-looking women and costumes has made the Baebes big sellers in the a cappella and classical genres, because they sing, arrange and compose remarkably. We've listened to these songs before on previous CDs, but they haven't lost any of their power to enthrall and touch us. "Gaudette," "Ah Si Mon Moine," "Salva Nos" (lightly accompanied title tune of their debut album), "La Volta," "Love Me Broughte," "Kinderley," "Swete Sone," "Pearl," "Earthe Upon Erthe" and "How Death Comes" are particularly fine, but there's not a weak track here. Powerful, memorable and lovely.

Songlist: Gaudette, Coventry Carol, Salve Virgo Virginum, Ah Si Mon Moine, Veni, Veni, Now Springes The Spray, Salva Nos, Foweles In The Frith, Miri It Is, Alba, Love Me Broughte Beatrice, La Volta, Kinderly, Swete Sone, Pearl, When Thou Turuf Is Thy Tour, Erthe Upon Erthe, Ecci Mundi Gaudium, How Death Comes

8314c | 1 CD | $16.98 | Some a cappella

Mediaeval Baebes : Mirabilis : 1 CD : Katharine Blake :  : NTW30415B.2

Listen to

Mediaeval Baebes : Mirabilis

Review: "Mirabilis" is a Latin word with pre-Christian or pagan origins that was used in the Mediaeval period to describe a supernatural force on the fringes of this world. Eight beautiful women with equally beautiful voices and a fetish for stunning costumes (which they model in the exquisite full-color liner notes and which are now approaching the size and complexity of costumes created for SF's "Beach Blanket Babylon") continue to prove that 13th-15th century English music and poetry are totally hot and sexy. The Baebes, now down to 8 members, bring us another exotic collection of 18 songs largely from early English sources, with music and arrangements by Katherine Blake and other group members. Most songs are lightly accompanied by percussion, dulcimer, zither, saxophone, guitar, keyboards, strings and other instruments. Particularly wonderful are "Musa Venit Carmine," "Lhiannan Shee," "Umlahi" (with words and music by Blake), the haunting "Tam Lin," a sweet and lively cover of "Scarborough Fayre," the folk tune made famous by Simon & Garfunkel, the rhythmic "Come My Sweet," "This World Fareth As A Fantasye," and the ethereal "Away" which features Blake on lead vocal. "Mirabilis" is the 6th recording by the Baebes to grace our PAC catalog, and we have noticed 3 things--each album is excellent, each seems better than the last, and the Baebes are having as much fun dressing up and creating this magical music as we are, seeing and listening to them!

Songlist: Star of the Sea, Trovommi Amor, Temptasyon, San'c Fuy Belha Ni Prezada, All For Love of One, The Lament, Musa Venit Carmine, Kilmeny, Lhiannan Shee, Umlahi, Cittern Segue, Return of the Birds, Tam Lin, Scarborough Fayre, Come My Sweet, Mark Hur Var Skugga, The World Fareth As A Fantasye, Away

7809c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Accompanied Female Choral CDs

Mediaeval Baebes : Mistletoe and Wine : 1 CD :  : 067003032926

Mediaeval Baebes : Mistletoe and Wine

Review: Our definition of a Christmas gift would certainly include 8 beautiful women, dressed in mediaeval costume, singing songs adapted from the 11th through the 16th centuries, lightly accompanied such period instruments as Zither, Hurdygurdy, Harmonium, Citern, Glockenspiel and Astrowheel. We don't even know what a number of these instruments look like, but they sound wonderful! "Mistletoe" is classical and even sacred, but the Baebes' vital sound is anything but dry or academic. 15 tunes, some favorites: "The Holly & The Ivy," the traditional French "L'Amour de Moi," the dramatic "Salva Nos," "There Is No Rose of Swych Vertu," "Kimberly," the lovely "In Dulci Jubilo," "I Am Eve," "The Coventry Carol," the spirited "Undrentide" and the plaintive, haunting "Blow, Northern Wind." The beauty of the words and music are rivaled only by the sweet voices and harmonies!

Songlist: The Holly and the Ivy, Gaudete, Amour de Moi, Salva Nos, Glass Window, There Is No Rose of Swych Vertu, Kinderly, In Dulce Jubilo, Love Me Broughte, I Am Eve, Quan Vey La Layeta, Coventry Carol, Underntide, Ecce Mundi Gaudium, Blow Northern Wind

7068c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella Female Choral CDs

Mediaeval Baebes : Salva Nos : 1 CD : Katharine Blake :  : 46229

Mediaeval Baebes : Salva Nos

Review: This is chant with a modern twist! Twelve alluring women, dressed in medieval garb, singing songs adapted from the Middle Ages. Some of the songs, such as the French dance tune "Ah Si Mon Moine," are lightly accompanied by period-appropriate instrumentation such as recorder or dulcimer. The title track, "Salvo Virgo Virginum," "Veni, Veni" and "Verbum Caro" are sung in Latin; several songs are sung in what must be construed to be Middle English. "The Coventry Carol" and "Gaudete" are familiar holiday songs to most; they are given simple treatment, as was typical of the music of the era, which was defined by monophonic textures or unadorned counterpoint. Much of the music performed was either religious in nature, and sung as part of the Catholic Mass, or, if secular, was an accompaniment for dancing. "Salva Nos" may be a classical recording, and as such it is entirely respectable, but the "Mediaeval Babes" have a vitality that is thoroughly contemporary.

Songlist: Salve Virgo Virginum, Now Springes the Spray, Ah Si Mon Moine, Adam Lay Ibounden, Foweles in the Frith, Coventry Carol, Gaudete, An Adult Lullaby, Veni, Veni, Salva Nos, Verbum Caro, Lo, Here My Heart, Binnorie O Binnorie (Instrumental), This Ay Night, Miri It Is

6123c | 1 CD | $15.98 Early Music CDs

Mediaeval Baebes : The Rose : 1 CD :  : NTW30256B.2

Mediaeval Baebes : The Rose

Review: Nine lovely young women, clad in incredible Mediaeval costumes, look up at us from the extensive, beautiful, full-color liner notes of "The Rose," and we may say that they sound every bit as fine as they appear! Most songs are lightly accompanied by period instruments. 17 songs, of which we particularly enjoyed: "Glass Window," the a cappella "Slay Me Suddenly," the powerful "The Snake," "The Circle of the Lustful," the joyful "Laude Novella," the rhythmic "Dringo Bell," the title tune, "The Woods and The Rivers Are Silent," and the strange, but compelling "Spiriti" and "The Sour Grove." The Baebes carry us away to another time and reality, as impermanent as the Rose, and as beautiful!

Songlist: I am Eve, Glass Window, Slay Me Suddenly, The Snake, The Circle of the Lustful, Laude Novella, There Is No Rose of Swych Vertu, Lick the Maypole, Razreesh, Byrd one Brere, Dringo Bell, The Rose, L'amour De Moi, The Woods and The Rivers are Silent, Spiriti, The Sour Grove, Blow Northern Wind

7069c | 1 CD | $15.98 | A Cappella Early Music CDs

Mediaeval Baebes : Undrentide : 1 CD : Katharine Blake :  : NTW30156.2

Mediaeval Baebes : Undrentide

Review: The Mediaeval Baebes are 12 stunning young women who share with us their love of 11th to 16th century folk and sacred music (and the instruments and costumes of that period) on "Undrentide," their 4th excellent CD. Particularly noteworthy are the full-color, extensive liner notes, which are as beautifully designed and graphically exciting as any we've seen. 19 songs, some of which are mediaeval words put to music by Musical Director Katharine Blake. Some of our favorites: the title tune, "Quon vey la louzeta," the 15th century English "Besse Bunting," "Summerisle" (The Maypole Song), "Secreit Nicht," the raucous "Omnes gentes plaudite" (The Drinking Song), the poignant "Lanquan Li Jorn," "Dance of the Trolls" (instrumental) and the solemn "Palastinalied." Most songs are lightly accompanied. Another Baebes winner!

Songlist: Undrentide, Isabella, Quan vey la lauzeta, Besse Bunting, E volentieri, Cantiga, Summerisle (The Maypole Song), Averil, Secreit Nicht, Now welcom somer, Veni coronaberis, Omnes gentes plaudite (The Drinking Song), Lanquan li jorn, At a Springe-wel, Dance of the Trolls, Maiden in the mor lay, E volentieri (reprise), Palatinalied

7072c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Some a cappella Early Music CDs

Mediaeval Baebes : Worldes Blysse : 1 CD : 

Mediaeval Baebes : Worldes Blysse

Review: Who knew that English music from the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries could be totally hot? From their debut CD "Salva Nos," these dozen beautiful, young, costume-loving Baebes have been kicking butt, selling CDs and taking names on the classical charts. Their repertoire on "Worldes," and on the previous 4 very successful, excellent recordings features 13th through 15th century poetry set to original compositions by Katherine Blake and other group members, and some accompaniment (drums, piccolo, recorders, zither, dulcimer etc.). Before we forget, the full-color liner notes have wonderful photos and complement the entrancing music. 16 songs, some favorites are the round "Kimberly," the sweet "All Turns to Yesterday," the spirited, upbeat "Ecci Mundi Gaudium," the hypnotic "Waylaway," the harmonic gem "Alba," the rhythmic "Erthe Upon Erthe," "Pearl," the haunting "Swete Sone" and "C'est La Fin," and the bizarre, surrealistic "How Death Comes." The Baebes are hot, to look at and to listen to-and "Worldes Blysse" is their best recording yet!

Songlist: Kinderly, All Turns To Yesterday, Love Me Broughte, Beatrice, Ecci Mundi Gaudium, Waylaway, Alba, Why Thy Turuf Is Thy Tour, Erthe Upon Erthe, Passing Thus Alone, La Volta, Pearl, Swete Sone, So Spricht Das Leben, C'est La Fin, How Death Comes

7789c | 1 CD | $15.98 | Some a cappella English Choral CDs

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