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Malle Babbe Women's Choir

Malle Babbe Women's Choir

Named after the painting "Malle Babbe" by the 18th-century Dutch painter Frans Hals, Vrouwenkoor Malle Babbe is a 50-member female choir of Haarlem that was founded in June 1982 by its conductor Leny van Schaik. Their repertoire is wide-ranging, from secular and sacred music to Dutch folk songs. They achieved international acclaim in their performance of "vocal orchestra music" on their album Song of Survival, which was based on music sung by prisoners in a Japanese women's camp on Sumatra during the Second World War.


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Malle Babbe Women's Choir : Paradise Road : DVD :  : FOX2001218DVD

Malle Babbe Women's Choir : Paradise Road

Review: In a time of war, and extraordinary group of women turned a song of hope into a symphony of triumph. From the director of "Driving Miss Daisy" come a true story of courage, triumph, friendship and strength starring Glenn Close ("Dangerous Liaisons"), Oscar winner Frances McDormand (1996 Best Actress, "Fargo") and Emmy Award winner Juliana Marguiles (TV's "ER"). This compelling drama reveals the heroic actions of a group of women help prisoner by the Japanese during World War II. These diverse women from different countries, speaking different languages, unite to form a vocal orchestra - a life affirming symphony of human voices. The voices behind the on-screen choir that appear on this remarkable album belong to the Dutch women's choir Malle Babbe, who perform the actual arrangements of the original choir's arrangements from sheet music salvaged by the women prisoners upon their liberation. Hear for yourself the inspiring music behind this story of the triumph over despair and the preservation of hope.


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Malle Babbe Women's Choir : Songs of Survival : Sheet Music : 

Malle Babbe Women's Choir : Songs of Survival

Review: These pieces of music came into being in a prison camp on Sumatra. The initial idea was Norah Chambers, and Margaret Dryburgh and her worked on the various pieces. Some they did together and others individually, depending on how well we could remember the original pieces of music. The idea was to bring singers together - Dutch, British, Australian - about thirty in all, to make music to uplift us and perhaps to bring some beauty and sanity. The music was written on odd bits of paper, mostly in pencil, and written as small as possible to save paper. It was difficult at first to sing without words, what sound to make, the tempo and the color. The One sound not used was "AH." It was too throaty. We found the best sounds were "Ne, Le." When notes had to be sung together, as in "Morning Sun," the sixteenth notes were not broken, but sung legato. The sounds used were "Le," with the accent on the first note of the sixteenth notes, such as humming was used when there was a solo singer as undercurrent to the melody.

Songlist: Song of Survival Vol. 1, Song of Survival Vol. 2, Song of Survival Vol. 3, Song of Survival Vol. 4, Song of Survival Vol. 5, Song of Survival Vol. 6

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