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Los Zafiros

Los Zafiros


Formed in 1962, Los Zafiros were a vocal quartet augmented by the guitarist and arranger Manuel Galban. Originally inspired by American vocal groups such as the Platters and the Coasters, they soon added their own Cuban flavour to create a unique and heady mix of doo-wop, ballads and boleros, soul and samba, tumbaos and twists. They were unique among vocal groups in that they had three lead singers amongst Ignacio Elejalde and his sweet, high tenor, Eduardo Elio Hernandez, Miguel Cancio and Leoncio 'Kike' Morua. But in many ways it was Galban who was the architect of the Los Zafiros sound, as instrumentalist, composer and, with Kike, arranger of the vocal parts. "I don't know why they chose me," he says. "To play the guitar with a vocal quartet was a novelty and therefore rather difficult. But pianos were starting to disappear from a lot of venues so a guitar was a good alternative. They also needed a musical director. They were a success from the moment they appeared and my job was to support them and perfect and develope the sound."


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Los Zafiros : Bossa Cubana : 1 CD :  : 79572

Los Zafiros : Bossa Cubana

Review: The five young men of Los Zafiros (The Sapphires), formed in Cuba in 1962, had a brief but legendary career as doo-wop/pop stars due to their extraordinary sound‚ the vocal virtuousity of doo-wop and r&b, blended with bolero, calypso, bossa nova and the rhythmic heritage of Cuba. It was a smash in Havana and beyond in the sixties, and it's a definate treat to listen to today. Particularly marvelous is the soaring, supremely-controlled falsetto of Ignacio Elejalde. Beginning with their first hit single, "La Caminadora," the group got into the archetypical rock star on tour craziness, fights, drinking, destroying hotel rooms, meeting the Beatles (who wanted them to stay), touring Moscow, Poland, Germany and Europe‚ that led to the early deaths of all but one of the singers. What they left behind, judging by these 17 hits, is a legacy of great vocal harmony. The rhythmic gem "Bossa Cubana," the lovely "Cancion de Orfeo," the dance hit "Y Sabes Bien," "La Caminadora," the party tune "Puchunguita, Ven," Ignacio's falsetto on "Mi Oracion," the swinging "Un Nombre de Mujer" and finishing with the slow dance tune "Canta lo Sentimental." All songs are accompanied, but the voices are the focus here, and they are exceptional. "Bossa Cubana" is big, fat, salsa-flavored fun from 1960s Cuba!

Songlist: Bossa Cubana, La Luna en tu Mirada, Mirame Fijo, Dichoso Mar, Por no Compderte, Y Sabes Bien, Cancion de Orfeo, Mi Amor, Perdoname, Cuando yo la Conoci, La Caminadora, He Venido, Puchunguita, Ven, Herido de Sombras, Si Corazon, Mi Oracion, Un Nombre de Mujer, Canta lo Sentimental

8324c | 1 CD | $15.98

Los Zafiros : Music From the Edge of Time : DVD :  : SHFA31858DVD

Los Zafiros : Music From the Edge of Time

Review: Music, History and emotion fuel this dynamic, award-winning film tribute from producer-director Lorenzo DeStefano. For those whose lives they deeply touched, Los Zafiros are legends. Often Referred to as The Beatles of 1960s Cuba, The Sapphires were a Cuban musical phenomenon molded by their time and place. Bes described as world music before there was world music, they caused a sensation in Havana and beyond into the early 1970s with their brilliant mix of American-inspired doo-wop touched with Afro-Cuban rhythms, salsa, son and other traditional Latin Forms.

Songlist: Opening, Cuando Yo Lo Conoci, Cuba and America- 1950's and '60s, Interviews, Two Roads to Home, Survivors and Casualties, Caya Hueso Street Interviews, Reflections of Families and Friends, Naming Los Zafiros, Return to Egrem Studios, Los Zafiros in Europe, Miguel Reunites With Chino's Brother, Los Nuevos Zafiros, Coming Apart, Egrem Studios "Mis Sentimientos", Galban and Cancio to Cementerio Cristobal Colon, "They Will Never Be Forgotten", Los Zafiros, End Credits

8132d | DVD | $14.95 Doo Wop DVDs

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