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Carmina Slovenica

Director: Karmina Silec

Carmina Slovenica


The vocal ensemble Carmina Slovenica with its artistic director Karmina Silec is noted for its innovative programming which explores works from the forefronts of the contemporary music scene. With Choregie - vocal theatre or theatre of voices Carmina Slovenica is introducing a concept which incorporates contemporary music, drama, movement and other stage elements.

With this concept of vocal theatre the ensemble performed on stages worldwide - from Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space to the Teresa Carreno Theatre in Caracas, from Hong Kong Cultural Centre to Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires. Carmina Slovenica has been invited to music events of the highest esteem such as the World Music Days (organized by the ISCM), Moscow Easter Festival, Dresdner Musikfestspiele, the World Symposium on Choral Music (organized by the IFCM), the European Symposium on Choral Music (IFCM), Polyfollia, America Cantat, Choir Olympics, Europa Cantat etc. Many productions have been awarded on different occasions, lately in 2008, when Karmina Silec received an award from the International Theatre Institute "Music Theatre Now" in the category Music beyond opera.

The main aim of the ensemble and its artistic director is a continual search for new music and new fields of work which has already shown results in a wide repertoire it has today; from early and ethnic vocal music to the latest avant-garde. The choir with its characteristic sound and wide-ranged virtuosity is the ideal ensemble for different repertoires - from a cappella music of all genres to vocal instrumental projects.

Concert tours in almost all countries of Europe, the USA, Canada, Africa, Central and South America, Japan and China, many highest awards at international choral competitions, participation in many international projects, recordings made for many radio and television stations, 10 CDs and 1 LP produced, excellent reviews of the ensemble's performances by musical experts and critics ... all these achievements speak for themselves and confirm the choir's highest reputation.

Carmina Slovenica performs with an artistry that inspires audiences and critics alike and stands as a model in the international choir movement.


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Carmina Slovenica : Citira

Review: Carmina Slovenika ("Slovenian songs") is a choral association that consists of children's, youth, girls' or chamber choirs, with an aim to offer musical education at the highest level, develop members' musical talent and interest in music, encourage friendship and community spirit, and to travel and meet people from other countries. In doing just that, all-girl concert choir Carmina Slovenika has won many international choir competitions in Canada, the US, Belgium and Denmark. "Music in the service of Peace" is an important objective of the group, through the performance of the the Slovenian and international musical heritage, which they have done to acclaim throughout the world. Citira includes works by distinguished Slovenian contemporary composers. Some of our (translated) favorites of the 13 songs are the vocal suite "The Four Seasons, "Hope," "Ave Maria," Winter Song," "Evening," "Even the Flowers," "God Bless Us With A Good Evening" and "Ay, the green mountain." Some light accompaniment. There's a dramatically beautiful picture of the group in concert, dressed in striking white outfits. Just beautiful!

Songlist: Suita stirje letni casi, Pomlad, Poletje, Jesen, Zima, Ave Maria, Zimska, Vecer, So se rozce, Bog daj, bog daj, dober vecer, Kresnice, Aj, zelena je vsa gora, Carni kus II, Da pa Canynu, Da citira Kafolawa, Ta crni patok, Da hora ta Caninawa, Upanje

7871c | 00 1 CD | $15.98 | Primarily a cappella Female Choral CDs

Carmina Slovenica : CM1 : 00  1 CD : 

Carmina Slovenica : CM1

Review: Carmina Slovenica is generally well known as one of the foremost avant-garde vocal ensembles, creating contemporary music projects "Choregie - vocal theatre" with introducing new concept which incorporate music, drama, movement and other stage elements. However, this time we can hear choir performing chamber music, life recorded on international festival Music September. Concerts were performed by international renowned musicians (Radovan Vlatkovic, Maria Graf, Nicoletta Sanzin, Ales Kacjan, Andreas Stopner, Miljenka Grdan, etc.), performing Brahms's Four songs for female choir with the accompaniment of two horns and a harp, op.17, Britten's A Ceremony of Carols, Villa-Lobos's Quartour and Wesman's Water under Snow. Concerts were conducted by Karmina Silec.

Songlist: Vier Gesange fur Frauenchor In Begleitung Von Zwei Hornen und Harfe - Brahms, A Cermony Of Carols - Britten, Quartor - Vill-Lobbos, Vesi Vasyy Lumen Alle - Wessman

8395c | 00 1 CD | $15.98 | Primarily a cappella Female Choral CDs

Carmina Slovenica : Drumlca : 00  1 CD : 

Carmina Slovenica : Drumlca

Review: Under the able direction of Karmina Silec, who has conducted the all-girl Carmina Slovenika choirs since 1987, "Drumlca" features the Concert Choir alternating songs with the older, elite Chamber Choir. Here are 20 songs, all in Slovenian, which are not described or translated in the liner notes, (although many seem to be Christian sacred songs) so we must simply enjoy them for the wonderfully sung pieces they are. Some favorites are the title tune, one of four by Radovan Gobec ("Ne ouri, ne sejaj," "Nmau cez izaro" and "Vse rozice rumene" are the others), several by Jacobus Gallus ("Benedictus, qui venit," "Praeparate corda vestra" and "Pueri Hebraeorum"), Two by Fran Gerbic, "Sirota" and Gondolirijeva pesem," Fran Ferjancic's lovely "Na morju" and a pair by Danillo Bucar, "Dve let in pol" and "Nocoj pa oh nocaj." Beautiful Slovenian music by rising international choral stars Carmina Slovenika!

Songlist: Ne ouri, ne sejaj (prekmurska ljudska), Nmau cez izaro (po koroskem napevu), Dve let in pol (ljudska), Aj, zelena je vsa gora (crnomaljsko kolo), Drumlca (Borovlje, Koroska), Lepo moje ravno polje (nardna iz Strekljeve zbirke), Vse rozice rumene (iz Kokosarjeve zbirke), Nocoj pa oh nocoj (ljudska), Fticek mi sedi (ljudska), Benedictus, qui venit (SQM 8: Missa super Sancta Maria), Benedictus, qui venit (SQM 12: Missa super Ich stund an einem Morgen), Praeparate corda vestra (Op. mus. III./34), Pueri Hebraeorum (Op. mus. II/10), Sirota (Radoslav Razlag), Zalost (Miroslav Vilhar), Gondolirjeva pesem (po poljskem izvirniku), Na morju (Ivan Jenko), Vihar, vihar (Srecko Kosovel), Zabe (Oton Zupancic), Bu (Uros Rojko)

7873c | 00 1 CD | $15.98 | Primarily a cappella Female Choral CDs

Carmina Slovenica : Following The Sun : 00  1 CD : 

Carmina Slovenica : Following The Sun

Review: International award-winning girls' concert choir Carmina Slovenika ("Slovenian songs"), under the direction of beautiful, talented conductor Karmina Silec, bring us another exquisite collection of songs. While "Citira" concentrated on works by Slovenian composers, Veljo Tormis' "Lauliku Lapsepoli" (The Bard's Childhood) and Randovan Gobec's Ne ouri, ne sejaj" are the only Estonian songs here. Instead we have Pablo Casals' "Nigra Sum," the spirited, rhythmic "Aires de Quisqueya" from the island of Santa Domingo, Herman Rechberger's eclectic "Postojna," Benjamin Britten's "This Little Babe," Stephen Hatfield's "African Celebration" and his Inuit chant "Nukapinguac," Eduardo Lakscehewitz' fiery Brazilian "Sambalele," Jean Sibelius' "Finlandia Hymn" and the lovely and timely "Let there be peace on earth." Some light accompaniment. There's a wonderful photo in the liner notes of the girls dressed as Greek maidens scanning the horizon for their loves' return. "Sledimo soncu" is a spirited treat from beginning to end by one of our favorite international girls' choirs.

Songlist: Nigra Sum, Aires De Quisqueya, Postojna, Lauliku Lapsepoli, This Little Babe, African Celebration, El Barquito, Recordata, Jaz Dam Svoj Glas Za Mir, Sambalele, Finlandia Hymn, El Jarabe Tapatio, Nukapinguaq, Muntanyes Regalades, Ne Ouri, Ne Sejaj, Fac Ut Ardeat

7869c | 00 1 CD | $15.98 | Primarily a cappella Female Choral CDs

Carmina Slovenica : Times and Places : 00  1 CD : 

Listen to

Carmina Slovenica : Times and Places

Review: Carmina Slovenika is devoted to stage performances-choral theatre, contemporary music and music written by women composers and repertoire of Southern European music. They incorporate dance, theatrical elements, traditional instruments and tape music into exciting artistic events. In their enthusiastic exploration of the international choral world they have come away with many awards. "Kraji in casi" begins with Daniel Bell's dramatic "Spring fjord," Lojze Lebic's Haiku art piece "Suita Stirje letni casi" (The Four Seasons, Donald Patriuquin's "World suite #1," which combines songs like the beautiful "Cabbage Tree Hat" from Australia, Finland's lovely "Taivas on sininen ja valkoinen," Ireland's lilting "The Stuttering Lovers," the Czech folk song "Ach! Synku Synku," the African-American spiritual "Deep River" and Canada's "I Went to the Market." Some generally light accompaniment. The recording closes with the traditional Zulu "Siyahamba" and the spirited traditional Xhosa tune, "Dubula." In the center of the extensive liner notes is an exciting double-spread photo of the girls in costume, in concert. "Kraji" is another winner from Carmina Slovenika, who, under the dynamic direction of Karmina Silec, are making some major waves on the international choir scene!

Songlist: Spring fjord, World Suite No.1 , Cabbage Tree Hat (Australia) , Taivas on sininen ja valkoinen (Finland), The Stuttering Lovers (Ireland), Ach! Synku Synku (The Czech Republic), Deep River (Afro-American spirtual), I Went to the Market (Canada), Siyahamba, Dubula

7872c | 00 1 CD | $15.98 | Primarily a cappella Female Choral CDs

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