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Counterpoint: Folk Songs and Dances of a Young Nation

Los Bibilicos
Hinei Achal'la Bachalili
Rounds Of Israel
Saleinu Al Ktefeinu
Hinei Ma Tov
Ba'a Mnucha
Mi Ze Hidlik
Hana 'Ava Ba Banot
Ayi Ayil
Erev Shel Za Hav
Lo Yisa Goy
Hora Zemer Lach & Hava Na Gila
Al Har Im
Laila Laila
Shir LaShalom
Israeli Medley

Here they present their latest album that brings together new arrangements, ranging from traditional to contemporary, of some of the best known and loved Israeli folk-songs. Unlike European folk-songs, whose origins tend to be vague and lost in the past, most of these songs originated in the 20th century and have known composers and poets. Yet they are folk music just the same, for they live now in the oral tradition. Several generations of Jews have grown up singing them, and some songs, such as Tsena Tsena, Shalom Chaverim and, of course, Hava Nagila, have achieved mainstream recognition. The purpose of Israeli folk-songs was to inspire a new national cultural identity through which, in the words of Hinei Ma Tov, Jewish brothers and sisters from many lands would dwell together in unity. Among many Jews and Israelis throughout the world the songs evoke sentiments of pride and belonging. And despite the inner conflicts between Israelis today and the violent conflicts with its neighbors, the message of this disc is the sincere hope that the entire region may someday achieve unity and peace.

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Choral | United States

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