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Latin American and Hispanic Choral Music

Most Latin American countries have strongly Christian ties, and as is common in Christian countries, there are some beautiful liturgical pieces written locally. But it's not all religious music - there are waltzes from Peru, tangos from Argentina, Cuban salsa, folk music from Venezuela, even a processional hymn sung in the Incan language Quechua! Whether the ensemble is a local or a foreign group singing the music of Latin America, it's all great stuff.

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Jose Hernandez : Canta, Mariachi, Canta!

Review: Experience authentic mariachi styles and rhythms in your general music class! Eight traditional Mexican songs transport you and your students to a place rich with harmony and ensemble camaraderie. These arrangements by 3-time Grammy nominated world-renowned mariachi composer and performer Jose Hernandez, work well with piano or guitar accompaniment. Add pitched Orff instruments for even more fun. The Teacher Edition offers vocal parts with Spanish lyrics and pronunciation guides, piano and guitar accompaniment, Orff parts, brief song translations and history. This all-in-one collection also includes digital access to authentic recordings produced by Maestro Hernandez and performed on traditional mariachi instruments for added authenticity! Students can model the singing and then perform with the full-sounding accompaniment recordings. You will also receive digital access to PDFs of singer and instrument parts when you purchase the Teacher Edition. Suggested for grades 3-6.

Songlist: Silent Night, Cielito Lindo (My Pretty Darling), La Llorona, El Venadito, La Sandunga, Los Barandales Del Puente, La Golondrina, Las Mananitas

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