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Bluegrass Harmony Singing

This is a collection of sheet music and songbook arrangements of bluegrass harmony singing. Bluegrass and Old-Time harmony vocals are usually: a lead part (the melody); a tenor (high); plus for trios a baritone (usually just below or above the lead), and for quartets a bass part (right at the bottom). Generally, men’s vocal ranges are between G above middle C and the G two octaves below that; of course only a very few men have that whole two octaves – someone with a high range will sing ‘tenor’ and with a low range will sing bass – lead and baritone somewhere in the middle. Within a group, you are likely to find enough variation; many classic tenor singers (e.g. Bill Monroe, John Duffey) also sang lead – hence the ‘high, lonesome sound’.

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Blue Cheese : Gospel Train

Review: Three man, one woman a cappella Bluegrass a cappella quartet Blue Cheese was formed in the Fall of 2003 when two choir conductors from Brigham Young University got together to perform "Some Day" by Blue Highway. They searched among their musically talented friends until they had the perfect quartet, and the group continues to perform their foot-stomping', soul-stirring music in the semiannual BYU A Cappella Jam and in local venues, looking for crowds who know how to shout "Hallelujah!" There are 17 down-home Bluegrass Gospel cuts here:"Gospel Train," "John," "Fishers of Men," "Rise Up Lazarus," the lovely hymn "Amazing Grace," "Traveling Shoes," "Higher Power," "Go Rest High," "Some Day," "Hallelujah" and "Christmas in Dixie" are favorites, but every song here is a heartfelt winner. Sweet country harmonies, lyrics that alternately inspire and make us laugh-Blue Cheese has a powerful simplicity that we never tire of hearing. Great stuff!

Songlist: Gospel Train, John, Down in the River, Fishers of Men, Rise up Lazarus, Daniel Prayed, Wondrous Love, Amazing Grace, Traveling Shoes, Higher Power, Go Rest High, Some Day, What a Time, Hallelijah, Christmas in Dixie, Away in a Manger

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2499c | 1 CD | $14.95 | A Cappella |

Isaacs : Bluegrass A Cappella

Review: A family group based in Lafollette, TN, the current group members are Lily, Ben, Sonya and Rebecca Isaacs and Rebecca's husband John Bowman. Traveling and singing together for over 30 years, they have a unique style that marries bluegrass music with gospel lyrics. Their concert venues have ranged from the Grand Ole Opry, to Carnegie Hall, and they have won multiple Bluegrass awards for Album of the Year and Gospel Recorded Performance of the Year. We particularly love the spirited original by David Marshall, "Don't You Want To Go To Heaven," three originals by Sonya, "Least I Can Do" (written with Ben Isaacs), the lovely "What Do You See" (sung to the baby Jesus), and "There Through It All" (written with her sister Rebecca); Joe Isaac's "Reaping In the Spirit," and James Hendrix' "I Have A Father Who Can." Covers of "The Star Spangled Banner," "Talk About Suffering" and "Amazing Grace" are fine and soulful. The deep Gospel feeling of these songs goes well with the Bluegrass harmonies, and the pure, simple a cappella voices. "Bluegrass" is the good, authentic stuff, one of the best a cappella Gospel CDs of the year!

Songlist: Don't You Want To Go To Heaven, Least I Can Do, What Do You See, Christ Arose, There Through It All, Star Spangled Banner, Reaping The Spirit, Talk About Suffering, Amazing Grace, I Have A Father Who Can

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3031c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella |

VocalEssence : A Bluegrass Mass

Review: The world premiere recording of Carol Barnett and Marisha Chamberlain's bluegrass mass - a joyful affirmation of life expressed in sophisticated choral sound and jubilant bluegrass harmonies written especially for the VocalEssence Ensemble Singers and bluegrass band Monroe Crossing. In addition ten American masterworks spanning the centuries, originally recorded for the national radio program Saint Paul Sunday, from Billings to Bolcom and beyond. The composers represented here display a passion for voices and what they can convey through song. Each is among the most respected in blending American song and text.

Songlist: The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass, O Praise the Lord of Heaven, The Paper Reeds by the Brooks, Beneath These Alien Stars, The Day is Done, I Cannot Dance, O Lord, Sing, My Soul, His Wondrous Love, Heritage, Zuni Sunrise Song, Water Night, My Soul's Been Anchored

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8743c | 1 CD | $15.95 |

Jamie Dailey & Darrin Vincent : Bluegrass and Gospel Quartet Singing

Review: Dailey & Vincent's award-winning recordings and live performances have become legendary for, among other things, their thrilling harmony singing. Jamie and Darrin's duets are impeccable, and the band's four-part gospel and bluegrass vocal arrangements are absolute show-stoppers. This informative and musically rich DVD lesson will help you understand the musical thinking behind Dailey & Vincent's electrifying performances, and will give you the tools to make your own vocal arrangements with your band, church group or musical friends. Jamie and Darrin are joined by two members of their outstanding touring and recording band, Jeff Parker and Christian Davis. The four singers break down their parts so that aspiring singers will begin to understand how they put together their rich harmonies. This DVD is entertaining as well as informative. Each of the songs is sung in an informal but impeccable performance before Jamie, Darrin, Jeff and Christian offer their musical insights and advice.

Songlist: Living in the Kingdom of God, Until at Last I'm Home, Amazing Grace, Country Roads, Flowers on the Wall, Class of '57, Moses Smote the Water

Voicing: Duet

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5224dvd | DVD | $29.95 | Duet |

Steve Kaufman : Band In A Book: Bluegrass Vocals

Review: The idea here is to help coordinate the pickers so you all have solos to play and they can be played in the same key. What a concept - a "Band in the Book". Within these pages you will find solos for the entire band: lead guitar, rhythm guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle and bass. The mandolin and fiddle share the same tunings so their solos are just written once for both. If you are just starting out and you are having difficulty-finding solos for your level - look no more. These solos are written for the beginner level student assuming you can already play a few simple solos or lead breaks. This series will help you to learn solos on multiple instruments, help organize ensemble play, help develop a steady sense of timing and give you hours of enjoyment as well.

Songlist: Introduction to the Band in a Book, Understanding the Tablature, Banjo Chords and Tips, Guitar Chords and Tips, Mandolin Chords and Tips, Performance Notes, Banks of the Ohio, Footprints in the Snow (Banjo, Lead Guitar, and Rhythm Guitar), Footprints in the Snow (Mandolin/ Fiddle and Bass), John Hardy, John Henry, That Lonesome Road, That Lonesome Road, New River Train (Banjo, Lead Guitar, and Rhythm Guitar), New River Train (Mandolin/ Fiddle and Bass), Roll On Buddy, Roll On (Banjo, Lead Guitar, and Rhythm Guitar), Roll On Buddy, Roll On (Mandolin/ Fiddle and Bass), Sitting On Top of the World, Tom Dooley, Way Downtown (Banjo, Lead Guitar, and Rhythm Guitar), Way Downtown (Mandolin/ Fiddle and Bass), Worried Man Blues (Banjo, Lead Guitar, and Rhythm Guitar), Worried Man Blues (Mandolin/ Fiddle and Bass), Steve Kaufman's Instructional Materials, Steve Kaufman's Listening Materials, Some of Steve's Goodies, About the Author

Style: Bluegrass

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6871b | Songbook | $24.95 | Solo || Vocal Technique

Various : Blue Grass Gospel

Review: 30 songs written in traditional four-part harmony with guitar chords.

Songlist: Church In The Wildwood, Daddy Sang Bass, Don't Ever Let Go Of My Hand, Everybody Will Be Happy Over There, Going To Live In Green Pastures, Great Speckled Bird, He Set Me Free, He Speaks To Me, I Saw The Light, I'd Rather Be An Old Time Christian (Than Anything I Know), I'll Fly Away, I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal, Jesus Will Outshine Them All, Leave It In Hands Of Lord, Life's Railway To Heaven, Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good, Mama's Sugar, Me And Jesus, O Come, Angel Band, The Pilgrim, Put Something Back, Safely In The Arms Of Jesus, Someday This Old Road Won't Be So Long, That's The Man I'm Looking For, The Unclouded Day, A Thing Called Love, Turn Your Radio On, Poor Wayfaring Stranger, Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Wings Of A Dove

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7920b | Songbook | $12.95 |

Various : The Big Book of Bluegrass Songs

Review: The best collection ever of 70+ bluegrass standards!

Songlist: Alabama Jubilee, Angel Band, Arkansas Traveler, Ashes Of Love, Before I Met You, Bill Cheatham, Blue Moon Of Kentucky, Blue Ridge Cabin Home, Blue Yodel No. 4 (California Blues), Blue Yodel No. 8 (Mule Skinner Blues), Careless Love, Columbus Stockade Blues, Cripple Creek, Dark Hollow, Dixie Hoedown, Doin' My Time, Dooley, Down To The River To Pray, Down Yonder, East Virginia Blues, Flint Hill Special, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Foggy Mountain Top, Fox On The Run, Gold Rush, Gotta Travel On, How Mountain Girls Can Love, I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow, I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby, I Never Will Marry, and more

Style: Blues

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7919b | Songbook | $19.95 | Solo |

Various : The Bluegrass Songbook

Review: A comprehensive collection of nearly 50 bluegrass standards.

Songlist: Ballad of Jed Clampett, Blue Ridge Cabin Home, Doin' My Time, Foggy Mountaintop, Footprints in the Snow, I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow, I'll Fly Away, In the Pines, Keep on the Sunny Side, Midnight Moonlight, Molly and Ten Brooks, Old Home Place, Rocky Top, Salty Dog Blues, Turn Your Radio On, Wabash Cannonball, The Wreck of the Old '97, ...and more

Style: Bluegrass

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7917b | Songbook | $14.99 | Solo |