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Alamire: Madrigals For A Tudor King - Verdelot

Italia mia bench' el parlar'
Con l'angelico riso
Quanto sia lieto il girono
Lasso, che se creduto
O dolce nocte
Madonna qual certeca
Afflicti spirti mei
Dentr' al mio cor'
Quando nascesti, Amore?
Piove da li occhi
Pur troppo, donna
I vostri acuti dardi
Chi non fa prove, amore
Leit' e madonna et io pur
Con lacrim' et sospir' negando porge
Donna, se fera stella
Ognun si duol' d'amore
Altro non e el mio amor'
Madonna io v'amo e taccio
Si suave e l'inghanno
Se ben' li occhi
Cortese alma gentile
Quanta doleca amore
Donna che sete fra le donne belle
La bella donna
Deh, quant' e dolc' amor
Donna leggiadr' et bella
Madonna, per voi ardo
Amor, io sento l'alma
Ultimi mei sospiri

Philippe Verdelot was the most important composer of Italian madrigals in the early 16th century and recognized as the greatest innovator of the genre. A Frenchman, he occupied several important musical posts in Italy, including the Florentine posts of maestro di cappella at the Baptistry of S. Maria del Fiore and the great Duomo itself. In the mid 1520s, during his time in Florence, a set of part-books were assembled, probably under Verdelot's supervision, for the court of Henry VIII. Most, if not all, of the works were composed by Verdelot. This is the first recording of the complete madrigals in the collection, which stands not only as the most exceptional of diplomatic musical gifts but is also an important source for the history of the early madrigal.

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Early Music | A Cappella | Mixed | England

Composer: Philippe Verdelot

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