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Harptones: A Sunday Kind Of Love

Sunday Kind Of Love
My Memories Of You
Since I Fell For You
I Depended On You
Mambo Boogie
I'll Never Tell
High Flying Baby
I Almost Lost My Mind
It Was Just For Laughs
Loving A Girl Like You
What Is Your Decision
Forever Mine
Ou Wee Baby
Gimme Some
Why Should I Love You
My Memories Of You
High Flying Baby
Oo Wee Baby
Mambo Boogie

One of the most important 1950's vocal groups, the Harptones, from Harlem, were a loose-knit conglomeration organized around the nucleus of Willie Winfield, lead, and Raoul Cita, pianist, arranger and utility vocalist. Though a R & B group, they had listened carefully to, and favored, the five part jazz harmonies of the Four Freshmen. The Harptones use of five part harmony in the R & B context was revolutionary at the time, and as a consequence, the Harptones sound became a primary influence on the next generation of doo-wop vocal groups after them. Songs such as the definitive 'Sunday Kind Of Love,' 'My Memories Of You' and 'What Is Your Decision,' though never big national hits, were significant musically. The group did not have the benefit of a major label push, recording for Bruce, Paradise, Andrea, and Rama, among others, but they were part of several historic gigs, Alan Freed's 'Rock 'N Roll Ball' among them. Windfield's easy delivery, in concert with the smooth and clean harmonies of the group, are just as sweet today.

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