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Sweet Honey In The Rock
Feel Something Drawing Me On

We'll Understand It Better Bye and Bye
Father I Stretch My Hands to Thee
Hush Li'l Baby
I've Got to Know
When I Die Tomorrow
Waters of Babylon (Rivers of Babylon)
Feel Something Drawing on Me
Try Jesus
Leaning and Depending on the Lord
In the Upper Room

"Feel Something Drawing Me On," the albums title song, comes from one of America's most distinguished Baptist preachers and songwriters, Reverend W. Herbert Brewster, whose gospel music was sung by Clara Ward and Mahalia Jackson. The entire recording is composed of gospel and spiritual music. Sweet Honey are exemplars of the African-American habit of modifying the staid hymns of European tradition with improvisation, which gives renewed life to songs that so often have had it squeezed out of them by mere repetitious formality. As you might suspect Sweet Honey find spiritual songs not only in formal church settings but in the lyrics of Woody Guthrie, in a funeral song from West Africa or wherever the human heart is coincident with song.

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