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Rachael Gates, L. Arick Forrest, and Kerrie Obert: The Owner's Manual to the Voice


Your Instrument at a Glance

The Singer as an Athlete


Indirect Culprits

What Purpose Does the ENT Clinic Serve?

A Vocalist's Guide to Finding the Right ENT

The First Visit and Procedure

A Partnership in Performance

Common Pathologies and Disorders in Singing

Vocally Hazardous Drugs

Cautions to the Singer

A Hypothetical Laryngeal Phonosurgery

Commonly Answered Questions

Singers must equip themselves with enough knowledge to clearly convey specific sensations and difficulties with their instrument. Understanding of potential dangers and disorders, familiarity with a variety of medical procedures, and comprehension in various facets of diagnosis and treatments empower singers to "own," just like other musicians, their instrument. The Owner's Manual to the Voice provides singers with the knowledge necessary to communicate effectively and in intelligent terms a`out their instrument, especially when conversing with medical professionals. Beginning with an overview of the vocal anatomy, lead author Rachael Gates, and co-authors L. Arick Forrest, M.D. and Kerri Obert, M.A., C.C.C/S.L.P, proceed through detailed discussions of caring for the voice and common causes of vocal changes and problems before guiding the reader through the process of choosing, talking to, and working with an ENT. In so doing, they give insights that any professional voice user - whether singer, actor, broadcaster, politician, teacher, preacher, or lawyer - will find helpful if not essential.

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Instructional | 262 Pages | Softcover | 6 x 9

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